A Gemini-Snake is a Gemini who was born in a year of the Snake. It is the combined sign of the Gemini from western astrology and the Snake of the Chinese astrology. You combined sign is Gemini-Pig if you were born in a year of the Pig e.g. 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, or 2025, and that your birthday falls between May 21st and June 20th.

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Gemini-Snake Personality

Gemini-snakes are dynamic, bold, sociable and highly self-expressive. They possess high levels of enthusiasm, zest and spark, and although not a fire sign can be very fiery. They prefer to take a positive outlook on life and use their advanced communication skills for continued connection and social bonds. They are thoughtful, organized, dutiful and friendly, also being wise, curiously-minded and perceptive.

Gemini-snakes are charming and eloquent, they can connect to people from all walks of life. They’re witty and humorous too but aren’t tactless or offensive in their humor, for the most part! They like to make a good impression and come across as intelligent and sophisticated. Primarily, they’re self-sufficient and know how to support themselves. Once they find their passion in life and ground it into a career or path, nothing will stop them. They know how to stay dedicated to a cause or devoted to their professional path.

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Gemini-Snake Traits

In a nutshell:-

  • Mysterious, adaptive and flexible.
  • Charming, communicative and emotionally deep.
  • Ambitious, sociable and intelligent.

Gemini-Snake Flaws

They can be quite secretive and cold at times, which conflicts with their open and sociable nature. Their secrecy comes from their need for privacy and independence, however; so as long as you are aware of this there shouldn’t be any problems in close relationships.

Also, despite appearing carefree and enthusiastic virtually all of the time, there is an inner sadness about them. This arises from their intensity and strong need for independence, it can create inner turmoil when all they equally desire is love and companionship. If a Gemini-snake can come to terms with their dualistic nature, they can achieve the happiness and peace of mind they deserve in life.

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Gemini-Snake Career

Here are the traits and characteristics of a Gemini-snake in terms of career and life path:-

  • Sensible, structured, down-to-earth and business-minded.
  • Ambitious, respectful and hard-working.
  • Creative, inquisitive and adaptable.
  • Persuasively gifted, self-expressive and imaginative.
  • Bright, charismatic and charming.
  • Both a team-player and their own boss.

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Gemini-Snake Love

Gemini-snakes love to love and can devote their life to a partner. They love romance and passion in equal measures, and are happy to commit to a soulmate on their wavelength. They are cheerful and optimistic when in love, but if their trust is broken can become very hurt. Their wounds run deep! So, try to treat this person with the love, care and respect they themselves give.

They’re good at establishing new friendships, work partnerships and platonically intimate bonds. Communication is highly important to them, if they don’t feel mentally, intellectually or communicatively compatible they simply won’t go there (in terms of love relationships). A Gemini-snake is defined by being thoughtful, intuitive, sweet and nurturing.

As much as they love to love and are open to having a family, they need to feel free and retain some independence. If they feel inhibited, suppressed, trapped or controlled in any way they may start to become withdrawn, secretive and withdrawn, and even spiteful or mean-spirited. This is a complete contradiction to their true nature, so if you start to witness these tendencies in them look within to your own behavior.

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Most compatible people

  • Aquarius Ox
  • Leo Dragon
  • Aries Rooster
  • Libra Dragon

Gemini-Snake Women

A Gemini-snake woman is bright, confident, balanced and self-assured. They are usually multi-talented with a keen eye for detail and inner beauty. They’re artistic, creative and intuitive, but can often be quite intense. Their intensity is a gift when channeled wisely and controlled.

This woman is also very emotional, she loves depth, emotional connection and authentic bonds. Communication needs to be transparent and open and she is honest herself. She is also fun-loving and prone to adventures, road trips and highly charged artistic activity. Anything “colorful” that can aid in her outlook on life and the world around will interest her very much.

Furthermore, she is passionate in the realm of business and finances. Strong-will, determination, instinct and devotion define her- she possesses youthfulness and joy. She has silent powers too, so introspection and taking time for solitude can help to fine-tune her innovative and intellectual qualities.

She is a dreamer and idealist rooted in physical reality. Whatever she chooses to dedicate her life to, family, work, career or personal dreams & aspirations; she can achieve much success.

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Gemini-Snake Men

The Gemini-snake man is highly communicative, driven, determined and ambitious with a sense of purpose. Service is important to him, and this may manifest as devotion to his family or partner or to his career and service to society. He believes in what he does and won’t choose a superficial or uninteresting career. He is good natured, kind and tolerable, however knows how to respect himself and stand his ground.

Gemini-snake men are clever, wise, perceptive and secretive. They don’t share all of their knowledge or give all of themselves away; they like to keep a little bit of themselves solely for themselves. This is due to their independence. These men can actually be quite demanding in love and have an intensity that magnetizes some, and strongly pushes others away.

He tends to go for romantic partners that are strong, self-sufficient, attractive and self-reliant. He loves sex and intimacy but is also in control of his passions and desires. He’s witty, caring, compassionate and seductive, further with a powerful imagination.

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Gemini-Snake Children

Gemini-snake children are extraordinary and intense characters. They love virtually everything, reading, learning, play, creative and artistic expression, problem-solving and logical reasoning. They have many friends but only a few close ones. Trust may be an issue when younger- it is hard for them to open up completely on a real and vulnerable level. But, when these young snakes find their circle they are some of the loyalist and caring friends one could hope for.

They’re committed to their goals from a young age, so if you hear your child talking about “what they want to be when they grow up,” you should respect them! Even if these ambitions change as they grow older, their identity is still wrapped up in their passions and interests- and a large part of their confidence comes from this.

Their communication is most likely advanced and evolved too, and they possess strong imaginations. They need a creatively charged and intellectually stimulating environment for the best self-development.

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