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Question Game with Friends: Questions to Ask Your Friend When Bored to See If They Know You

Great friendships can be hard to come by. With the twists and turns of life, we sometimes get lost in it and forget how important the relationships we make are along the way.

Slow down and take this time to evaluate those friendships, learn about the people around you, and see how much they’ve learned about you. You may be surprised to know that your friends have been paying more attention to you than you though!
If not — these questions are still a great starting point to communicate and create deeper relationships that you’ve never had before.
Below are 10 questions to ask your friends, let’s see how much they really know about you:

1. What was my childhood like for me?

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This almost seems like a given. Everyone’s childhood affects them differently, however, and that is an important note to make. Have you shared your upbringing with your friend? Have they shared theirs with you? Knowing where someone comes from is an important indication to see how they’ve become the person they are. Maybe you’ve hinted at things that have bothered you from your childhood that you haven’t noticed and that they’ve picked up on. Maybe you both realize that you don’t necessarily talk about the past. Either way, a great starting question to ask your friends!

2. Who was my first crush?

It may seem like this is a silly question, but this is just an inch step closer to opening the door to your love life. First crushes are fun, they are engaging, and they are innocent. Odds are you briefly mentioned it a time or two and then completely forgot about it. How well have they been listening to the playful conversations?

3. What are my current hobbies?

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Many friends become friends because they share the same hobbies, but opposites can attract as well! Do they know everything that you like to do? Are they interested in it too? If they are, do they know your side hobbies that aren’t your main focus? Having friends that listen to you ramble on about what you genuinely enjoy doing are great friends to have, and will show you how much they enjoy talking to you about other things that don’t just interest them.

4. What is my go-to karaoke song?

Of course, there are all types of friends. The friends you have more serious conversations with, the ones you enjoy partying with, then those you can pretty much do everything with. Who knows your go-to karaoke song? Let’s be honest, our karaoke pick says a lot about us without having to say much at all. If they know which song you like to belt out on stage, odds are they probably know you better than you know yourself.

5. Is there something I would change about myself? If so, what would it be and why?

As you move from the sillier and more fun questions to the more serious ones, really dig into how well they know you as a person. Would you actually want to change something about yourself? The answer to this question probably was never fully said out loud in the past, but a friend that knows you knows how to listen and read between the lines. They know how to see your reactions and read your body language to see what you are happy with and not happy with when it comes to yourself.

6. If I could have one day with anyone living or dead, who would it be?

Ah, the famous “if I could have dinner with anyone” type of question. Another question that could seem surface-level, but it could definitely be much deeper than that. Maybe they know you want to see a late loved one, or perhaps they know that there is a famous artist whose brain you want to pick. This is an engaging question that both of you could play off of. Did they know that this person is the one that you would have picked? What have you talked about in the past that would have determined their answer?

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7. What scares me the most?

Life can be scary — in a superstitious way, in an emotional way, in a jump-out scare kind of way. There are many things that can tug at our nerves, but what scares you the most? A friend that knows you will know that one thing in the back of your mind that you are secretly afraid of, but never utter it out loud. These friends are the ones you want on your side when you need some support, because they know how much it affects you.

8. Where have I felt lacking in my life?

We often feel disappointed in ourselves (or in certain parts of our lives). We might not clearly point out that we are unhappy, but people can see it with how we act and react to this area. This is a great question to see if they pay attention to the unhappy areas in your life. It’s also a great question to see if they listen to you when you are expressing doubts and when you are venting about the problematic pinpoints of your life.

9. When no one else is around, what do I do?

If no one else is around, how would they possibly know what you do — correct? Well, that’s not always the case. Friends can read certain familiarities in their other friends and gauge how they are alone by those little actions. A friend that knows you pays attention to how you are around people, what you are comfortable with, and combats it with how you two are alone together. In these circumstances, you can tell a great amount of how someone is by themselves.

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10. What is one time that I genuinely felt great about myself?

There are certain moments in our lives when we feel genuinely uplifted about ourselves and our lives. With these moments comes stories that we tell our friends and our families. It might have been a compliment or the way that a stranger simply waved hello that changed your entire day. Either way, friends will remember that story you shared with them and that will go a long way!

There are several questions that we can ask those close to us to see how well they truly know us. In asking these questions, we learn how much we share and we also learn more about ourselves through their answers. Give these ten questions a try and learn how great sharing with another person can be.

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