Gemini-Pig is a Gemini who was born in a year of the Pig. It is the combined sign of the Gemini from western zodiac and the Pig of the Chinese astrological signs. You know you are a Gemini-Pig if you were born in a year of the Pig e.g. 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971,1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, or 2031 and that your birthday falls between May 21st and June 20th.

  1. Personality
  2. Traits
  3. Flaws
  4. Career
  5. Love
  6. Women
  7. Men
  8. Children

gemini pig

Gemini-Pig Personality

Gemini-pigs are risk-takers, curious, fun-loving and enthusiastic. They approach life and all it has to offer with zest and passion, and certainly don’t get bored easel. They need almost constant stimulation and are full of vitality, charm and wit! Gemini-pigs display the characteristics of the typical Gemini; adaptable, communicative, adventurous and highly sociable, whilst equally being like the Pig.

Gemini-pigs are kind, giving, selfless and loving. They have empathy and compassion for others and can usually see multiple points of view. They may have many friends throughout life, carefree and optimistic with the capacity to form deep and lasting bonds. They are patient and understanding with a unique charm- they can cheer up the most depressed or lowest of people.

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Gemini-Pig Traits

In a nutshell:-

  • Understanding, patient, wise and kind.
  • Intelligent, perceptive and unique.
  • Intuitive and creative! Very artistically gifted.
  • Humble, charming, intellectual and helpful.
  • Adaptable, sociable, realistic and well-mannered; respecting other people, cultures and places.

Gemini-Pig Flaws

Gemini-pigs are well-rounded individuals, however they often block themselves to full growth and success through their limited perspectives. They have a habit of giving into their stubborn side and barging over other people’s opinions, or simply not caring or considering the viewpoints of others. This may seem to contradict their flexible and respecting nature, but the truth is; this shadow trait comes from their desire for control.
Emotional instability is also something many Gemini-pigs struggle with. They need to be careful with chaotic emotions, repressions or denial and rejection of feelings, “random” outbursts or moments of temper, and reacting instead of responding.

Gemini-Pig Career

Here are the traits and characteristics of a Gemini-Pig in terms of career and life path:-

  • Charming, highly communicative, eloquent and respectful.
  • Self-starting/initiating, adaptable and balanced- they work well in a team or as the leader.
  • Managerial nature, high-flying and focused with great capacity for success!
  • Ambitious, a dreamer, artistic and creative.

Their love of home, luxury and comfort means they may choose a work-from-home job, or set up an office space or work environment from home. A Gemini-Pig may have a higher chance of finding success by pursuing one of these recommended careers for Gemini.

Gemini-Pig Love

Love and romance favors strongly with Gemini-pigs. They are the perfect lovers and partners, because they possess the balance between an extroverted, outgoing, optimistic and fun-loving personality (ala Gemini) and a down-to-earth, humble, gentle and supremely giving persona (the Pig). They are incredibly devoted, loyal and faithful later in life. They give their all in love and require a soulmate bond and connection to truly thrive.

They also need mental, emotional, physical and spiritual connection- the whole lot! They need to engage in deep & meaningful conversations whilst sharing a spiritual, or soulful, connection simultaneously. They also need a partner who is happy to go on adventure with them.

Gemini-pigs may take awhile to commit to love…. They observe, analyze and rationalize a potential mate before stepping in fully. Once they do commit however, these people are some of the most trustworthy, kind, generous and sweet lovers of the zodiac. One downside? They have intense desires and their passions may sometimes get the better of them.

Most compatible signs

  • Aries Rabbit
  • Libra Rabbit
  • Aquarius Rabbit
  • Aquarius Ram
  • Libra Ox

Gemini-Pig Women

A Gemini-pig woman is an adventure-seeker with a big spirit. She needs movement, spontaneity, excitement and travel- and she wants a lover to share her journeys with. She is passionate, bold, courageous and sociable. She loves the limelight but is not arrogant in her need for attention or admiration, she knows how to show humility and grace when necessary.

Gemini-pig women are destined for success. It is important they make necessary changes early on in life, so their dreams and aspirations don’t fall short. They’re ambitious, resourceful, enthusiastic and full of spark and zest for life. They can be both wonderful career-women and family people.

Alongside all of their strengths, Gemini-pig women are a contradiction in nature. She suffers with internal conflict, particularly surrounding her emotions. She feels deeply, is extremely passionate, and has so much love to give; but she is also a dual sign and this has some implications. If she can come to terms with all the various aspects of her personality, and apply them in a balanced and harmonious way, she can achieve long-lasting happiness and personal victory.

These women are confident, self-assured, strong, responsible and practically-minded. They’re romantic, emotional, caring and nurturing.

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Gemini-Pig Men

The Gemini-pig man is a kind, resourceful, ambitious and self-assertive character. He has strong emotions and passions and is surprisingly vulnerable. He’s in tune with his feminine side, and makes a wonderful father and family-man later in life. Gemini-pig men are generally charming, upbeat and optimistic.

They have the potential to be inspiring or a leader and teacher in their field. A passion, skillset, wisdom acquired and mastered, or creative gift may turn into a lucrative business opportunity and allow them to reach “expert” level. They are problem-solvers and innovative with a love for the arts.

Gemini-pig men are understanding, patient, nurturing and romantic. They are happy to shower their loved ones in gifts and affections.

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Gemini-Pig Children

Gemini-pig children are shy, introverted and introspective souls. They are wonderfully creative and talented, however don’t come out of their shell until later in life. They need to feel safe and able to speak their truth and mind without judgement. If they feel comfortable around their peers, they can contribute a lot! They are intellectual, open-minded and inquisitive with a philosophical nature.

These are the sort of children who feel deeply for the animals and even plants of the earth. They are sensitive yet equally sociable. They love to communicate their ideas and viewpoints but sometimes keep them to themselves. Parents should encourage these young Geminis to express their emotions and assert themselves.

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