The old pickup line, “what’s your sign, baby” makes us laugh. Nonetheless, there’s the question of whether our best matches are truly in the stars. How exactly does astrological compatibility work?

Astrology lists various common traits for the signs. By comparing and contrasting, generalized patterns emerge about which signs interact with each other the best. This provides a framework when you’re considering a potential partner.

Having said that, there are many factors in a person’s chart that can make them far from the zodiac norm for their sign. So when you read about love connections, keep in mind that everyone is unique. What’s provided here are basic concepts, and they are not carved in stone

Matches for Twelve Zodiac Signs


The ideal match for Aries is Gemini. Two fire signs make a big bang together. Both like to play and travel. Their social life is rich, often participating in large gatherings together.

Leo and Aries also work nicely together as a power couple. There’s a sense of harmony when they work together. Both signs have ambitious goals and the aptitude to manifest them successfully.

Sagittarius. This is a very pleasurable match. Both signs love life and want to get the most out of every minute. They don’t really have to “work” at this relationship because it comes naturally.


Taurus can find both friends and lovers in a Cancer. This union is intuitive, affectionate, and very focused on hearth and home. Better still, Taurus and Cancer are on the same wavelength in terms of finances.

The Virgo and Taurus match values stability. These two can sense what each other wants, when they want it, without words. Being earthy, both signs are determined and achievement-focused.

Capricorn is another Earth sign that’s compatible with Taurus. This couple has an impressive work ethic, combined with a fantastic sense of humor. They’re sensible, looking for security, and taking care in terms of who they trust.


Aries is a good match-up for Gemini. These two signs do not lollygag at all. Speed, precision, and playfulness are part of any project. These two love to stay involved socially and travel to exotic locations.

The Gemini-Leo match is light-hearted. Watching these two together is like a happy day on the beach – relaxing and optimistic. These two communicate their wants and needs easily to each other, rather than bottling things up.

Libra is one of the two best matches for Gemini. The compatibility is sound. They love intelligent conversations and coming up with ideas bordering on genius. There is romance in the air, with a flair of style and a strong sense of connection.

Aquarius is another sign that comes under the ideal match category for Gemini. There is no stress in this relationship. These two are out working on humanitarian causes. Both signs are accepting of each other’s quirks.


If you’re looking for a match made in heaven, so to speak, Cancer should seek out Taurus. This couple is so sweet they make people go, “awe.” Both signs are homebodies that nurture each other and remain loyal.

A Scorpio pairing is right at the top of the list, too. This is a comfortable relationship from the get-go. As the relationship develops, deep feelings emerge along with a lot of sensuality.

Virgos bring sensitivity to the Cancer match. They’re caregivers who love to tend to their Cancer partner with the language of love being service. Meanwhile, Cancer appreciates the way Virgo figures things out logically.


Lions like Lions. These two signs love a little drama, emotional warmth, and sexy approaches in the bedroom. They’re also romantic. There will be no want for adventure in this matchup.

Libra comes very close to Leo in terms of compatibility. These two have dulcet interactions and love an old-time romance. Put on top hats, tails, and glitter – here they come!

An Aries-Leo match works well, too. In fact, it’s very organic in nature, filled with passion and adventure. When these two put their minds to something, get out of the way.


Taurus is one of the best matches for Virgo. This couple lives in a “low-stress” way. Harmony is very important, especially in the home Both signs appreciate beauty in all forms. 

A Cancer-Virgo pairing results in friendship as the foundation for a growing relationship. Both signs illustrate sensitivity and both like giving to others. This couple dreams big, lives big, and manifests their goals.

Virgo sometimes finds Scorpio very attractive. They are well paired in terms of being conservative, philosophical,  and diligent.


A Libra-Leo match has the potential for being a soulmate. Both signs avoid conflict unless necessary. Both enjoy a little glamor, with a style all their own. As for romance? You bet!

Geminis are great at communicating with Libra. Libras understand that Gemini wants to remain centered and engaged in various ways. There are some hearts and flowers in this connection, too.

The Libra-Aquarius connection is highly intellectual. These are “influencers.” Nonetheless, they enjoy some throw-back styles balanced by just enough rebel-with-a-cause passion to keep things interesting.


The link between Scorpio and Cancer is wholly pleasurable. This couple is psychic, sensitive, and in tune with their feelings. For Scorpio, an intuitive Cancer transforms lovemaking into a spiritual extravaganza.

A Scorpio-Virgo match is fantastic. It’s a calm relationship (and one both signs strive to keep that way). These two are somewhat reserved, but they’re very impressive in positions of power.

Pisces is also a possibility here because of the psychic connection these two signs share. There’s no need for hinting or nudging. Plus, Scorpio gives Pisces the energy to achieve greatness.


By far, Leo wins this race. When you want happiness, light-hearted living, and a natural way of approaching life, this is the ideal couple. Both love adventures, and never want to stop learning. Sex is fierce and adventurous.

Aries has potential. There is a gentle sort of happiness here. Both people get excited about the other’s plans and support them wholeheartedly. The only caution is that Aries sometimes moves way too fast for the Archer.

Sagittarius is always on the quest for insight and ancient wisdom. With this in mind, another Sagittarius could be a good match, at least for friendship.


In reviewing zodiac signs, Capricorn has a sound match in Taurus. Their connection is peaceful and organic. Both individuals want to do things once and do them right even if it takes more time.

Capricorn matched with Virgo makes for an amazing business partnership. Even if these two don’t become intimately involved, there will always be an inspiring level of achievement. These two are realistic and hardworking.

If Capricorn seeks power and influence, look to Scorpio. This is an amiable bond from the get-go. Both signs want recognition, so when they put their heads together the results are spectacular.


An impressive match for the Water Bearer is a Gemini. Both signs work diligently for social causes. The only glitch is that Gemini is prone to changing plans on a whim.
The Libra-Aquarius match is social They love to mix, mingle, and network. Information gathering leads to being highly influential 

Sagittarius is one of the best matches Aquarius will ever find. These two love working together. They’re honest, and always looking for unique ways of engaging lire.


Cancer matches harmoniously with Pisces. The fish is emotional and dreamy, while Cancer gives form and movement to a Piscean’s concepts. The emotion here is great so long as Cancer doesn’t become too bossy.

Scorpio is perhaps the most compatible with Pisces. These two feel everything deeply. They’re both also psychic, so they can’t hide anything from each other. Overall this is a romantic connection.

Finally, Capricorn is in this picture too. Both signs have a foothold in tradition. This paring is educational for both parties.