Your male best friend has always been just a friend, but lately something seems to have changed and now you’re thinking if you two should be dating. In this article, you will find some of the reasons why you should seriously consider dating your male best friend.

reasons why you should consider dating your male best friend

4 Reasons Why You Should Date Your Male Best Friend

Having a best friend is amazing because it’s having a confidant, a family member, and a partner in crime rolled together in one person. You tell your secrets to each other, consider each other family by bond, and have unforgettable adventures together. Oh yeah, and your best friend is a guy! You haven’t really been giving it much thought before this, but lately you feel like something has changed. Whatever that change may be, you are now wondering if your male best friend might be “the one” as well?

A lot of people think that they might ruin their strong friendship if they decide to date their best friend. It is definitely worth a shot though because finding a best friend and a romantic partner in the same person is priceless.

Thinking and struggling about whether you should or should not be dating a guy who happens to be your BFF? Here are some reasons we think you should not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  1. He already knows you well. You and him spend a lot of time together, and because of this, you two know each other very well. Dating him will be a smooth experience since you do not have to spend months or years for them to know you fully. Your male bestie knows what makes your heart flutter, or what makes you sad. He knows your favorite movie genre, your favorite flavor ice cream. When you two decide to date each other, he will know exactly what to do to cheer you up and make sure not to do things that make you sad.
  2. Your best friend does not judge you. He already knows your good and bad sides. Despite it, he still chose to stay with you. They still love you for who you are and do not judge you based on the things you did. They can simply bury the past, enjoy the present, and look forward to a future with you… Choosing to start a romantic relationship with him also means that you never have to worry about being judged based on your opinion on certain things, your mistakes in the past, or your silly actions.
  3. You are the most genuine version of yourself when you’re with them. I bet that your best friend already saw you without makeup, in unwashed baggy shirts, or even when you haven’t brushed your teeth yet. You are too comfortable around him that you don’t worry about how you look or smell when you’re around them anymore. When two best friends become a couple, you do not have to impress them with fancy clothes. Your best friend will still think that you are the most beautiful or handsome person in this world.
  4. He knows your family members. Having known each other for a long time, your family sees your friend as someone they can truly trust. Your parents feel comfortable with you two hanging out at your house and treat him as their own son. So going out on dates with him won’t be a problem since your family will easily give them the seal of approval.

Dating your best friend is a leap of faith, but it will be all worth it once you find out that you two are indeed the best for each other, both platonically and romantically. Isn’t that great?

Useful Tips about Dating Your Male Best Friend

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