Libra (September 22-October 23), the sign of the Scales, is the symbolic equivalent of all that is fair, just, and balanced in the world. People born under this sign’s influence always seek symmetry (just look at their dining room table décor). They love learning, particularly through books (the older, the better).

If this is your birth sign you may have an attraction for life’s finer things. The allure sometimes overcomes your credit card. However, you are not materialistic. You care more about relationships than money any day.

There is a pace to your life designed to create harmony and peace. When it gets disrupted, your mood turns foul. Angst does not become you, so you strive to become the diplomat and peacekeeper who keeps the lay of the land on an even keel. Since you can understand all sides of an argument, you usually find an equitable bridge for an accord.

Like any Libra, you are most attractive to people who keep a cool head, love an in-depth conversation, enjoy a moderate social life, and are connoisseurs of all things beautiful in their details. You want “cozy” and “friendly” in your life. With all your charm, it won’t be hard to woo the person you desire. So what signs might catch your eye?

Libra Matches


The Libra-Gemini connection is almost like a fairy tale. Everyone wants to be you! You never get bored with each other. Your Gemini may not be as focused on marriage as are you, but there is a positive element here. Gemini is of two minds, which you constantly change. So, while today it’s “I do” tomorrow it may be “I don’t.”

Mentally you are well matched. You’re smart, methodical, and have excellent communication skills. The two of you can travel for hours without a radio, and never skip a beat in the conversation. Even when talks turn to debate, your fights never last for long.

Travel is literally in the stars for this power couple. You both have a thirst for exploring and adventure. You’re rarely at home but for periodic breaks from your social schedule. There is always fun in the making here.

Your Gemini will bring out your romantic side. It’s really not natural, but their flattery goes a long way toward self-confidence. Your outlook on life is upbeat, and that spills over into the bedroom. You are willing to experiment together, and there will always be pillow talk. Together, you both prefer a light-hearted roll in the hay over very serious encounters.


Your Leo finds you fascinating. They appreciate your sense of style, generous affection, and tact. In return, you provide Leo with the honest compliments they crave.

Leos are people who make choices and take charge. This is perfect for you. You hate feeling cornered into “right now” scenarios. You need time to think things through. Leo is more passionate and spontaneous, while libra is metered and analytical. What is it they say about opposites attracting?

In social settings, this couple turns heads. They are always dressed to perfection looking classy (for Leo think flashy and dramatic). Add to that oodles of charisma and you’re not going to want for attention. The only tiny hiccough here is you both like to show off, so compromise and share the spotlight.

One thing that can generate spats is money. Your Leo loves to spend on a whim. The grander, the better. Meanwhile, you’re looking at the bottom line. Sure, you love finer things but if they stress the budget too far, no one is going to be happy.

Both signs love having fun. This leads to inspired romance and creative eroticism. Leo lights the fire, and Libra keeps the air moving so the coals stay stoked. It is an explosive, seductive pairing.


Where other signs might leave you feeling ‘meh,” Sagittarius has no worries about being wimpy. They bring out far more spontaneity in Libra, along with a little adventure.

If this is your birth sign, you love your partner’s intensity. They remind you how to play again. Plus you are both extroverts with outgoing natures, but Libra a little more. Both of you are flirts.

You do have different approaches to style than your Sagittarius. The Archer is the “outdoors” type with far less focus on fashion trends. T-shrits and shorts? Yep. Meanwhile, you press your clothes with attention to detail. Your love of high-end clothing doesn’t really thrill the Archer, mostly due to the price tag. So discuss purchases with an open mind.

In social and family situations, you tend to be the one to “fix things.” Your partner is blunt and doesn’t always realize how hard that arrow hits. Thankfully, you bring a little humor into the situation, and tensions ease.

After some time you may wonder if your Sagittarius will ever settle down. Be patient. Commitment is a forever proposition for this sign, so they move more slowly when it comes to love. Once they say “I love you” it is wholly authentic.

Sexually you have excellent chemistry with your partner. You are the more refined partner in the bedroom, but that’s ok. It offers variety. There’s no question that the Sagittarian’s enthusiasm is contagious.


Libra has a lot in common with the Water Bearer. While some people vibrate on a physical attraction at first, they fall in love with each other’s minds. The whole world is a mystery just waiting for this couple to unravel.

The Libra-Aquarius pairing is quirky. Sometimes your partner doesn’t seem to understand your desire to fit in rather than stand out. Theirs is a life of liberation, where you prefer rituals and patterns. The key is communication. Share your comfort zone.

While both signs are rational, there’s no loss of fun and a carefree demeanor. These two are best friends before they were lovers. And their mutual conversationalists before they were friends.

If this is your birth sign, one hot spot is the Water Bearer’s rebellious side. Combined with your moments of nagging, this can erupt. Then too, you are more conventional than your Aquarian who likes breaking boundaries and remaining independent. There is a middle ground here. It just takes a little worthwhile effort.
Sexually, you two work wonderfully together. Neither one of you wants heavy-duty moments. Your bedroom is more of an intimate playpen. Aquarius is more experimental, and you may be joyfully surprised by what that brings out in your personality.