Virgo (August 23-September 22) is the 6th sign of the zodiac. Of all the signs, Virgos lean toward perfection. They organize, watch their money carefully, and are wholly reliable. Honesty is in their nature as is the ability to analyze nearly any situation thanks to a keen intellect.

If this is your birth sign, you may well be an eternal student. There is no such thing as too much knowledge. Plus, what you know helps determine your steps, systematically.

Externally, Virgos always seem to have it all together, but really they don’t. There is a lot of intense energy brewing within. As a result, you often pause to consider your words rather than just blurting something out (that never ends well).

Your friends often come to you with questions because you’ve shown, time and again, an adept ability for problem-solving. Each idea is measured as you endeavor to consider all possible facets of the situation. You will try to help, even those who sometimes rub you the wrong way. Why? Because you can always find something good within them.

Another reason people in your circle appreciate you is for your honesty. You feel that even if the truth hurts, it’s better than a half-truth or lie any day. Your friends and family know you can be rather blunt in your delivery.

You are also unfailingly responsible with a capital R. If you commit to something, you WILL follow through. Letting people down breaks your heart. So, you endeavor to fulfill your promises with all due efficiency.

With this in mind, what signs are the best matches for Virgos?

Virgo Matches


One of the things that makes a Virgo-Taurus relationship strong is having mutual values. You both have a deep, abiding respect for your personal and mutual responsibilities. And, you both have an excellent work ethic.

Your Taurus adores your gifted sense of humor as well as your diligence, and the fact that your character never seems to waver. They also take comfort in your acute sense of purpose. Taurus does get concerned, however, about how much you worry, even about things that you really can’t fix. Take some cues from your partner on how they can focus on a problem without getting emotionally embroiled.

Financially you both want ongoing improvements. You’re not looking for a quick buck. Slow and steady it goes, through your mindful efforts. There’s always a savings account and a rainy day fund at hand. 

When you’re having one of “those days” where your temper flares easily, you’ll find your Taurus takes shelter elsewhere. They know you need time and space to sort things out. You may feel abandoned, but you’re not. Give it an hour or two.

Where you’re sometimes shy in the bedroom, Taurus can coax eroticism. They’re patient. Taking things slow comes naturally, and this person wants to find the right rhythm for their passions. A committed relationship between you is loyal and enthusiastic.


This is a sweet pairing. You are your best, authentic self with Cancer. You both can “tune in” to each other and respond without words. Support and consistency evolve naturally.

Your Cancer is a highly emotional person. You offer them the patience they need to move through mood swings. In those moments you are the rock in a rising tide.

Loyalty between you is unquestionable. You both want stability and security.,It’s no wonder that once you find your partner, you work hard to keep that relationship sound. You show affection and appreciation, and receive it in return. This is a 50-50 connection.

Be patient with your Cancer in terms of personal needs. You have times when you need to step away. It’s vital you communicate the “whys” of this to your partner so they don’t think something is amiss.

When it comes to the bank account, you’re always in the black. You spend very conservatively. You stay home and find entertainment in your own way rather than going out and abusing your credit card.

One thing you love about your Cancer is how they bring out your passionate side. You’re not overly showy with your emotions. Sometimes you can be downright mousy. Cancer turns that around. You will discover ecstasy together.


Scorpios are organic in the way they approach life. They always seem confident, strong, and resilient. You appreciate those traits, and somehow feel comfortable with this match very early in the dating cycle.

Your Scorpio likes to take the lead. Control in a relationship makes them feel secure. This doesn’t bother you much so long as they understand your need for a time out, periodically. One thing you really love is that your partner is like an onion. There are layers and layers and layers of ideas, information, traits… there will always be a mystery to unravel as you continue growing the relationship.

You have to be somewhat careful with your words. Scorpios are emotional beings, even though you don’t always see that characteristics. They can be deeply hurt by what they perceive as criticism and lash out. Deliver observations with a velvet glove.

Like any partnering, you do have some differences. Your Scorpio can be stubborn as the day is long. You want to present a solid, analytical counterpoint, but meet with a solid wall. You may need a third party to find an agreeable middle ground.

Whew! The sexual aspect of your relationship is pretty hot. Scorpios like to tempt and tease. You’ll find this incredibly pleasurable as you turn down your normally timid nature. Don’t worry, your Scorpio understands you don’t want to jump into the middle of the mix. There’s plenty of foreplay.


Capricorn is one of the best matches for a Virgo. This relationship could easily have a soulmate connection. You are very much alike but have enough distinguishing traits to keep things sizzling.

Both you and your partner have a mature outlook. You work hard and have a lot of common sense. Along with this both of you approach matters in a rational way. Emotional neediness doesn’t even appear in your relationship’s dictionary.

The Virgo-Capricorn couple like staying home. They love their space and like to share it with others within reason. Out in public, there’s no question you are together but not in a frilly way.

Money-wise, you two will do well together. When you value stability, you create a strong foundation. From there, you build outward in an organized, intelligent fashion. Together, you sit down and determine the important projects and goals, and may even make a priority list. There is nothing about your list that is wild, or out of your reach. Wasting time on the impossible doesn’t work for either of you.

Sexually, you have enough emotional intimacy so you’re not always heading to bed for sex. You want quality time together, focused on meeting each other’s needs. You are wise enough to recognize that when your partner is out of sorts or exhausted, sex becomes a chore instead of fun. When you are both on the same page at the same time, your expressions are deeply erotic.