A Gemini-Horse is a Gemini who was born in a year of the Horse. It is the combined sign of the Gemini from western zodiac and the Horse of the Chinese astrological signs. You know you are a Gemini-Horse if you were born in a year of the Horse e.g. 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, or 2026, and that your birthday falls between May 21st and June 20th.

  1. Personality
  2. Traits
  3. Flaws
  4. Career
  5. Love
  6. Women
  7. Men
  8. Children

Gemini-Horse Personality

Gemini-horses are active, ambitious and highly spirited individuals. They possess great enthusiasm and motivation in life. Still very much invigorated by social interactions, as influenced by Gemini, Gemini-horses find greater satisfaction in smaller groups and in more intimate settings, as opposed to huge social gatherings. They are affectionate, loyal, loving and kind-hearted.

gemini horse

They’re also very talented, potentially multi-talented. They’re bold and courageous and not afraid to go after their passions and desires. In fact, they often soar ahead like a horse gallops through open fields. They have an adventurous and wholly liberated side. Furthermore, Gemini-horses are intelligent, quick-thinking, mentally agile and open-minded. They work well in educational pursuits and fields and may even be a teacher, or working in a teaching profession. Many Gemini-horses make excellent performers too- a creative of some sort. They thrive in the limelight, yet possess humility and grace when necessary. They are also knowledge-seekers and may find themselves playing both the student and teacher throughout life.

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Gemini-Horse Traits

In a nutshell:-

  • Honest, straightforward and down-to-earth.
  • Enthusiastic, passionate, energetic and spirited.
  • Intelligent, wise, perceptive and quick-thinking.
  • Open -minded, philosophical and possessing depth.
  • Spiritually perceptive and self-aware.

Gemini-Horse Flaws

Gemini-horses are quite self-centered! They can be surprisingly selfish but will try to mask it in a variety of ways, either through past times when they’ve been genuinely giving, or through shifting attention to their skills and talents or service. Yet, this is only a small aspect of the Gemini-horse personality and they can often be misperceived. They are naturally honest and straightforward, and this can make them appear judgmental or arrogant when in fact they are trying to be loving or kind and helpful.

If you don’t like people telling you “how it is,” or get easily offended, you may not like some aspects of their personality. Gemini-horses will speak the truth and usually do it with wit and good communication. The other part of the shadow self for them lies in their sense of humor; they like to play practical jokes. This is not always funny, especially for the receiver! Their lesson is to learn healthy boundaries- their own and others, and know when to stop.

Fortunately, these Geminis are very sincere with good hearts and can uplift the mood of a room or place through their wonderful sense of humor.

Gemini-Horse Career

Here are the traits and characteristics of a Gemini-horse in terms of career and life path:-

  • Wise, calm, down-to-earth and ambitious.
  • Creative, multi-talented, imaginative and open-minded.
  • Charming, eloquent, optimistic and passionate.
  • Active, youthful, curious and adaptable.
  • Mentally astute, intelligent, honest and straightforward.
  • Possessing strong self-leadership.

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Gemini-Horse Love & Romance

Despite their youthful and free-spirited nature, Gemini-horses are gentle, faithful and caring in a relationship. They are loyal and romantic and need companionship, especially from their mid to late twenties. They do, however, need some on their wavelength, someone who understands them and shares the same values. If there are any significant or major distortions and differences, they will be likely to stray. Positively, they need to feel a true love bond in order to commit.

Gemini-horses may play the field until they find their special soulmate, but, when they do, they have the capacity to be both wonderful family people and amazing lovers. There is a sense of idealism associated with their view of love. In return for their strong need for “as close to perfect as possible,” they are deeply helpful, adaptable and supportive on the home-front. They need to retain some independence and like a level of control. To keep them emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually satisfied let them have their way a fair share of the time.

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Most compatible people

  • Aquarius Dog
  • Aquarius Tiger
  • Aries Tiger
  • Aries Ram
  • Libra Ram

Gemini-Horse Woman

A Gemini-horse woman is kind, generous, graceful and moral. She values ethics and fairness, equality and justice, and she expects the same from those close to her. She isn’t attracted to narcissistic or selfish characters, so if you struggle with authenticity and depth & sincerity, there is no point trying.

When older, she is sophisticated, wise, down-to-earth and determined. She can be both the successful business woman or self-employed entrepreneur with her own dreams and goals, and the gem of the home. Gemini-horses women sometimes need to work on their self-esteem and personal confidence, in addition to their ability to stand their ground and stay committed to their truth. It is not that they don’t lack integrity, or that they can’t communicate and express themselves; as they can- very well in fact! It is just that luck doesn’t come as easy to her as it does to other signs and animals.

Despite her apparent flaws and follies Gemini-horse women are intellectual, balanced, responsible and multi-talented. The minor confusions in life stem from her adaptable and multi-faceted nature; Gemini is a dual sign, after all. This means she may appear to have different personalities at different times, and to different people! Regardless, these women are sensitive, genuine, nurturing and diplomatic.

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Gemini-Horse Man

The Gemini-horse man is very similar to the woman, so the same as above applies here. The differences are that the men are slightly more assertive than the women. Gemini-horse men are passionate, cerebral, curious and imaginative. They’re adaptive and can be seen to be in a constant state of movement.

These men are bright, talented and magnetic. Yet, in contradiction to virtually all other Gemini signs, Gemini-horses struggle with communication, and this is due to their sense of “franticness.” They think, a lot, and are often everywhere and anywhere both inside in their mind and with the energy they project. Communication is one of his major problems in life.
However, he still commands respect and makes some close friends and allies. He brings new ideas to the table and can contribute a lot once he learns how to express himself properly. A Gemini-horse man wants success and recognition and can fortunately achieve it. This can be attained through developing humility and being in a healthy home environment, an environment where he is allowed to express his emotions, feelings and beliefs freely.

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Gemini-Horse Children

Gemini-horse children are free-spirited, wild, adventurous and restless. They do, however, have fabulous minds and a real knack for learning and artistic self-expression. They love to communicate, although they may not be too good at it, and can thrive in the right environments.

Gemini-horses in their youth are mindful and conscious thinkers. They possess a depth to them that not everyone gets to see, and this is largely due to their down-to-earth and humble nature. Regardless of how extroverted, confident, outspoken or “cool” they seem, these children have a shy and modest side. Even if they know they are gifted or can outshine their classmates, they may choose to keep their abilities to themselves.

On the down side, this trait can lead to the communication problems later in life. Positively, Gemini-horse children have a unique empathy and softness to them, which further helps to form the basis of many of their beautiful characteristics.

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