Aquarius (January 20-February 18) is the Water Bearer. The pouring of water into the earth represents an essential ingredient for all life. With this in mind, it’s not surprising to discover that Aquarians are spiritually advanced, and seem to mature much earlier than many people. 

If this is your birth sign, you like to do things on your own, accepting help only when you reach a total impasse. Your outlook remains optimistic, and you have a clever sense of humor. When people describe you, words like “serene,” “unorthodox,” and “empathic” are often in the mix. 

While you are a solid individualist, you do require positive reinforcement. Innovation runs in your blood. You have an ambitious level of creativity, drawing you to all manner of projects. The problem is finding time to finish one, let alone all of them.

Family and friends know you need periodic downtime, away from noise. This is when you ponder and sort out your ideas. You have a broad vision for the future, founded on fairness and equity, and endeavor to manifest at least part of it. Your mantra could well be, “think globally; act locally.” You just have to take care regarding ambitions that are so lofty you can never achieve them completely. The lack of progress leaves you feeling wholly melancholy and defeated. 

In terms of who you bring into your circle, you want people who have keen wits. Authenticity is a character trait high on your wish list. You seek someone who respects your boundaries, in the same manner as you respect theirs. 

Aquarius Matches


The greatest thing about this match is that even if you do not end up in an intimate relationship you’ll probably be life-long friends. Your Gemini appreciates your honesty when you explain the uncertainties that mull around the back of your mind. In fact, they’ll happily engage in a long discussion, offering insights.

The theme of communication runs through the Aquarius-Gemini match. It’s probably the first thing you notice about each other. Rich language, sound reasoning, and beautiful sentiments all create a strong attraction that’s undeniable. 

Both signs have impressive objectivity. As a result, conversations rarely become heated. Plus, you can talk about 10 things at once and never loose your train of thought. Variety is truly the spice of life, and you challenge each other in all the best ways for personal progress. 

In this pairing, you will never have a home that looks like a magazine cover. You’re not really interested in chores or anything that seems trivial. Instead, the two of you distract each other with playtime. 

Physically you two have tremendous chemistry. You enjoy verbalizing your erotic needs and fantasies, which is a really “hot” topic of conversation. There’s a sense of ease in this relationship. Neither of you has to try very hard to be happy. 


When you want a light-hearted relationship in which your inner child dances freely, Libra is a great match. Your Libra loves the way in which you question everything. Taking part in long hours of woolgathering is an enjoyable pastime.

The Aquarius-Libra connection has strong commonalities. Both signs enjoy socializing. Both also strive for a carefree lifestyle where work does not overwhelm everything. 

One caution in this relationship is remaining aware that you can be stubborn and your Libra can be bossy. That means you can get under each other’s skins, and the result is rarely pretty. When you feel too constrained one of your first thoughts is doing something outside normal conventions, while Libra finds comfort in the black and white lines in life. 

If you get around that limitation, you’ll find your sex life is merry and filled with mirth. Neither one of you gets overly serious or dramatic in the bedroom. Aquarius is perfectly capable of coaxing erotic adventures out of their Libra partner. 


For an Aquarian, Sagittarius is one of the best matches you’ll find. Both signs are always thinking ahead, furthering progressive innovation. This team has tons of energy and chemistry. In fact, this might just be your soul mate. 

There are a few things that might trip this union up a bit. The first is jealousy. Sagittarius is naturally flirtatious, and they will always appreciate the cut of a beautiful person. That admiration doesn’t impede the way they feel toward you one bit. Learn to enjoy the view together. 

Second, your Sagittarian is highly ambitious. They’ve always got an instruction manual at the ready. Meanwhile, you’ll just pull out the toolbox and get down to hands-on learning. This is an odd twist since you’re more intellectual while Sagittarius is physical. 

On a more positive note, both of you dislike clinginess; independence is vital. Because of this, the growth in your relationship is a bit slower than in other matches. You want to do it once, and do it right. Your interaction builds by exploring life, debating, and keeping involved in current affairs. No, it’s not boring. You both also love keeping busy, going on adventures, and socializing. 

Sexually, you both approach things with more “mind” than “heart.” Nonetheless, there’s plenty of excitement. Also, you rarely have makeup sex, because you can’t hold a grudge.