Scorpio (October 23-November 21) is one of the most profound and fierce signs of the zodiac. People born under this sign are determined, purposeful, commanding, and brimming with passion. While this seems very fiery, Scorpio is actually a Water Sign, which brings out a highly sensual and intuitive nature.

If this is your birth sign, you were born to lead. Your ongoing quest for the truth fuels all manner of exploration and idea-building. You are loyal to the core, but also possessive and often jealous without real cause.

Your ambition and focus are exhaustive and exhausting! If you see something you want, there’s little that can stand in your way. You will work and work and work… until you are ready to fall down. Many Scorpios make themselves sick this way, so pay attention to this propensity.

There is little that frightens a Scorpio. Challenge is just an exercise. You are a risk-taker, instigator, and sometimes a swash-buckler depending on the situation. Being conservative isn’t really in your nature.

In relationships, you remain devoted until you feel someone has betrayed your trust. After that, you’ll have a confrontation, then walk away. Scorpios are not great at forgiving in part because they remain faithful and fully invested in your intimate connections and expect your partner to be likewise.

Those you love are very fortunate. You always have a kind word. People know they can come to you and get the truth, even if it’s not exactly what they want to hear. You’ll protect your inner circle with love and courage. Woe to those who dare to harm one hair on any of their heads.

Scorpio Matches


While some might be insulted by your jealous side, your Taurus finds it flattering. The Bull has their “green-eyed” moments too, so they understand your feelings. So long as both of you remain loyal, all is right and good.

As a Scorpio, your mind is always churning, whereas Taurus is calmer and laid back. They can teach you how to unwind and relax more. Basically, you have two sides of the same coin and can learn how to use that balance for the health of your relationship.

Your Taurus knows you are psychic. At first, it was a little disturbing because you’re so accurate. Nonetheless, the Bull shoots from the hip, so there is rarely a worry of discovering deceit.

One caution, dear Scorpio, is your enigmatic behavior. Taurus will find this frustrating as they feel there’s nothing worth hiding. Sure, it creates an air of mystery, but that only lasts for so long. Let your Taurus in on the secret.

Of the two of you, your Taurus is the sensual one, moving slowly and purposefully. You tend to light on fire with passion. In the middle? Romance!

The Scorpio-Taurus partnership is well matched in terms of your perspective on money. You both are generally thrifty and always want to save for that rainy day. Sometimes your Taurus spends a little more, but generally you remain on an even keel.

Sexually, nothing is rushed in the bedroom. You both pay attention to each other’s signals. Your chemistry is nearly ideal. 


Cancer is one of the best matches you can find. Both signs are insightful, empathic, and emotive. There is no question intimate relationships between these signs produce a plethora of love and compassion.

Scorpio will want a little more control in this pairing. That’s fine because once you trust your partner you’re ready for them to take on greater roles. Your Scorpio’s strong personality can step in where you might otherwise remain wary.

There’s no lack of commonalities between Scorpio and Cancer. Privacy is vital to both signs, for example. Staying at home is always a great choice in your book. Also, you both have strong levels of intuition. You finish each other’s sentences regularly, and sometimes just a look says all you need.

Because both parties treasure commitment, your relationship builds more quickly than it would with other zodiac signs. You feel as if you’ve found an eternal partner. It’s comforting and welcome.

Of the two of you, your Scorpio wants a little more downtime, away from everything, to sort things out. Just accept it as part of their personality. Without this, they will burn out and become sullen or angry.

Your sex life never suffers from boredom. You both remain emotionally connected, and quickly learn what your partner wants. Talk about sizzle!


Your Virgo partner trusts you innately. They seem to admire your sense of confidence. Also, this individual understands your feelings without long explanations, which is quite a relief.

Because you like to be in control, it gives your Virgo the space they need, when they need it most. This individual will struggle to understand your moods and emotions sometimes because you’re not always logical. The upside here is that, if you pay attention, this can lead to some amazing conversations in which you get to know each other even more deeply.

Neither sign are party animals. Social situations should remain small and intimate. And both of you detest people who just show up unannounced.

Your Virgo remains in awe of your confidence and wishes they could absorb it. Give them ongoing pep talks to help out. So doing helps avoid the possibility that this individual begins feeling intimidated by you.

As a sexual partner, Virgo likes you taking charge. You’re able to tempt them to try new things, and often enjoy them in unexpected ways. When you come together with mutual intent, the result is pretty spectacular.


The Scorpio-Capricorn match is one with very similar values. You desire security and have no issue in working hard for it. You appreciate your Capricorn’s level of determination and sense that they know exactly where they want to be, when they want to be there, and exactly what to do. Meanwhile, Capricorn looks to you for your intuitive nature.

Capricorns are very grounded, something you appreciate. You know they will never purposefully let you down. Meanwhile, you have more than enough energy and ideas to inspire and motivate them to greatness.

Once you find your soul connection, it will take heaven and high water to separate you. The loyalty here knows no bounds. Commitment comes naturally.

Sometimes you wish your Capricorn wouldn’t work quite so much. They sometimes get absorbed by the next project and fade away into their mind. Thankfully, you both like lusty bedroom encounters, so a little flirtation may do the trick to distract them from the computer.