On Christmas Stocking and Stocking Stuffers

99 Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for teen girls

Legend has it that the tradition of filling big socks with small gifts on Christmas Eve traces its origin to St. Nicholas. There was a poor father with three daughters who were too poor to get married. Poor but dignified, the father refused to take any donation. Knowing this, St. Nicholas quietly slid down their chimney at night and put gold coins in the socks they hung to dry around the fireplace. The story spread and the result is sock-shaped bags everywhere during Christmas.

Unlike St. Nicholas, most of us would probably not be filling any Christmas stockings with gold coins. Although I suspect gold coins are very much welcomed.

Anyway, since this is supposed to be a listicle (scroll down to skip all these words) for teens, let’s talk about teenagers! As you are probably aware, teens can be challenging to shop for. For children or tweens, you can almost always fall back to candies and some small toys. For adults, their expectation for stocking stuffer is probably low anyway, so it will be easy to meet or exceed their expectations.

What Stocking Stuffers to Get for A Teen Girl?

Not yet an adult, but no longer a child — teens can have some really strong personalities. However, as long as you spend some time trying to understand them, and avoid filling their stockings with stuff that you know they hate, you will do just fine.

To help you find the perfect stocking stuffer, we have put together a list of 99 ideas that are perfect for a teen girl. This list would work for a teen boy too, but I don’t think that cosmetic products, and a few other items from this list, are very common among boys. But don’t let me stop you from putting whatever you prefer in the boy’s X’mas stockings.

Stocking Stuffers for Teenage Girls

  1. Book
  2. Magazine
  3. Sleep mask
  4. Spotify gift card
  5. Lip balm
  6. Lipstick
  7. Power bank
  8. Persevere inspirational coffee mug
  9. Pajamas
  10. Hairband
  11. Hair ties
  12. Headband
  13. Movie ticket
  14. Concert ticket
  15. Her favorite candy!
  16. Hand lotion
  17. Face lotion
  18. Sunscreen
  19. Nail polish
  20. Shine like a diamond shopping tote bag
  21. Cordless earphones!
  22. Nail polish remover wipes
  23. Nail glitter dust
  24. Stuffed animal
  25. Keychain
  26. Thoughtful pendant necklace
  27. Personalized bracelet
  28. Ring
  29. Earrings
  30. Choker
  31. Sunglasses
  32. Scarf
  33. Socks (sock-inception!)
  34. Too Glam to Give a Damn t-shirt
  35. Plain t-shirt
  36. Cute pencils with inspirational quotes on them
  37. Good pens
  38. Pencil pouch
  39. Pencil box
  40. Pencil sharpener or other cute school supplies
  41. Engraved fountain pen
  42. Erasers
  43. Notepads
  44. Personal planner
  45. Calendar
  46. Dictionary
  47. Panties!
  48. Bra
  49. Sports bra
  50. Yoga pants
  51. Yoga/exercise mat
  52. Running shoes
  53. Jump rope
  54. Dumbbells
  55. Fidget spinner
  56. Gym membership!
  57. Ladies’ trimmer
  58. Body lotion
  59. Face wash
  60. Toner
  61. Body/face scrub
  62. Face mask
  63. Eye mask
  64. Concealer
  65. Tea tree oil
  66. Eyeliner
  67. Fake eyelashes
  68. CC Cream
  69. Makeup brush set
  70. Perfume
  71. Body spray
  72. Unique playing card deck
  73. Board game
  74. Kindle!
  75. Coffee
  76. Tea
  77. More candy
  78. Snacks
  79. Cookies
  80. Sparkling Juice
  81. Jerky!
  82. Hoodie
  83. Belt
  84. Bath bomb
  85. Scented candle
  86. Colorful water bottle
  87. Makeup bag
  88. Hairbrush
  89. Leave-on hair conditioner
  90. Shampoo
  91. Mini wireless speakers
  92. A new tablet!
  93. Keepsake box
  94. Mug
  95. Beanie
  96. Winter gloves
  97. Acrylic paint set
  98. Hair chalk
  99. Cash!

What do you think of these ideas? Did you find anything useful from this list? Do you have anything else to add? Share with us in the comment section below.

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