Gemini-Dog, or Dog-Gemini, is the combined sign of Gemini from the western zodiac and Dog from the Chinese zodiac. Gemini-Dog is a Gemini who was born in a year of the Dog. This means you’re a Gemini-Dog if your birthday falls between May 21st and June 20th in a year of the Dog: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, or 2030.

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  3. Flaws
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  5. Love
  6. Women
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  8. Children

gemini dog

Gemini-Dog Personality

Gemini-dogs are altruistic, empathetic, sincere and service-oriented. They can be selfless and they can enjoy inspiring or uplifting others through their creative talent, trade or work. They are multi-talented with a sensitive and sweet side too; Gemini-dogs can thrive in both the business world making their way up the social ladder, and dedicate their lives to some charity, organization or humanitarian project simultaneously. If they choose the path of fortune and success they can achieve it.

They are loyal, faithful, advocates of justice and equality, and incredibly good at communicating. They often use their words or advanced writing skills to portray messages and knowledge that can help others in some way. Kindness, generosity and sincerity define them, yet they can also be frank and straightforward. If you are a manipulative, insincere or superficial person you won’t favor well with these Geminis. However, you can always rely on them to tell you the truth and lift you up when you truly need it. They’re dependable with a comforting nature.

Gemini-Dog Traits

In a nutshell:-

  • Intelligent, talented, communicative and admirable.
  • Great speakers, charming, and impressionable.
  • Loveable, honest, straightforward and intellectual.
  • Responsible, devoted, organized and service-oriented.

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Gemini-Dog Flaws

Despite their humble, down-to-earth and selfish nature, Gemini-dogs love to be admired from time to time. They don’t possess narcissistic personality disorder, but they do often need approval and recognition for their actions and deeds- or their skills and talents. They suffer from low mood swings and pessimistic thoughts too.

They can also be very sarcastic, ill-intended and mean. This mean-spiritedness stems from the extreme nature of their personality; being so kind, giving and selfless leads to self-sacrifice, something which is not healthy! This creates a polarity. But their need for order and organization also leads to the mean and not so nice traits and tendencies they sometimes display…

If they can learn to do things from a pure and sincere space they will learn that they are gems in their own right, deserving the natural respect, recognition and admiration they need. Other shadow traits include being defensive, reserved, shy and temperamental. A lot of the aggression and anger they show is due to repressed emotions and built up anxieties!

Gemini-Dog Career

Here are the traits and characteristics of a Gemini-dog in terms of career and life path:-

  • Determined, responsible, dedicated and committed.
  • Self-assured, confident, self-expressive and multi-talented.
  • Incredible multi-taskers.
  • Organized, good problem-solving skills.
  • Ambitious, down-to-earth, sensible and idealistic.
  • Artistically gifted!

A Gemini-dog will likely find success in these careers for Gemini.

Gemini-Dog Love & Romance

Love and romance are a must for Puppy-Geminians. They like to form deep and meaningful bonds and once they’ve found someone they’re happy to commit to, they’re in it for life. They’re dedicated, devoted, and wholly loving. Gemini-dogs believe in soulmate love. They want a partner who can share their hopes, wishes, dreams and aspirations.

These Geminis are deeply romantic… they aim for balance and inner harmony in all they do. They want stability, security and a family, more so when older (from their mid-late twenties). Many Gemini-dogs are also poetically or artistically inclined, which means they can make their lover feel incredibly special through their lyrical and creative abilities!
Because of their idealistic tendencies, they need a partner who can make them feel grounded. Although a free-spirited, fun-loving and spontaneous soul is perfect for them- they also need someone serious and sensible. If a potential mate is not happy to commit or share in a grounded love, the door is closed. They require a mixture of sensitivity, optimism, positive mindset and emotional sincerity.

Most compatible signs

  • Aries Horse
  • Leo Horse
  • Aquarius Horse
  • Aquarius Tiger
  • Libra Tiger

Gemini-dog Women

A Gemini-dog woman is sensitive, caring, intuitive and energetic. She possesses high passion, energy and vitality and is often multi-talented. She can become a leader if she wishes, or equally devote her time and life to a family. Innovation and ambition define her, she is intelligent and intellectual with great communication skills.

A Gemini-dog woman likes to feel secure and safe within their friendship groups, and within her chosen environments. She can achieve great success at work through her communicative abilities, if she channels her wisdom and talents productively. She also possesses highly attuned emotions and inner empathy; she has the compassion and genuine care and understanding to form authentic and lasting bonds. These can be work, romantic, family, love and platonic relationships.

Gemini-dog women possess strong morals and ethics. If you want to be her lover, playmate or partner you will need to match both her intellect and her spiritual & moral principles. They like to be self-reliant and financial stable, but also believe in true partnership.

Gemini-dog Men

The Gemini-dog man is equally determined, intelligent and dedicated to whatever he sets his mind to- whether that be family, love, friendship or professional goals. He values security, stability and commitment but also has a fun side. He values tradition, high principles (morals & ethics), and spontaneity.

Gemini-dog men are excellent businessmen and integral to the family, if he chooses to have one. He is ambitious, courageous, perceptive and charming. He possesses many talents and has a unique magnetism about him. These men are intuitive, humble- for the most part, and responsible. In love they are devoted and happy to commit later in life once they’ve reached an age of spiritual and worldly maturity.

Gemini-dog Children

Gemini-dog children and wise, shy, generally quiet and perceptive. They possess amazing observational skills and can be the one all raising their hand in class, or the seemingly reserved and uninterested one blended into the room. Yet, Gemini-dogs are intelligent in their youth- they love learning and acquiring new wisdom & perspectives of the world.

These Gemini children are honest and down-to-earth with a supremely sensitive side. If they feel overlooked, neglected, unseen or heard, or simply not appreciate them for their talents, they can resort to some of the shadow personality traits mentioned. They may act out in anger, extreme frustration or pure “evilness” (for a child!) or throw a temper tantrum until they get their way.

Regardless of this flaw, Gemini-dog children are some of the kindest, sweetest and loyal kids you will ever see. They need a creative environment to truly shine and help them develop their natural communication skills.

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