Are you planning on dating someone who’s into bodybuilding? Wait! Before you go on the first date with the bodybuilder, be sure to check out the pros and cons below.

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The Pros: The Advantages of Dating Bodybuilder

Bodybuilders can be intimidating — especially the types that go extreme bulking. But what happens when you’re dating them? Will you be overwhelmed by all the attention that you are getting or will you feel protected at all costs? It’s like your dating any other person, only they are more visible than all other guys. Below are some pros and cons of dating a bodybuilder.

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1. Bodybuilders are hardworking and dedicated.

The gym is a bodybuilder’s second home. There’s always a pack of them in the gym. If you’re looking for your bodybuilder date, he’s probably hitting the racks, trying to gain some muscle. Being a bodybuilder isn’t something that one can do overnight. It takes years of strict muscular training and proper dieting for them to achieve the kind of body that they have. They aren’t kidding around when they say that they’re serious about one thing. Bodybuilders value the hard work and won’t let it go to waste for something they did. This could be a positive trait because he’s not letting go of your relationship without a proper reason!

2. Bodybuilders have superhuman strength.

They are called bodybuilders for a reason. Of course, this would mean that they have built up or are building up muscles. Most guys will get surely be intimidated by their size and no one will ever bother wanting to harass you. You can use this to your advantage especially since there are a lot of guys out there who thinks that they could hit on any girl.

3. Bodybuilders are super health conscious.

Bodybuilding isn’t just about hitting the gym. A considerable portion of it can be attributed to the fact that they have been watching over what they eat for the longest time. These are the real people who strictly follow their diet. They value their health above anything else. He might even influence you, and you’ll be more serious in going to the gym once and for all.

4. You can expect them to be cheerful and happy most of the days.

This is one great positive effect of being able to exercise every day. It relieves stress and releases endorphins or “happy hormones”. You won’t see your guy acting all slumpy and sad. They are always energetic! And it’s quite refreshing to experience this. Almost everyone these days are stressed over everything.

The Cons: The Disadvantages of Dating a Bodybuilder

Dating someone who’s into bodybuilding isn’t all rainbow and sunshine though. Below are some common problems that you may run into.

1. Bodybuilders can be obsessive (not about you though).

So maybe you met this guy when he has established his personal workout routine. It doesn’t guarantee you that just because you are dating him, you’d expect his workout routine to change. No, that won’t be the case. He had dedicated almost all of his time in building his body even before he met you. So, what will make him change this time around? Plus, your guy knows that once he missed even just three days of training, it’s going to have a significant impact on his bodybuilding journey. Hence, he may be a little bit too obsessive about staying in shape and eating lean. After all, he isn’t going to build his muscle overnight.

2. They might come off as narcissistic.

Admit it, bodybuilding impacts one’s physique greatly. It suddenly becomes a definition of who they are. The moment they lost a few muscles or grew a little fat, they will genuinely obsess over it! There might be even times when they’d weight almost every after a meal or flex their muscles in front of the mirror. Bodybuilders usually suffer from eating disorders and muscle dysmorphia. It’s when guys think that their bodies are becoming slimmer. Hence, they would need to work out and bulk up more on their proteins. For some girls, this will be such a turn off because they like guys to obsess over her body and not his.

3. They can be moody.

Although they can be energetic most of the time, their moods can change, too! This is because their body is going through a lot of hormonal imbalances whether they are exercising or not. Even the slightest alteration to their routine can change their mood big time.

What do you think?

If you’re thinking of dating a bodybuilder, these are some of the things you should consider. But at the end of the day, they’re still just like another guy or girl out there! Take some time to get to know the person underneath all the muscles. You’ll never really know unless you take the time to get to know them.

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