The glorious Bull is a passionate person, dependable, and refined. If Taurus is your birth sign (April 20-May20), your pleasant, honest nature makes you very attractive to others. There’s a tendency to love all things beautiful, and sometimes you go overboard but when you buy things you’re thinking “forever” not just a “fashion trend.”

In all things, your integrity matters as does honesty from others. You do not forgive lies easily and may find yourself in a full-out, headstrong rage. When there’s mutual respect and authenticity, however, you have an amazing amount of love to give.

Career-wise, you don’t mind hard work so long as it achieves a set goal. Spinning your wheels is nearly a sin in your mind. If you’re going to have a big dream, you are also going to do everything in your power to meticulously see it through. You would prefer to lead than follow due to having trust issues with authority. All Taureans have a tendency to be, well, bull-headed in their opinions, so being a team player may prove difficult.

In all relationships, the Bull moves slowly, wanting security above all else. This is not neediness, but rather a caution. Once you give your heart, you stay for the long haul. You’re a remarkable friend, too.

So what do the stars have in store for you? What are the signs with whom you’ll best get along? Let’s take a look.

Taurus Matches

Cancer: Jun2 22- July 22

Cancer has a way of endearing the Taurus with affection, loyalty, and understanding. You never have to wonder about the Crab’s support, and you find the way you interact together fascinating. Overall you are a great match!

As a Taurus, you value home, family, financial security, devotion, and nurturing just as a Cancer does. When it comes to time out together, fantastic food is usually in the plans (whether you cook together at home, or go out). Your knack for bringing things together in a unique way and find success is one of the charms of this partnership.

Tradition matters to both signs but not in a stoggy way. You like routine. Both signs have a strong sense of sentiment, and the memorable people and items in your life are never underappreciated.

Sexually this is a sensual, erotic partnering. You’re both “touchy-feely” and see no need to rush tender moments. That is a truly special gift between people.

Virgo: August 23-September 22

The Taurus-Virgo connection is one steeped in values, goals, responsibility, and intuition. Both signs value productivity; both signs want reliable people in their lives. You have just enough differences between the two personalities to keep things captivating.  

Taurus appreciates Vigo for their sense of humor and quick mind. Meanwhile, your Virgo constantly compliments your patience, strength, and resolve. Yes, Virgos can be worrywarts, but you can soften those concerns by remaining consistent and comforting. 

Both these signs are somewhat homebodies. Being in a cozy den and welcoming people there is a joy. Going out is more of a metered measure. Those hearth-and-home feelings tie into the needs you both have for a sense of stability.

Bear in mind your Virgo may struggle with your temper. Try and cool down before engaging. On the flip side, you may think Virgo is rather plain sexually but nothing is further from the truth. If you go slowly and patiently you’ll uncover a creative lover.

Scorpio: October 24-November 21

Where other signs pull away from the Scorpion’s jealous streak, Taurus enjoys the attention. It’s flattering when someone wants you all to themselves. Plus, both signs are so loyal both of you really know that faithlessness is out of the equation.

Taurus finds Scorpio far more active and intense, but it’s something you can come to appreciate. Your friend or partner sees right through you, even when you’re trying to somehow protect them. Pretense doesn’t last for long, but both signs are very honest so really there’s no issue here.

Being mysterious is in Scorpio’s wheelhouse. They don’t even realize it most of the time. And while there are moments it’s frustrating, there’s also a curiosity you cannot quench. Scorpios are like onions, you can discover more, and more, and more layers the more you’re together.

In the bedroom, you bring sensuality and they bring passion. Somewhere in the middle lies romance complete with hearts and violins. You will always be a little more lavish in this regard, but it’s not enough to cause discomfort.

Capricorn: December 22-January 19

When you meet a Capricorn you cannot help but appreciate how hard they work without losing their sense of humor. Capricorns have ambition, but it’s not unwieldy. You appreciate their sensible approach to nearly everything.

As a Taurus, you’ll find Capricorn matches you in reliability, standards, and the desire for security. There is a conservative-leaning in both signs. Your idea of a walk on the “wild side” is probably the local park.

In friendships and relationships, either of you is prone to jumping in even though your instincts are saying that all is well. Potential is one thing; practicality is another. And neither one of you is apt to buck what works.

You are very helpful to Capricorn’s sense of self-worth. They need assurance, but also truly appreciate it. There will always be a word of thanks forthcoming.

Both signs’ lifestyles have important similarities. Your ideas about money, children, and commitment mirror each other’s very closely. Your biggest challenge is too much sensibility. There’s a tendency for focusing on work and not slotting enough time for play. Recognize this and create a space for relaxation without fuss and fanfare.