Best Friend Christmas Gifts

This year when it’s time for Christmas gift shopping, don’t forget to get a little something for your best friend who is always there for you.

Below we have put together an interesting list of Christmas gifts ideas for best friends that will help provide some inspiration. This gift guide is written for a girlfriend in mind, but the information here will work for guys too.

Sentimental Christmas Gift Ideas for Best Friend

The years of friendship between you and your best friend are truly something to be treasured. This Christmas, show that you appreciate the love, care, and support that she has given you over the years with an awesome Christmas present. And what is better than a sentimental Christmas gift?

Below are some sentimental gift ideas for best friends that will help provide some inspiration.

sentimental best friend Christmas gifts


  1. A Poem for An Old Friend. Beautiful rhythmic words dedicated to a dear friend. The poem talks about the good and bad times two friends have been through together, and that those memories will always be treasured. The poem is accompanied by gorgeous watercolor graphics. It’s printed on quality paper and double-matted — ready to be framed and hung on a wall. Alternatively, you can also keep it safely tucked away in a drawer for occasional viewing.
  2. Friendship Pendant Necklace. A meaningful pendant necklace that is a miniature anchor dipped in gold. The anchor signifies the importance of the recipient in your life, without whom you would have been drifting without directions. The jewelry piece comes affixed on a keepsake card in a delicate box. The keepsake card contains a meaningful friendship quote that adds to the overall sentimental value of the necklace.
  3. Friends Musical Figurine. Limited-edition angel figurine expertly crated from porcelain, lined with striking platinum accents. Standing close to 8inches tall, the graceful angel sings the melody of “The Wind Beneath My Wings”.
  4. Willow Tree Friendship Figurine. Lively wooden figurine from Willow Tree. This outstanding figurine depicts a girl presenting a bouquet of flowers. Every Willow Tree prototype is designed and hand-carved by artist Susan Lordi in her Kansas City studio in Missouri.
  5. Friendship Plaque. A good choice for church-going Christian friends. This little token of friendship features a quote from the Bible (The Message, Proverb 27:9) that describes the positive effect of a good friendship can bring. The size of this plaque is pretty compact. It’s 4″ long, 3.5″ tall, and 1″ thick, which makes it perfect for the shelves, bedside table, and the tabletop.
  6. Good Friend Box Sign. This sign is especially great for best friends who don’t see each other very often. For example, long-distance friends. It says on the sign “good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they’re always there”. Made of wood. The design and the lettering of the sign have a rustic feeling to it. Great for hanging on the wall or just leave it leaning against the wall. A magnificent home decor piece.
  7. Friendship Mug. A beautiful purplish mug with floral graphics. Butterflies are subtly shown flying in the background. The mug is completed with a friendship quote that reads “friends are family we choose”.
  8. Pillow. It says on the pillow “we will be friends ’til we are old and senile … then we will be new friends”. Made with natural jute burlap. The sentimental words are done in black lettering. This pillow will be a nice addition to the couch.
  9.  A True Friend Music Box. An elegant wooden musical keepsake box that is petite and delicate. Best reserved for the little treasure in life — think special mementos, jewelry, and perhaps old photos. The walnut box has a rich finish that enhances its wooden texture. It is elevated further by its brushed gold rose trim. The box’s Sankyo mechanism plays a musical tune with a unique personality. The little friendship card that comes in the box’s glass panel can be replaced with a photo of your choice.
  10. I Think I Am In Friend-Love Book. 128 pages of pure sweetness. This light comic book from Yumi Sakugawa tells the bittersweet tale of friendship through simple illustrations and words. The Kindle version of this book is available for free. So make sure you don’t miss it.

What do you think of these sentimental Xmas presents?

More Sentimental Gift Ideas

Practical Christmas Gifts for Best Friend

Being practical is one way to show how much you care for one another. Sure, sentimental gifts are great at making you and your friend feel warm and fuzzy. However, wouldn’t it be nice if your gift is one that will actually help improve your friend’s life?

Below you will find practical Christmas gift ideas for your best friend that will make her life more comfortable, more productive, and more enjoyable in general.

Practical Christmas Gifts for Best Friend - Image
  1. Dish and Tea Towel. Small but absorbent — perfect as a hand towel or dish towel. The front of the towel is a cute friendship quote that compares good friends to stars.
  2. Gorgeous Coffee Mug. A 14-oz coffee mug that is a breathtaking beauty. Black color with matte finish. Eye-catching starry background with a thoughtful friendship quote.
  3. Cat Canvas Shoulder Bag. Cat lovers will love this bag. Durable and versatile, perfect for everyday use — school, office, or grocery shopping. The cat is shown lying on his back, showing his belly — which is a sign of trust in the feline tongue.
  4. Coach Leather Bag. Being a Coach bag, this does cost a little more. But its design and quality are off the chart. Not only it’s an eye candy, but it’s also really great at keeping its content organized. You can pair this bag with virtually any outfit — formal or casual — and it will work phenomenally.
  5. Candle set. Wind down after a long day with the help of an aromatic candle. From the Chesapeake Bay’s The Body and Mind collection, this Small Jar Candle Bundle offers 4 distinct candle flavors in attention-grabbing frosty glass containers. The scents are designed to bring about different emotions: peace, harmony, love, and confidence. The candles are soy-based and their wicks are lead-free.
  6. Women’s electric razor. Consider this quality electric trimmer from Panasonic. It is the one trimming tool that will satisfy all your trimming needs. Its three-blade, double-rotor design ensures a silky smooth skin. Cordless with rechargeability, while it requires a charging station to charge, the charging station is compact enough to be travel-friendly. The trimmer performs well in dry and wet conditions — yes, even underwater. Consider getting this life-saving shaver for yourself even if you aren’t getting it for your friend.
  7. Smartphone lens kit. The built-in camera that comes with a smartphone can take some pretty decent photos. But to bring out the true potential of a smartphone camera, you’ll need to add some lenses. This lens kit from Turata is a pretty good option. The kit comes with two lenses: wide-angle and macro. A wide-angle lens allows you to capture more in a single shot without moving your position, while a macro lens allows you to capture finer details of an object up close. Wide-angle lenses are a must for groupfies and scenery shots. Costing only slightly more than $10, this Turata kit is a must for all iPhone and Samsung phone users.
  8. Portable espresso maker. Espresso is commonly made with expensive coffee machines. These bulky machines use high pressure for pressing coffee beans and hot water into espresso. Now you can make espresso on the go manually with the help of a MiniPresso from Wacaco. No electricity needed. All you need to make a good cup of espresso is ground coffee powder, hot water, and a good firm hand to apply some pressure with. Check out this video to see it in action.
  9. Scarf. A good scarf keeps you warm and fashionable. Consider scarves that are made from cashmere or other types of wool for better insulation — a must for a harsh Winter. If insulation is not your primary concern, you might want to go for a lighter fabric. Wearing the right scarf help to elevate an outfit by adding texture or colors to the existing outfits. For example, if you’re wearing a plain beige top and a navy blue jeans bottom, you can add a solid maroon scarf to add some color and personality to your outfit.
  10. Shoulder massager. Everybody loves a good shoulder massage. This massager is slightly more expensive, but if you have the budget, I’d suggest that you go for this. Especially if your friend’s daily routine requires her to sit in front of a computer a lot every day, she’s bound to get shoulder pain once in a while (if not daily!). This Naipo product is your personal in-house Shiatsu masseur. Its 8 massage nodes and rotors simulate a Shiatsu massage you’d normally get at a spa. The experience is completed with its advanced warmth transfer function which helps relax your tensed muscles through heat transfer.

These practical gifts are really something, aren’t they?

More Practical Gift Ideas

Personalized Christmas Gifts for Best Friend

We all love stuff that is uniquely ours. It will be an exhilarating experience for your best friend when she receives a gift from you that has her name on it.

Below are some personalized gifts that you can customize for your bestie. Be sure to check them all out.

Personalized Best Friend Christmas Gifts - Image
  1. Personalized Wall Art. For this made-to-order wall art, you get to customize almost every single aspect besides the short sentimental paragraph about friendship. What can you specify? The background color, font color, heart color, and the printing method (e.g. digital or photo print). Most importantly, you get to put you and your best friend’s first names, or nicknames if you prefer, at the bottom of the art piece to make it the world’s one and only.
  2. Personalized Bracelet. Beautiful handmade silver bracelet with the option to inscribe on both the top and bottom sides. Choose the color that your friend will love: silver, gold, and or rose gold. Some ideas on what to inscribe on the bracelet: name, nickname, inspiring words, and your personal special dates.
  3. Personalized Stemless Wine Glass. Sturdy stemless wine glasses ready to have any text printed on it. Perfect for wine lovers. For non-wine lovers, these glasses make great a display too. Ideas: friendship quotes or monogram of her name.
  4. Personalized Wooden Keepsake Box. Now your friend can have a keepsake box that is truly unique for her to keep her delicate mementos or jewelry. Handmade from natural cherry wood with felt-lined compartments. A friendship poem dedicated to her with her name on it is engraved on the wooden box.
  5. Monogrammed Robe and Slipper Set. A spa experience at home would not be complete without a robe and slipper set that has your monogram on it. You get to choose from three different base colors: white, pink, and aqua. They are more than ten unique variants for the monogram thread color. So pick something that you know she will love!
  6. Personalized Candle Set. For this candle set, you get to put your name on its cover. This way your friend is always reminded of you when she lights up a candle in the evening to relax her mind. There are different sizes and various scents available. You also get the option to add on a customized matchbox, but the customization options are not as impressive.
  7. Personalized Book. Wouldn’t it be great if there’s a book that is dedicated to you and you alone? Now you can with It does require some level of effort from you, as you will need to fill in the book with content. But you won’t be starting from scratch, the website provides helpful templates and guides to help you fill the book with a fun and engaging process. The result is a one-of-its-kind hardcover book that is ready to impress and entertain.
  8. Personalized Initial Birthstone Necklace. This jewelry piece incorporates your initial and birthstone. As you know, there’s a special birthstone (or multiple birthstones) for every month of the year. For example, the birthstone for June is moonstone. On top of the necklace, you also get the option to customize the keepsake card that comes with the necklace and its box. All these customizations will make opening the gift box an enthralling experience.

Nothing beats the experience of receiving a personalized Christmas present!

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas For Best Friend

Inexpensive gifts that won’t hurt your wallet.

The price tag does not indicate a present’s thoughtfulness. A good Christmas gift conveys friendship love and shows that you care for each other.

As a matter of fact, an expensive gift may even have a negative effect — making the relationship seem to operate on a monetary basis.

Below you will find ideas that are both useful and friendly to your budget.

Image: Affordable - Cheap Christmas Gifts for Best Friend
  1. Compass keychain. Matching best friend keychain. Keep your keys from going missing with this cool-looking keychain. Each of the pairs has three components: a compass, a disc with engraved words that say “no matter where”, and half of a heart shape that has “best” or “friend” on it depending on which half you get. This gift doesn’t cost too much and is perfect for a long-distance friend. It’s great for a friend who is going away to another town too.
  2. Revlon Lipstick. Lipsticks are a must in any girl’s makeup pouch. Choose your color carefully, for every color represents a different mood and gives a different vibe. Your best friend will love this new addition to her collection — the Super Lustrous lipsticks by Revlon is exceedingly popular thanks to its lightweight but mesmerizing color.
  3. Stationery. Something you cannot go without even in the age of smartphones — especially you’re still attending college or school. But normal stationery, while practical, is just plain boring. So spice it up a bit, kick it up a notch by getting your best some extraordinary pencils that are colorful and inspirational. Check out the Pencil with Inspirational Quotes post for more than eleven inspiring pencil sets that will make your heart beat faster.
  4. Water bottle. Keep her properly hydrated and looking stylish at the same time with a colorful, toxin-free water bottle. Check out my other post for a list of super colorful BPA-free water bottles.
  5. Friendship tokens. A dozen of pewter friendship coins. Get a small bag and put the coins in for a more impressive presentation.
  6. Lapel pins. These little pieces of happiness are super cute. For some people, lapel pins are collectible items; for some people, they are great fashion accessories — they look great on bags, jackets, and etc.
  7. Productivity Stickers. 985 stickers that will make planning for your day extra effective and fun. There are stickers for special days, inspirational quotes, and so much more in one of these sticker packs. These stickers best used in a weekly planner.

Budget-friendly, affordable Xmas presents for friends.

Funny Christmas Gift Ideas for Best Friend

Life is just too short, so why so serious? Christmas is the perfect excuse for you and your BFF to have some great fun by exchanging gifts that are actually exciting.

Consider getting a humorous gift if you and your best friend like to joke around. Below are some funny gift ideas that will guarantee lots of laughter this holiday season.

Funny Christmas gift ideas for best friend. Humorous gifts.
  1. Funny Sign. A small and hilarious sign that is perfect for a tabletop or on a shelve. The words on the sign jokingly compare friendship to piss — and it does seem to be logical in some sense. Handmade with wood. You can get this item from Etsy.
  2. I Miss You B*tch Mug. Who doesn’t love a good mug? For this special mug dedicated only to BFF, it says “I Miss You B*tch” on the front side.
  3. Queef T-Shirt. This t-shirt makes a tasteful joke about queefing.
  4. Cameltoe Tote Bag. A versatile and durable canvas tote bag that is a subtle va-jay-jay joke.
  5. Funny Wine Glass. Humorous stemless wine glass with sexy curvature. 15 oz of space to hold the luscious red liquor with. The words on the glass read “bra off, hair up, sweats on, wine gone”.
  6. Matching Crop Tops. Reserved for the bestest friends only. These matching crop tops feature cartoon graphics that are complementary partners for each other — burger and fries. There are multiple colors available for this design, so make sure you get your favorite color. I wished there were more variety of graphics to choose from though.
  7. Ugly sweater. Christmas is probably the only season when an ugly sweater is an acceptable funny gift. So don’t miss this opportunity. Truth be told, ugly sweaters are kinda cool in a way, plus they keep you warm and make you (and everyone around you) feel festive.
  8. Holiday Pajamas. Comfy Disney-themed pajamas with cute cartoonish design.

What do you think of these funny Xmas presents?

Best Friend DIY Christmas Gifts

The best present in the world is often handmade. If you are willing to spend some time and effort, DIY gifts are the way to go.  Below you will find some interesting ideas that will help provide some inspiration. Some of these ideas are complete with step-by-step tutorials so don’t forget to click for more details.

Best Friend DIY Christmas Gifts
  1. Happy Jar. The concept of this Happy Jar by Our Army Life is straightforward. It is a jar that is filled with little fold-up notes that contains positive messages. The blog post provides more great ideas on what kind of messages you can write in the little pieces of paper. Note that this craft was originally meant to be a Valentine’s Day craft, but you can easily adapt it for your best friend.
  2. Photo Pendant. I’m personally impressed by the outcome of this DIY project. The cost is apparently pretty low too. It does require you to have access to your friend’s photo, but you can always get (steal) it from Facebook. Make sure your friend is ok with this beforehand, otherwise you may appear as being creepy. Consider using photos that have both of you in them.
  3. Chill Pill. A simple and fun idea. All you need is a clear container, a label that says “Chill Pill” with some fun message on it, and delicious candies like M&Ms and tic-tacs. Bonus points for colorful candies.
  4. Minimalist framed flower. Great decor piece to be placed in the living room — especially when you place it against a light source, like the window. It’s calming to look at the light illuminating the flowers and leaves in the frame. This craft is probably going to be more challenging to make during Wintertime because the material is harder to collect. You might want to consider store-bought flowers during Winter.
  5. Sharpie mug. For this craft, you will need a blank ceramic mug and an oil-based sharpie (the tutorial says regular sharpie would work too, but it’s not as long-lasting). Get creative with the graphics and words. If you’re looking for a friendship quote for this project, make sure you check out our article Best Friend Quotes.
  6. Block zipper pouch. There are so many great uses for a good pouch. You can use it for travel or just use it to keep things organized on your vanity table. Keep your makeup kit in it, or use it as a pencil pouch. This tutorial provides a template that you can use to cut your fabric accordingly. This project does require some familiarity in working with fabrics and sewing machine, but it sure looks fun and could be an awesome learning experience for you. Your bestie will be so impressed by this gift from you.
  7. Pull-out photo box. Your friend is going to be so surprised when she pulls out the old photos of the two of you from that little box. I know I would be surprised, who would have imagined that a subtle little box can contain so much memory and sweetness.
  8. Secret book safe. This project makes a secret safe out of an old book. It’s super cool and has a secret-agent or spy vibe to it. Make sure that the book you’re destroying is not some family heirloom though and that your friend won’t be offended by this idea. One alternative is to make a fake book from used papers — just glue them together.

So are you up for the challenge? What DIY Christmas present are you going to make for your friends?

Other Best Friend Ideas

Couldn’t find what you wanted in this blog post? Check out the following gift guides from other great websites for more inspiration. Don’t forget to let us know if you find anything that could add to this gift guide from these amazing websites.

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Do you have anything to add?

Did you find anything helpful? Is there any best friend gift that you like in particular? Do you have a gift idea you would like to recommend? Let us know in the comment section below.

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