Gemini-Rooster, or Rooster-Gemini, is the combined sign of Rooster from the Chinese zodiac and Gemini from the western astrology. To elaborate, a Gemini-Rooster is a Gemini who was born in a year of the Rooster. This means you’re a Gemini-Rooster if your birthday falls between May 21st and June 20th in a year of the Goat, e.g. 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, or 2029.

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  3. Flaws
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  5. Love
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  8. Children

gemini rooster

Gemini-Rooster Personality

Gemini-roosters are the most traditional, respectful and materialistic of all the Geminis. This is because of their love of being physically attractive and attentive to their appearance. Public and personal image are important to them as are morality, dignity and integrity. They are confident, self-expressive, communicative and creative- they love expressing themselves imaginatively and artistically. Gemini-roosters generally have a positive outlook on life, but are also highly competitive. They are inclined to be superficial, but this doesn’t take away from their need for authentic connections.

They are friendly, extroverted, passionate, flamboyant, motivated and proud. They enjoy praise and attention and are honest and sincere. There is a purity about them; they possess innocence and a child-like nature and essence. They believe in strong moral principles, justice, fairness and equality. Gemini-roosters are charismatic, charming- for the most part, and talented, they may thrive in any communication field or career relating to the Arts, media and entertainment.

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Gemini-Rooster Traits

In a nutshell:-

  • Charming, cheerful, bold and confident.
  • Outrageous, extroverted and eccentric.
  • Self-assertive, organized, practical and disciplined.
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, creative and talented!
  • Calm, sensitive, responsible and analytical.

Gemini-Rooster Flaws

Of all the Geminis, these are the least adaptable- they can be very stubborn! Gemini-roosters are so tied up in their personal identity, gifts and talents that they often come across as arrogant, selfish and unmovable. They believe that their ideas are better than everyone else’s and often try to enforce them on others too. Unhealthy or extreme competition, alongside their stubbornness, is one of their most profound shadow personality traits.

In saying this, they are assertive and make excellent leaders. They’re also compassionate with a (perhaps surprising) amount of empathy and care for others. They have a unique vulnerability to them which can be beautiful and lead to depth and intimacy, or create the need to devolve to their darker traits. Other shadow aspects include being impatient, irrational, domineering, controlling and judgmental.

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Gemini-Rooster Career

Here are the traits and characteristics of a Gemini-rooster in terms of career and life path:-

  • Talented, extroverted, respectful and impressive.
  • Outspoken, bold, assertive, communicative and honest.
  • Respected by peers and bosses, strong-willed and possessing integrity.
  • Innovative, intelligent, wise & perceptive, and original-thinking.
  • Optimistic, enthusiastic, inspirational and motivated.

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Gemini-Rooster Love

Love and romance are important and essential to these individuals. They are clingy and codependent, yet equally need to feel free and independent, which is a contradiction in character. They need devotion in love and can commit fully and wholeheartedly, with mind, body and soul. They’re sweet, caring, kind and attentive lovers and make wonderful family people when older.

As much as they believe in equality and fairness, they often like their partners submissive. But, they are never ill-intended or manipulative in their desires; they are very honest and straightforward in personal relationships. They possess self-autonomy and self-respect that can be very attractive to the opposite sex. Gemini-roosters are attracted to secure, balanced and stable people who are confident and self-worthy.

They are sensitive too, so need someone on their wavelength with the same interests, beliefs and morals to feel comfortable around. They can get heated and aren’t scared of conflict or arguments, if necessary and significant to the growth of the relationship, however have exceptional reconciliation and peace-making skills. They’re diplomatic, easy-going and compromising with a genuine love of harmony.

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Most compatible people

  • Aquarius Ox
  • Aries Snake
  • Libra Snake
  • Leo Dragon

Gemini-Rooster Women

A Gemini-rooster woman is deeply emotional and complex, yet paradoxically simple. She is devoted and committed, in love, career, business and anything she focuses her time and attention on. She has tenacity and is adaptable, independent, self-sufficient and ambitious. She also has a sweet side and can be defined as caring, considerate and empathic.

These women can be very attractive and romantic! They love to love and make wonderful family women, inspiring their partner and children to follow their dreams. They can also be soulful or spiritual when older and mature. Gemini-roosters are optimistic, lovers of life and zestful, with an extraordinary capacity for creative skill or talent.

In terms of self-development, they need to develop the self-esteem and confidence that allows them to transcend their extreme sensitivities and gravitation towards codependency. The shadow personality is strong in Gemini-rooster women, but, fortunately, with conscious and mindful action and steps towards self-mastery, they can overcome any potential downfalls on their journey.

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Gemini-Rooster Men

The Gemini-rooster man is strong, assertive, charming and charismatic. He is attractive to the opposite sex and knows how to command both attention and respect. Yet, when younger these men are often confused, disoriented and unfocused- they may not possess the dedication and direction that they develop from their early, mid or late twenties.

Gemini-rooster men have many interests and passions and a high sex drive. They can channel their sexual urges and desires into a loving and supportive relationship, or a passion project or career path. They’re communicative, ambitious, talented and willful. As part of a team or group they have many ideas and can contribute a lot intellectually and innovatively.

They’re also destined for success if they can overcome their need for control and complete authority. Tuning into their honest, sincere and down-to-earth qualities can help them do this. Cultivating joy and happiness and working on being his best self, for himself instead of to receive attention, will help him do this too.

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Gemini-Rooster Children

Gemini-rooster children are confident, bold, courageous and impatient. They need constant stimulation and love to learn, play and socialize. There is a tendency for these children to be the “it” girl or boy, or to bully their peers. They are straightforward and honest in their needs, actions and feelings, but they do need to feel in control or in a position of superiority. If they’re not getting the attention they deserve, or think they deserve, they turn towards anger, irritability and mood swings.

However, in saying this young Gemini-roosters are extremely intelligent and intuitive. They are naturally instinctual and thrive in creative environments! If they are provided a safe, loving and femininely-inclined environment they can grow into beautiful young adults. They need to be shown it’s ok to be vulnerable and to open up, dropping barriers and expressing their emotions and feelings. A cold and harsh upbringing will only amplify their negative qualities.

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