Pisces (February 19-March 20) are the bards and visionaries of the zodiac world. They dream dreams, then translate them into something creative and engaging. People born under this sign want to leave the world in a better place, if only in their own backyard. 

This sign’s symbol is that of two fish, ever swimming. As you might expect, the chief element here is Water, filled with emotion. If this is your birth sign you’re likely very sensitive. Being polite matters to you, and you expect good manners from others, too.

Empathy is a keynote in the Pisces personality. You feel the joy and sadnesses of the people around you. In fact, you often feel TOO much. It’s easy to carry around the psychic litter gathered through a day without knowing it, but so doing impacts you profoundly. Remember to cleanse your aura regularly, and get to a quiet place at least once a week to regroup.

Emotions rule over logic most times in your life, for boon or bane. You get an idea in your head and pursue it like an elusive lover. It’s hard for anyone to change your mind, even if you’re on the wrong path. Eventually, you figure it out and find an alternative solution, much to your friend’s and family’s relief.

In relationships, you’re a people pleaser. Sometimes you work a little too hard at it and step over boundaries inadvertently. Pisces adore being around their loved ones, particularly at large gatherings in a comfortable setting.

Pisces Matches


You bring harmony to the restless Cancer’s soul. You know them in ways no one else can. In part, this is your intuitive nature helping reinforce the connection. It’s also because you pay attention, noting little things about your Cancer and using that intel to make them happy. They like banana gum? You buy a ten pack.

You are less material than your partner. This means you can help guide the budget for building a solid future. You also provide emotional support in this match, something Cancer appreciates greatly.

One caution in this relationship is that when you reach deep levels of intimacy, both signs tend to close out the world. It would be easy to stay in your love nest seemingly forever.

On a happier note, the two of you respect devotion and seek loyalty. You love every second of your time together and try to fill them with memories. Sex is tender, romantic, and cuddly. Neither one of you has to talk much; you know each other’s wants and needs organically.


You are a selfless person, and often very vulnerable. Scorpio moves into the picture offering their protection and never-ending strength. Your partner will never let people take advantage of you, and you return that diligence by putting this individual first in all things. There is no sign of jealousy here. Just a strong sense of security.

There’s no question the Pisces-Scorpio match has the ability to read each other perfectly. You know your partner’s thoughts and respond without needing instruction. Romance is nearly always in the mix, with little surprises and even a poem or two.

It’s important for you to stress to your Scorpio your sensitivity, at least when they’re just getting to know you. The Scorpion’s words can sting, and hit very touchy buttons. If you cannot adjust the relationship in this issue, you may well walk away. Scorpio needs to release their agitation in more productive ways, rather than taking aim at you.

Between the two of you, nurturing comes naturally. You want the best for your mate so you’re both satisfied on all levels of being. Your sex life is sizzling enough to become an epic novel. There is an intense emotional bond that you can’t really express effectively. This pairing has soulmate potential.


At first, your Capricorn is wary of your psychic aptitude, but with time they come to respect and appreciate its accuracy. Meanwhile, you build up your partner’s self-confidence through honest compliments.

Your vision is in the stars, while Capricorn looks to the earth. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of middle ground. Between you, this creates romance and a strong sense of belonging.

The Pisces-Capricorn match is one where Capricorn likes to take the lead. They have to be mindful of letting you put your foot forward first sometimes. You do well to remind your love that spirituality matters to you; Capricorns are more materialistic. So when you don’t get all excited about a new “shiny” thing for the house, their feelings may get bruised. Turn on that Pisces charm and empathy in noticing the mindful effort your Capricorn took in picking something out.

Your Capricorn appreciates your creative approach to love-making. You’ll put rose petals on the bed and wine on the side table, with lovely music playing in the background. Meanwhile, Capricorn pours on the lust, allowing you to explore your fantasies.

In the long term, this is likely to be a highly successful pairing. Neither of you puts limits on the other. Both signs are loyal, and both dislike drama. While there are certainly differences, those keep things interesting.