Are you asking “what gift should I get for my best friend”? In this gift guide, you will find a list of best friend gift ideas to surprise your bestie. The gift ideas range from sentimental gifts to some funny gifts. They are great for your BFF’s birthday, Christmas, Best Friend Day or just because! I’m sure you will find the perfect gift for your bestie here.

Happy Best Friend Day! DIY Craft Handmade Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

This gift guide is divided into 3 sections. In Section 1, you’ll find cool gifts you can buy online at Amazon, Etsy, etc. If you’re looking for a DIY gift for your best friend, we’ve also got you covered! In Section 2, there are some DIY gift ideas and tutorials on how to make them. Section 3 features free gift card holder printables we designed. These printables are in beautiful floral design. If you’re getting your best friend a gift card, these cardholders will help make the present extra special.

Sentimental Best Friend Gifts

Meaningful gift ideas for Christmas, Birthday, Graduation, …

Aristotle said that wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow-ripening fruit. Friends are easy to find; good friends are harder to find, and best friend… well a best friend is not someone that you can just go out and find. It’s the result of the fermentation of many years of friendship; it’s the result of deep understanding and mutual support. That’s why you must treasure them and cherish the moments you spend together.

Whatever the occasion may be, surprise your best friend by getting her a nice sentimental gift. Show her how much you appreciate this bond between you.

What present should you buy for your beloved friend for Christmas or her birthday? We have put together a list of 30 best friend gift ideas for you to get inspiration from. Many of them are sentimental, some of them are funny, all of them are awesome. Your bestie is going to love them.

Happy Best Friend Day! Best Friendship Gift Ideas

1. Dogeared “Maya Angelou” Flower Charm Pendant Necklace

Meaningful, inspirational pendant gift

A beautiful cut flower pendant necklace from Dogeared’s The Legacy Collection. This lovely pendant necklace comes affixed on a sentimental keepsake card. On the keepsake card is a meaningful friendship quote by the late Maya Angelou that reads “No one can take the place of a friend, no one”. Maya Angelou was a famous American poet and civil rights activist. Your best friend will definitely love this sentimental gift.

If you like this gift idea, you will also love these pendant necklaces with meaningful messages.

2. I’m Grateful You’re My Friend Poem

Sentimental Friendship Poem

What better birthday gift than a poem to show that you appreciate you and your best friend’s friendship? She will be reminded of your friendship when she sees this sentimental poem. It is decorated with pretty watercolor floral graphics. This beautiful poem can be kept in your bestie’s keepsake or as a wall decor after framing. The poem is 8″ x 10″ which is small enough for easy storage and travel — definitely a gift worth getting if she lives in a smaller space or likes to moves around.

Just an idea — frame it before presenting it to your best friend; that way the poem is ready to hang the moment she gets the gift. She’ll appreciate this thoughtful gesture. This is also a great gift for birthday, housewarming, and graduation.

3. Best Bitch Ever Mug

Sometimes the best declaration of friendship is brutally honest. This funny birthday gift is the way to go if you talk to your best friend about everything.

4. Sister Wine Glass 

Colorful and funky wine glass for your bestie. This wine glass is hand-painted in bold colors: bright pink, green, cyan, and etc. The word Sister is painted across the wine glass at an angle that highlights you and your best friend’s closeness. There’s definitely a vibe of sentimentality to it.

The wine glass is great for wine tasting or as a room decoration. I think you should get at least a pair of these — one for yourself and one for your best friend. I think that would be a really cool and fun idea. This is one of our favorite best friend gifts for wine lovers.

5. Sisters by Heart Figurine

Sentimental gift for female best friends 

A lovely figurine that expresses the true friendship bond between two best friends. Beautifully handcrafted from 100% natural wood with the finest level of details. Simple and pure. The combination of its material (wood) and earth-tone colors allow it to bring a sense of tranquility to your best friend’s house. It is a perfect decoration piece for the bedroom, living room, or study. This is a good housewarming gift idea for your best friend.

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Zodiac Mugs

6. Kate Spade New York “Best Friend Ever” Bangle Bracelet

Jewelry is another good gift idea your female best friend will most likely appreciate. Especially if it’s stunning jewelry like this sentimental bracelet by Kate Spade New York. She will definitely be thrilled to get this friendship bracelet. It’s a chic and classy gift. This bangle is engraved with sweet phrases like “best friend ever”, “partners in crime”, “birds of a feather”, “two of a kind” and more. Sentimental, maybe; cool, definitely!

7. Local Newspaper Best Friends Mug

Humorous friendship mug gift

A funny coffee mug for a cool person who has a sense of humor. “Local woman named best of the best friends.” Yes! That’s right. Your best friend has been named the best best friend. Not that it makes any sense but it is cute though. Get your best friend this funny newspaper mug and have a good laugh together.

8. True Friend Heart Friendship Necklace

A friendship-themed jewelry piece your best friend will love. It’s a pretty sterling silver pendant with unique heart design. On the heart pendant is a sentimental saying “A True Friend Reaches For Your Hand But Touches Your Heart”. This is a cute gift idea your best friend will appreciate.

True Friend Heart Pendant Necklace


9. Friend Storyboard Frame

Create your own personalized photo gift using this frame.

A memorable photo in a good-quality photo frame makes a great sentimental gift for best friend. Obviously, you will have to choose and print out the photo yourself, but when it comes to choosing the right photo frame, this photo frame below is the perfect frame as a friendship gift. There’s a meaningful friendship quote on the frame that says “friends are the family we choose for ourselves”.

10. Zodiac Mug

She’s your best friend. There’s no way you don’t know her birthday. And since you know her birthday, even if you don’t remember her zodiac sign, you can at least find it out online. A coffee mug that presents her zodiac sign is a good semi-personalized gift for best friend who’s into Astrology & horoscope.

11. Good Friends Box Sign

Inspirational friendship room decor

A sentimental friendship sign that is straight to the point. It says “good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they’re always there”. Made of wood. This sign can free stand or hang on a wall. It’s not a big sign – roughly about 6″ x 2″. Its compact size makes it a great gift idea for a long-distance best friend.

12. Sterling Silver I Love You to The Moon & Back Pendant Necklace
For true BFF only. Show your bestie some love this unique pendant necklace. Part of the pendant looks like a crescent moon, the other part looks like a full moon. It says “I Love You to The Moon & Back”. I think there’s a certain sentimentality to it, but there’s also definitely a dash of humor in this gift idea. Get this rose gold pendant gift for your best friend’s birthday and she’ll be so happy!

13. But First Coffee Mug

None of us can escape from life’s many hassles, but at least we can take some time to sit back and enjoy a cup of rich coffee. That is the kind of spirit this humorous mug embodies. If your best friend is addicted to coffee, this mug gift is perfect for her.

14. You’re So Awesome Journal

This is an active best friend gift idea. What is an active gift? An active gift is a gift that requires participation from you. To complete this book, you have to spend some time to write down the awesomeness about your friend. The payoff is, of course, she will be touched by the warmth and love in the book. This is a perfect farewell gift for best friend who’s going away to college, moving away etc.

15. I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You
A meaningful and humorous book for a true friend. I Think I Am in Friend-Love with You is a book that expresses the love for a friend. Filled with quirky illustrations and delighting content, this book will definitely make your best friend smile.

16. Friendship Is …: 500 Reasons to Appreciate Friends
An illustrated book about friendship by the Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar, famed illustrators and the authors of Happiness Is… . This book illustrates the best things about true friendship through cute light-hearted drawings and clever words. This is a great gift idea for Best Friend Day.

17. No Fox Given Tote Bag

To live a balanced and meaningful life, it’s important to learn to not give a damn about certain non-essential things. This humorous tote bag feature a wild fox is a constant reminder for you to stay focused on what really matters in life. This is a fun idea for just-because best friend gift.

18. Knock Knock Vouchers for Friends

Are you familiar with the concept of a love voucher? Well, this is a love voucher for friends! Claimed by its creator as a gift that gives 20 times (because there are twenty vouchers in the booklet). The vouchers classy and clean, and reject saccharine sentiment for real affection and utility. By giving your best friend this voucher booklet, you empower her to request desires from Honest Opinion to Treat for Dinner. I recommend this gift for true best friends only, if you can’t commit to the vouchers inside, avoid this idea!

19. Friendship Tree Treasure Box

Friendship is like a tree that shelters you. That symbolism is eternalized in this fantastic pewter keepsake box. Finely crafted in a timeless design. This box is a recommended gift for your best girl friend.


20. Not All Who Wander Are Lost Necklace

Vintage-inspired brass pendant necklace that features a Tolkien-style quote, “Not all who wander are lost”. Definitely check this pendant out if your best friend is a Lord of The Ring fan.

21. Sunny Day, Rainy Day Tote Bag
Sunny day or rainy day, I will always be at your side. A cute bag that many girls will love. Show your bestie your love and promise to support her whenever she needs you.

This is a multi-purpose, functional bag. Made from durable canvas. Give this tote bag a look if you’re looking for a just-because gift for your girl.

22. 250 Fun Things To Do With Your BFF

If you’re always looking for fun things to do with your best friend, we recommend that you get this book. This cool idea book contains 250 amazing stuff to do with your BFF! Most of the ideas inside do not require a lot of money, you just need to invest in some time — and what’s better than spending some quality time with your bestie, am I right?

23. Dogeared Friendship Anchor Pendant Necklace

Remind your best friend of how grateful you are to have her with this lovely friendship anchor pendant necklace gift. Yet another quality product from the famed jeweler Dogeared, this friendship-themed piece is in the shape of an anchor. Made from sterling silver, dipped in gold. The pendant necklace is affixed on a keepsake card with a gold finish — definitely eye-catching. What’s more, the sentimental keepsake card comes with a meaningful text paragraph about true friends — and how they are like an anchor that you can hold on to. A great gift idea for your bestie for her birthday, best friend day, or just because.

24. Willow Tree Friendship Keepsake Box
Beautiful friendship keepsake box by the famed Willow Tree. Handcrafted to the highest details. Two girls are depicted on the box cover, sitting on the floor, seemingly talking to each other about life and what the future may hold. Inside the box is painted with turquoise color; the bottom of is a sentimental friendship saying “forever true, forever friends”.

The box is 3″ x 3″ which is spacious enough for smaller objects. It comes in a gift box, ready to be presented to your best friend. This is a beautiful gift to give to your best friend as an engagement gift, wedding gift, or birthday gift.

25. Knock Knock Why You’re My Bestie Fill in the Love Journal
A quality friendship journal by Knock Knock. With guided prompts inside, fill this Why You’re My Bestie journal with what your best friend and you have been through together. This idea is recommended for friends who spend lots of time together, so most probably high school and college students.

26. Funny Mug – I’m Not Always A Bitch, Just Kidding
A fun gift for you two to have some laughs. Only present this gift your best friend if she has a good sense of humor. This funny mug says “I’m not always a bitch. Just kidding, go f yourself”, as a way to fun at her.

27. Bunny Ring Holder
A small and awesome gift that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Exquisitely beautiful, especially with the right lighting. This bunny ring holder is coated in copper which gives it a very outstanding color — think rose gold. It looks great on your vanity tabletop.

Its reasonable price tag and high aesthetic quality make this a bestie gift that I strongly recommend. There are also other designs available beside the bunny. It’s definitely worth checking out, even if you’re not getting it for your bestie. This inexpensive friendship gift is one impressive rose gold rabbit.

28. Mark My Words Best Friend Mug
A beautiful coffee mug that has a floral design on it. It gives off a gentle sentimental vibe, more so with the best friend quote on the mug’s body that says “best friend — a best friend knows everything about you and loves you all the more”. I’m sure your best friend will love to be reminded of how great she is as a friend as she sips her morning coffee. This is yet another inexpensive best friend idea.

29. I Didn’t Fart Funny T-Shirt

It’s a fart joke t-shirt. Consider this funny gift for your male best friend.

30. Rosebud Perfume Company Menthol & Eucalyptus Salve
I’m not exaggerating if I call this eucalyptus salve from Rosebud a swiss army knife of skincare. I mean it seriously, you can use this salve to moisturize your lips, relieve chapped skin, diaper rash, blemishes, detergent burns, and rough cuticles. Your best friend is going to love this great skincare gift for your best friend made by the traditional well trusted Rosebud.

31. 24k Gold Face and Body Scrub

Not your grandma’s cucumber body scrub (is that even a thing? Maybe, I don’t really know). From First Botany’s Cleopatra Gold Series product line, this face and body scrub has pure 24 K gold elements in it. I don’t know how effective it can be, but it sure looks luxu-glamarous! Imagine scrubbing your body with gold after a long tiring day and getting that feeling of “Ohh… I have earned this” — so rewarding. Your best friend deserves that experience, and you can give it to her with this awesome gift. This is a relatively inexpensive gift for your best friend’s birthday, Christmas, and engagement.

32. Bath Bombs Gift Set

Your good friend deserves a good hot bath once in a while. Transcend the hot bath experience into something greater with the help of these handmade natural bath bombs. On the outside, this bath bomb gift set has the perfect look for an impressive gift — each bath bomb is carefully wrapped and labeled before placed in a floral gift box. The bath bombs themselves are made with ingredients that promote natural healing, such as Dead Sea salt, organic shea butter, and organic coconut oil. They are free of artificial colors or dyes, so you don’t have to worry about residue in your tub — having to clean up after a relaxing hot bath can be a killjoy you know! This is a great idea for your best friend’s Christmas gift.

33. Burberry for Women Eau de Parfum

Classy perfume for women from Burberry. Your bestie will love its outstanding perfume notes — musky base notes of sandalwood, amber, and cedarwood, smoothened by delicious sweet vanilla at the top.

This Eau de Parfum comes in a modern, irresistibly sexy glass bottle with a futuristic industrial-style cap. It is impressive already just by the bottle itself. Your best friend will be impressed by this perfume gift. This idea is a great best friend Christmas present.

34. Benchmark Bouquets Rays of Sunshine

Flowers! Everyone loves flowers. They look and smell great. And it’s more than just the way they look, it’s the way flowers make us feel; the presence of flower in sight and in scent make us feel more at ease and calm. And we become more mindful and happy. Wouldn’t it be great to bring some calmness and happiness into your bestie’s life? You can do that with this lovely fresh sunflower bouquet that comes with a vase. Send it to your best friend’s home directly from Amazon, remember to include a note with your wishes when you do it. A bouquet of flowers is great for best friend birthday gifts.

35. Kala Learn To Play Ukulele Starter Kit

Now, this gift idea is not for everybody. However, it is a great gift, perhaps the best gift, that you can get for your best friend if you know that she is interested in learning how to play the ukulele. It’s a good music gift for a best friend who has a knack for learning new things — especially music instruments. If your friend meets any of the criteria above, then she will absolutely love this ukulele starter kit by Kala. And when you present to her this kit, she will adore you for that, forever.

Here’s what’s inside the kit: ukulele (obviously), tote bag, ukulele playing quick start guide. On top of that, you are also getting free online lessons and a tuning app.


DIY Handmade Gifts for Your Best Friend

If you have some free time to kill and are looking to make something truly unique, below are some DIY ideas to inspire you.

Happy Best Friend Day! DIY Craft Handmade Gift Ideas

1. Vintage Floral Gift Card Holders – Easy to make vintage-style floral gift card holders. Print, cut, glue, and present! Free printables in the section below. Add sentimental value to an otherwise impersonal gift card.

2. Portrait –  Can you draw or paint? Do what you’re great at. You can make a pencil drawing of her, or paint an acrylic portrait. If you’re more comfortable at computer graphics, make her a little cartoon version of herself. While you’re at it, maybe add a little sentimental friendship quote, that will thrill your best friend.

3. Painting – Similiar to the portrait idea above, but in this case without the gift recipient appearing in the artwork itself. Painting something for her, something she’ll like and use to decorate her room with. For example, scenery or fruit still-life. Quotes about friendship or inspirational quotes are great themes too.

4. Greeting Card – Make a simple greeting card from cardstock. Cut out a cardstock, then decorate it with your favorite Sharpies. Don’t forget to include your wishes for your best friend and perhaps a sentimental friendship quote from a famous person. You can get some quote ideas below.

5. Photo Album – First, buy a small photo album, then go to a photo shop to have best of you and your bestie’s photos printed. Fill the album with the photos and present it to her with a small note. I’m sure she’ll be touched by your effort.

6. Framed Photo – A watered-down version of the photo album gift idea above. For this idea, print out one or several photos and framed it with a good photo frame before presenting to your best friend.

7. Emergency Stash – No, not a first aid kit, although that is a practical and thoughtful gift idea too, but no. We’re talking about emergency stash that is a box of tasty, sinful candies and chocolate bars. First, find an empty box, second, fill it with your bestie’s favorite snacks!

8. Write a Poem – if you have the poetic skill, consider writing a poem about friendship for your best friend. Print it out on a good paper then present this sentimental gift to her.

Even More Ideas

Didn’t find a gift idea that works for you? No problem, check out more gift guides for best friend on these websites below.

Vivid’s Gift Ideas – Best Sentimental Gift Ideas for Best Friend

Marie Claire – Trendy Gifts for Her

Pinterest – Girl Gifts

Metropolitan Girls Pinterest board – Creative Gift Ideas

Vintage Floral Gift Card Holder Printables for Your BFF

Below are some gift card holder printables that I have designed. I’m sure your best friend will love it when she gets her gift card in one of these vintage-style floral holders.

We sampled these vintage floral patterns from old books that are in the public domain. I did make some adjustments to the colors so that the floral design stand out more. They will add some sentimental value to your gift card gift. Your best friend will love this sentimental gift card presentation.

There are four designs: china, oriental floral, red floral, and dark floral. You can download the images individually below, or all four at once below in one PDF file below. If you only need one gift card holder, you can choose to download and print only the particular design — that will help you to save some printer ink.

1. China

China - Vintage Style Floral Design Gift Card Holder Printables


Download as PDF: floral gift card holder #1

2. Oriental

Oriental - Vintage Style Floral Design Gift Card Holder Printables

Download as PDF: floral gift card holder #2

3. Red

Red - Vintage Style Floral Design Gift Card Holder Printables

Download as PDF: floral gift card holder #3

4. Dark

Dark Floral - - Vintage Style Floral Design Gift Card Holder Printables


Download as PDF: floral gift card holder #4

5. Download all four

Cool Vintage Style Floral Design Gift Card Holder Printables | DIY gift ideas for best friend


Download as PDF: All four gift card presentation printable for best friends

Buy gift cards by clicking on the link below.

And that wraps up the best friend gift ideas article. What do you think? Did you find a suitable gift for your BFF?

Q & A

Questions and answers time. Ask us specific questions that you may have about “gift ideas for best friend”.


  1. What should I get for my girl best friend’s 30th birthday?

Your girlfriend will love these gift ideas for her big 30th birthday: Maya Angelou pendant necklace (1), sister wine glass (4), gold body scrub (31), bath bomb set (32), and Burberry perfume (33).

Also, check out these cool 30th birthday gift ideas.

2. My best friend is celebrating her 16th birthday soon, what birthday present should I get to surprise her?

Here are some gift ideas for your best friend’s 16th birthday that she’ll love: best bitch mug (3), true friend pendant necklace (8), zodiac mug (10), anchor pendant necklace (23). Here are more 16th birthday gift ideas for your reference.

3. What do you think my best friend will want for her big 21? She’s celebrating her 21st birthday next week and I want to get her something meaningful.

There are quite a few meaningful gifts in the list above, here are some of gifts that the 21st birthday girl will want:-

  • Maya Angelou pendant necklace (1)
  • friendship poem (2)
  • sister wine glass (3) – finally of legal to drink, yeah!
  • sisters by heart figurine (5)
  • best friend ever bangle (6)
  • storyboard photo frame (9)
  • good friends box sign (11)
  • anchor pendant necklace (23)
  • friendship keepsake box (24)

4. What birthday gift to get for my guy best friend? I’m a girl.

Many of the ideas here are feminine, but that doesn’t mean that your male best friend won’t want them. As a matter of fact, he may feel embarrassed to get them for himself (because of certain hidden expectations in our society). With that, I’m recommending the following gift ideas for your guy best friend’s birthday:-

  • bitch mug (3)
  • good friends box sign (11)
  • You’re So Awesome journal (14)
  • Friendship Is … book (16)
  • I didn’t fart t-shirt (29)
  • 24K gold face & body scrub (31)
  • bath bomb set (32)


  1. I’m meeting my best friend tomorrow, I need a good last-minute gift for her right now!

Get her a gift card. Some ideas are gift cards for Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Panera Bread, etc. To make it extra special, present it to your bestie in a cool gift card sleeve. If you have a printer, you can use one of our floral printables above.

2. My budget is a little tight but I would still like to get a good gift for my best friend this Chrismas.

Here are some inexpensive ideas for your best friend’s Christmas present:-

  • I’m grateful you’re my friend poem (2)
  • Friend storyboard photo frame (9)
  • Zodiac mug (10)
  • Good Friend Box Sign (11)
  • Why you’re so awesome journal (14)
  • 500 Reasons to Appreciate Friends – book (16)
  • Friendship voucher (18)
  • Copper bunny ring holder (24)
  • Mark My Words Best Friend Mug (28)
  • Rosebud Salve (3)


1. Me and my best friend are graduating from college soon, we’ll move to different cities. I want to get them a meaningful graduation gift that is also a farewell gift.

You’ll want to get them something that lasts. So ideas like flowers and body scrubs are the first to go. Below are some good gift ideas for your best friend’s graduation:-

  • I’m grateful you’re my friend poem (2)
  • You’re my favorite – coffee mug (3)
  • Sisters by heart figurine (5)
  • Kate Spade bangle bracelet (6)
  • Friend storyboard photo frame (9)
  • Why you’re so awesome journal (14)
  • Friendship tree treasure box (19)
  • Not all who wander are lost necklace pendant (20)
  • Friendship keepsake box (24)

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  1. Thanks for posting! I really love the sentimental ideas in here. Thanks for the printables too. They are gorgeous :)

  2. This list is so awesome! It has lots of different ideas that I haven’t seen on Pinterest/done by others yet. I can’t wait to use one to ask my girls!! I like the clothespin dolls a lot for some reason, they are so cute. The necklaces and scratch off cards too! Such great ideas!

  3. This is one of the most complete best friend gift guides I have seen. Nice job. I really love the meaningful gifts you’re recommending in here. It’s thoughtful of you to add a DIY gift section. After all, not everything should be bought with money! DIY gifts are great ways (not to mention they’re mostly budgety friendly) to show some love for your besties!


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