Dating a pilot is something that you should be proud of. You’ve managed to steal the heart of someone who reaches the skies – literally! But, of course, with this sense of pride and happiness also lies a great deal of responsibility. Here’s a short list on what you should expect when you’re dating a pilot.

what to expect when dating a pilot

Dating a Pilot: What You Should Expect When You Are Dating a Commercial Pilot

Things that happen when you date a pilot.

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1. You’ll get those questions from others regarding your pilot BF’s fidelity.

Every man and woman on board a ship or an airplane gets this kind of generalization.

Some people think that because it’s their job to travel and be away from home for a long time, it makes them a lot easier to meet other people. Yes, there are tons of temptations out there, especially when they are in a foreign land. And you cannot avoid the fact that they will have the chance to meet other people! But what you need to have is a sense of security. If you’re a jealous girl who’s heading into dating a pilot, then you will have to be secure of your status! Your insecurities won’t help your relationship grow.

2. His schedule is always unpredictable.

Nowadays, pilots get their flight schedules one month before the designated flight. However, they can still get emergency cases wherein they have to fill up their colleague’s seat.

Mother nature also isn’t on their side because their schedule pretty much depends on how the weather is working from their initial place and in their destinations. You should gear up for a rough dating schedule ahead. Pilots do not have an eight-to-five job wherein everything is scheduled, and they can call right away if they need to put in an extra hour. When they’re away, it can take them about 4-5 days on the average to go back. That’s not even a fixed schedule. So as someone who’s dating a pilot, you should understand that most of the time they don’t get the chance to pick their schedules. You might want to be a little more considerate than the usual when it comes to planning out-of-town trips and holidays.

3. Expect a lot of traveling (and flying) for both of you.

Of course, you’re dating a pilot. What more could you expect than having a plane as the primary method of transportation? Pilots are usually rewarded by airline companies with some miles compensation. They can treat a family member or a loved one to traveling with them. Airfare, and sometimes, lodging is fully paid. If you’re the one who loves trips, then you’re a perfect match!

4. Communication will not be easy.

Compared to what they had in the 20th century, it’s a lot easier now to communicate with one another even if you’re miles away from each other. However, when you’re dating a pilot, it can be quite tricky to establish a routine.

For one, pilots couldn’t sneak in a quick chat when they’re at work. International rules and regulations strongly forbid it. If they’re on a long travel haul, then you should expect not being able to talk to your guy for about 15 hours or more. You shouldn’t also get your hopes up that they could contact you right away as soon as they land on the ground. The next problem you’ll both most likely to face is the time difference. Your guy might be texting you a sweet “good morning” message, but you’re on the other side of the world dozing off. By the time you read it and send back a word, he’s the one dozing off, or he’s in another flight.

5. It will entail a lot of patience and understanding on your part.

understanding and patience

You can’t blame your partner for being a pilot. It’s his job. It’s his way to make a living. Most of the time, he won’t be able to adjust to your needs and demands. What will make your relationship work is for both of you to learn how to compromise. And a lot of the compromising comes a great deal of it on your part.

6. You are alone most of the time.

Need a date for a family wedding? Or a date to a friend’s party? You might want to ready yourself for a solo flight because your guy is on his own.

Sure, it might get sad, and you feel like you’re not in a relationship because your guy isn’t always there one hundred percent of the time, but you both chose to pursue this relationship. To be fair, what you need to do is to keep yourself busy. Find a hobby that you love to do so you won’t find yourself moping around, waiting for your guy to call or come home. Give it a chance for you to grow as an individual. The more you’re enjoying life on your own, the faster the hands of the clock are ticking! Maybe you’ll even be surprised that he’s back earlier than you thought he initially would.

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7. You’re going to see what the aviation world is like.

He’s a pilot. He’s literally the frontrunner in the field. But, you shouldn’t take this as a reason for you to be quite overwhelmed with the stories he’s going to share with you.

Think of it as a regular job wherein partners rant to each other about. Sure, you’re going to get some technical terms that you might not understand. But every couple who’s not working in the same industry gets that, too! You’re just like any other couple out there. So, if you know nothing about flying before, then expect that he’ll try to rouse your interest in what he does. Besides, being a pilot isn’t just a profession; it’s a calling that he’s mostly very passionate about. Trust us; he’s going to appreciate the fact that you’ve taken some interest in his passion!

Is your date or ex a pilot? Do you have any tips or stories to share?

Dating is never easy. More so, dating a pilot! But you’ll eventually get the hang of it, and it’ll make this a lot easier for both of you anytime soon!

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