Discover the most awesomest gift ideas for your friends this Christmas! We rounded up 8 super cool gift ideas we guarantee your friend will love.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends

Friends are there for you through thick and thin and now you can be there for them this Christmas by getting them the most awesome Christmas gifts out there. But what on earth should you get? Shop from the comfort of your own home with these amazing finds below:

1. Touchscreen Gloves

How can your best friend text you in the winter if they’re wearing gloves? This gift is a must-have if your friend is a biker or winter walker. Now, they can text you no matter how cold it gets. Yes!

2. Eos Lip Balm

Keep your friend’s lips soft and moisturized. Set of 6 organic lip balm in cute sphere shell. Six different fruity flavors in six colorful packages.



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3. Infinity Scarf With Hidden Flask

Support your friend’s seasonal alcoholism with this cozy scarf. Yes, now your friend can drink in public secretively, while also staying warm. They will love you forever for this Christmas gift. You know what is a good gift for wine lovers? These funny wine glasses with clever sayings on them.

4. Falling Stream Tabletop Fountain

If your friend has trouble falling asleep (or getting the urge to pee), this fountain is for them. It looks great in an apartment or dorm room and has a very calming effect. This fountain will help your friend to study, or relax while also thinking of you. How sweet!

5. Hanging Succulent Containers

Whether your friend is a plant-lover or just a regular hipster, these hanging succulent vases will be a real hit. They can hang these in their apartment or at work and enjoy the endless remarks of praise from other like-minded hipsters. Coolness guaranteed.

6. Home Brew Beer Kit

Does your friend love beer? Why not inspire them to brew their own? For chemistry lovers and alcohol aficionados, this Christmas gift is a guaranteed people pleaser. And if you’re lucky, maybe your friend will invite you over for a tasting party. Ah, the gift that keeps on giving.

7. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Have you ever turned on the music on your laptop or Bluetooth speaker while showering? It’s really tough to hear the music through the sound of the shower. Well, look no further. This Bluetooth speaker actually goes in the shower. It’s great for any kinds of water sports, too. Awesome! A similar water-proof speaker is also featured in our Gifts for Aquarius article.

8. Tablet Holder

This tablet holder goes well in the kitchen, or at a desk. If your friend has a cool workspace, this is the addition that they definitely need. There’s no way they could look any more tech-savvy and cool!

9. Professional HD iPhone & Samsung Lens


If your friend loves photography and has an iPhone, help them to take it to the next level with this clip-on professional lens. Their Instagram photos are going to really increase in quality with this amazing Christmas gift.

What will you gift your friend this Christmas?

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