If you are an Aries, you set the stage each year as the initiator of the Zodiac. A challenge doesn’t phase you because you trust in your own competency and have a strong work ethic. Once you make up your mind, you can be rather stubborn about it, remaining optimistic even when things don’t seem to be working well. Such a characteristic can be off-putting because it comes across as arrogant. 

You enjoy seeing new things, experiencing other cultures, and meeting new people. Enthusiasm runs in your veins, having a zealous approach to life, including relationships. But sometimes it’s hard for people to keep up with your energy level. When you notice someone lagging, slow down a bit. 

You are not a person to gild the Lilly. Plain speaking is a cornerstone of your communication skills. That doesn’t mean the Ram is dull. Actually, Aries is very imaginative. Better still, you have a sympathetic ear, you are NEVER late, and remain wholly faithful. If someone says anything to you in confidence it is safely locked behind a responsible vault in your soul. 

All Aries have a short fuse, and flare-ups can drive away people pretty quickly. Being good with finances has never been a high point for Rams as you’re more likely to spend impulsively than save. This basic concept runs through to other areas of life. Being rash and hasty is natural to Aries because they’re impatient. Much of your trouble stems from not taking a moment to think things through.

So, with this foundation in mind, let’s take a look at your best potential matches among the rest of the Zodiac array. 


Aries Matches

Gemini: May 21-June 21

Those born under the sign of Aries find Gemini charming, mysterious, and adaptable. Their passion rivals your own. Plus, because Gemini is essentially two people, they find a comfortable spot in a relationship where everyone is happy.

Gemini is a good balance in terms of Aries’ aggression while supporting your natural instinct for getting straight to the point of any discussion. Should you get a little too belligerent, Gemini makes a joke of it, quickly defusing a potential fire. Plus, the Twins don’t mind if you want to be the leader. You’ll do the heavy lifting while Gemini does the heavy thinking!

One caution in this relationship is making sure you finish what you start. It’s easy to become distracted, and suddenly find you’ve left a trail of incomplete projects in the wings. The trick is doing things in short-term stages to keep the excitement going. 

Sexually you may not sizzle, but you will be content. You’re better at long nights of pillow talk. This is, in part, due to caution. Taking your time at the outset of a relationship is important for both signs.

Leo: July 23-August 22

It is nearly impossible for the Ram to resist Leo’s sincerity, authenticity, and open heart. You know when you’re with a Leo there will be no secrets or overwhelming neediness. Because of strong leadership tendencies, the two of you may spur healthy competition that begins with glorious ideas and ends in an exciting finish.

When there’s a storm on the horizon, both Aries and Leo are brave, strong, and fearless. Many other signs in the Zodiac find you intimidating. In turn, you can overcome nearly anything when you are of the same mind in a matter. 

The Ram may find Leo’s ego a bit much at times, but they have so much charm and charisma your momentary aversion fades to nothing. You two balance each other out with your tendency for impulse and Leo’s talents with planning. The only caution is that your Leo is obstinate. There may be minor skirmishes to find a middle ground. 

Sexually, Leo and Aries are nearly perfect together. You both know how to walk, skip, or run on the “wild side.” It’s rare that this match ever settles into a same-old-same-old routine. Fun is “fundamental” to your relationship, and laughter comes naturally. 

The friendship potential between Aries and Leo is huge. When they find each other, there’s nearly an instant sense of welcome and warmth. They’re perfect partners in mischief and adventures, driving each other to new and better things. This is a pair that can remain friends forever

Sagittarius: November 22-December 21

From the get-go, there’s a lot of physical activity in this pairing. Both love sports, exercise, and outdoor competitions. You always appreciate people’s talent in such areas, not simply your own. So the two of you don’t always participate; observing goes into the formula too.

When Aries and the Archer are together, the charisma is unmistakable. People will want to be around both of you, being impressed by the flexibility and passion your relationship illustrates. Between the two of you or even a group, adventure is always welcome.

Because Aries doesn’t take criticism well, this relationship has to be careful about words. Sagittarius’ arrow goes right to the heart of things and can hurt. Thankfully, you both are good at working things out after a pause to think a bit.

The Sagittarian in this relationship is a little slower to commitment than Aries. Don’t give up and think something’s wrong. They want to be certain of long-term choices, and you both are highly independent. Being “clingy” is a huge turnoff. Once together, since both are fire signs, there are sure to be sparks in the bedroom.

Some may go so far as to consider the Aries-Sagittarius friends or intimate partners as “soul mates” They’re very well matched intellectually, and both have a playful side. You can almost predict what each other wants or needs at any given moment.