Discover 21+ unique 21st birthday gift ideas for your lovely girlfriend. Celebrate her big 21 with a thoughtful birthday gift that will make her love you even more.

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Not sure what to get her? No worries, I have compiled a huge list of cool ideas that will provide just the inspiration that you need. Check them out now and let me know what do you think of these ideas in the comment section below.

Sentimental Gifts for Your Girlfriend’s 21st Birthday

1. A Love Poem

Express the feelings you have for your girlfriend with a sentimental love poem. Once in a Lifetime is a beautiful poem dedicated to someone who is special to you.I’m sure she’ll appreciate this thoughtful gift from you.

The poem is accompanied by an equally attractive watercolor graphic that depicts a serene garden during springtime, with impressionist-style flowers blooming and birds chirping in the background.

It arrives matted at 8″ x 10″ — a size that is perfect for every space and surface. For example the bookshelf or the tabletop. You can also frame it up and hang it where you can see every day. I’m sure she’ll appreciate this thoughtful gift from you.

A Poem for Your Girlfriend. Sentimental, romantic 21st birthday gift idea for girlfriend. Romantic gift for girls turning 21, for wife.
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2. Best Girlfriend Ever Wood Heart Keychain

A small and affordable token of love perfect for men who are on a shoestring budget. I get it, sometimes our money can be a little tight for one reason or another. However, don’t let that from stopping you from getting a romantic gift for your girlfriend. This Best Girlfriend Ever key chain is great for telling the world how much you appreciate her for who she is and she has done. The tag itself is made of real wood. You can use it to identify keys, bags, water bottles, and more.

Best Girlfriend Ever Keychain for Girlfriend's 21st Birthday. Gift Ideas for Girlfriend, girls turning 21.
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3. Don’t Just Fly Soar Inspirational Quote Painting

What would someone be without inspiration? Someone who is uninspired can still be perfectly functional, but she’ll be dull, boring, and probably unproductive. Learning to be interesting and productive at the age of 21 can have a profound positive impact on your girlfriend’s personal life and professional life. So help her become a better person by getting her a source of inspiration — one that pulses consistently, unintrusively with positive energy. Don’t Just Fly, Soar is a handmade acrylic painting from It features beautiful cursive lettering against the backdrop of a vast galaxy with thousands of stars and some shooting stars that are gliding through it. It inspires you to not stay in your comfort zone for too long, do something great, soar to a higher height.


Don't Just Fly Soar Quote Painting. Home decor. Handmade Painting. 21st Birthday Gift Idea For Girlfriend, inspirational idea.
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Jewelry 21st Birthday Gifts to Impress Her

1. Nordgreen Wristwatch

She’ll love you even more if you get her this eye-candy of a wristwatch for her b-day. Inspired by the philosophy of Scandinavian design, this simple and elegant watch from Nordgreen‘s Native lineup is perfect for her to wear on a date with you, to an interview, work, or any social gathering. The Native watch shown in the images below feature a minimalist white dial, rose gold rim, and rose gold mesh strap.

Nordgreen rose gold watch with white dial on white background
Nordgreen rose gold watch in the box
watch box and thank-you note from Nordgreen founders

2. Kate Spade New York Drop Earrings

Give your girlfriend the indulgence to feel festive, no matter what time it is of the year, with this gorgeous pair of earrings. She’ll feel special as she puts on these exquisite gold-plated square leverbacks from Kate Spade New York. The leverback earrings feature faceted glittered epoxy stones that lure you in as you look at its sparkles. These earrings are handmade.

Two other variants are available: silver glitter and gold glitter.

Kate Spade New York Drop Earrings. 21st birthday gifts for girlfriend
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3. Kate Spade New York Women’s ‘Metro’ Watch

For ladies who wear makeup. Why? Because this beautiful Kate Spade watch has a unique makeup theme. Instead of numbers, it uses different shades of colors instead; the minute hand is a glittered makeup brush. It’s still a good watch who girls don’t wear makeup, but its theme will be less appealing to her.

Have a pastel party. Comfortable pink strap made of real leather. Stunning rose-gold bezel that has just the perfect thickness. Glossy white dial with pink hour hand and rose-gold second hand.

The watch features the Quartz movement. Its crystal protects against scratches and damage. It is also water-resistant to 100ft but is not recommended for swimming or diving.

Kate Spade New York Women's 'Metro' Watch. Pink, rose gold. 21st birthday gifts for girlfriend.
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4. Langria Embossed Leatherette Jewelry Box

A girl’s jewelry collection can get really messy if left without a proper way to organize it. Earrings and other pieces of jewelry are bound to be lost or they will take a long time to be found. And that means longer wait time for the boyfriend when his girl is preparing herself for their date.

All that hassle and mess can be avoided with a single, most practical jewelry box that has a multiple-compartment design. One such jewelry box is the beautiful item from Langria that I’m showing you below. It has a sophisticated embossed leatherette exterior in lovely mint green, with a velvet lining interior that provides a soft touch — durable on the outside, soft on the inside. Inside the box are three vertical columns. The center column features a ring roll which is great for neatly placing rings, necklace pendants, and earrings. The left column is further split into two rows, these are great for any regular-sized jewelry. The right column is undivided free space, this is where bigger jewelry pieces will go.

Unique orthogonal design that has no sharp corners that could harm a girl’s delicate hands. The box is lockable which is a nice-to-have. Being a relatively small box, it is especially travel-friendly. When it’s not on travel, the box is best reserved for the most special pieces of jewelry. There are four different color variants available: minty green, pink, gray, and white.

LANGRIA Embossed Leatherette Jewelry Box. 21st birthday gifts for girlfriend ideas
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4. Dogeared “Pearls of Love” Pendant Necklace – A 21st Birthday Gift the Girlfriend Will Love

Jewelry, as a gift for the ladies, is as old as human civilization itself. You will never go wrong with a jewelry gift for most girls. This is especially true if the jewelry piece can stir up romantic feelings.

This outstanding Pearls of Love pendant necklace by Dogeared is a declaration of love. The necklace features an 8mm freshwater pearl that has an attention-grabbing shine. It arrives suspended on a cable chain, affixed to a keepsake card that delivers a love message for its recipient.

This lovely item is made in the USA. Dogeared was established in 1991 in sunny Southern California by Marcia Maizel-Clarke.

See more meaningful pendant necklaces like this.

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Tech Gadget Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend’s 21st Birthday

1. Rechargeable Book Light – Gift Idea for Bookworm

For your girlfriend who is a little bit of a bookworm. I know, it’s the age of e-readers and e-books, but many of us still prefer the experience of holding a physical book in your hands and flipping through the pages with your fingers. In fact, data shows that physical book sales are up again in countries like the US, and UK. Anyway, this portable clip-on reading light is perfect for people who enjoys reading a physical book.

Adjustable brightness levels, 3 levels to choose from for the maximum comfort of your eyes. Soft padded clamp which allows the lamp to hold on to books and other surfaces. The lamp is rechargeable via wall or USB, and yes AC charger and USB cable are included.

Clip-on reading light
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2. Camkix 3-in-1 Lens Kit for Smart Phones

Does your girlfriend like to take pictures with her smartphone? Is she into taking selfies, wefies, food photos, or photos of other themes? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, she’ll love this versatile lens kit from Camkix.

This lens kit comes with three different lenses. Fisheye lens, macro lens, and wide-angle lens. With a macro lens, you can take close-up pictures, while wide-angle lens allows you to capture a wider area without having to move your position. The fisheye lens is something special, like the wide-angle lens, you can capture a much wider area, and at the same time, it does this hemispherical distortion on the image which is pretty cool. You can read more on fisheye lens on PetaPixel.

At slightly below $15 at the time of writing, this lens kit is a huge bargain. Especially since it also includes accessories like a universal clip, a carry pouch, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. There are other variants available: different colors and with or without LEDs for lighting control (the one that I’m showing here doesn’t have LEDs).

Camkix 3-in-1 Lens Kit for Smart Phones. 21st birthday gifts for girlfriend ideas
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3. Anker SoundCore Sport XL

Listen to your favorite music anywhere you go with this portable speaker from Anker. The sound quality is great for a relatively small speaker like this SoundCore Sport XL. Its 8W stereo speakers produce some really great music with high dynamic range. The bass is low and dreamy thanks to its dual passive subwoofer.

Rugged. Sturdy. Let it be your charming little personal band while you take a hot luxurious bath. No worry about dropping it into the bath or getting damaged by the steam — the speakers are waterproof with an IP67 rating, which means it can be submerged in 3 feet of water up to 30 minutes. Did I mention that it is also dust resistant and shock resistant? These properties make it great for outdoor use, for example, bring it to a picnic or to the beach. Extreme ruggedness aside, it’s compact size is really travel-friendly, although its weight could be a concern if you’re thinking of bringing to a hike.

Being an Anker product, you can expect its price tag to be affordable despite all the great features. Get it for yourself or for you girlfriend’s birthday, either way, you will not go wrong with this speaker.

Anker SoundCore Sport XL. Listen to music everywhere. Thoughtful 21st birthday gift ideas for girls turning 21. Girlfriend Birthday Gift Ideas.
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Fun 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

1. Knock Knock Vouchers for Lovers: Romantic 21s Birthday Idea

A truly romantic gift for people who are deeply in love. This pink booklet contains twenty unique love vouchers. Each of these vouchers entitles your girlfriend to request something romantic from you, for example, a candle-lit dinner. This collection of vouchers is a great way to spice things up.

However, if you think that these vouchers are too vanilla and you want something more… adult-oriented, then check out my adults-only gift guide — 20 Sexy Gifts for Him (That Will Make Him Super Excited)  and 20 Naughty Bachelorette Gift Ideas for Bride.

21st Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend
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2. Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs

Provide your girlfriend with a way to vent her stress and frustration from school or from work with an adult coloring book. Feel the stress melts away as the mind is occupied by coloring.

This unique adult coloring book by Dan Morris features stress relieving animal designs. 50 animal patterns for you to color. The book features animals from different environments: forest, oceans, grasslands, and deserts. Buy a set of color pencil, if she doesn’t have one yet, to pair with this book so that she can start coloring right away.

Adult Coloring Book. Girlfriend 21st Birthday Gift Idea. Birthday Gifts for Best Friends, ideas for her, for wife, for women in general.
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3. Hello Gorgeous Coffee Mug

Some gifts make you laugh out loud, some gifts make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. This mug is the kind of gift that makes you feel loved every time you see it. It is a constant reminder that there’s your boyfriend loves you and thinks that you’re the most beautiful person in his world.

Hello Gorgeous Mug
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Perfume & Apparel Gifts for Your Girlfriend’s 21st Birthday

1. Marc Jacobs Daisy

Floral, fruity, Daisy by Marc Jacobs is the manifestation of blooming youth. Iconic of Marc Jacob’s groundbreaking feminine design, the Daisy is sweet with a vintage edge of violet. Youthful yet sophisticated, with a dash of whimsy, the Daisy is the perfect match for girls who are turning 21.

Everything is great with this perfume: the box, the bottle, and the oversized playful daisies that seemingly have their roots in the rounded gold cap. Smell great throughout the day with this long-lasting with this perfume spray.

Oopsie Daisy Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Perfume for Women. 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend. Birthday gifts for girls turning 21.
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2. The Victory of Cupit Pussy Cat Underwear

Funny underwear that features a pussy cat in the crouch region. I feel like this gift is pretty self-explanatory. These panties are made of a material that is flexible. It’s not non-vpl (visible panty line), but it does reduce the level of visibility. Great for girls who have a sense of humor and likes cats. There are other designs available, and you can choose to buy just one instead of the adorable trio bundle shown below. More details on Amazon.

The Victory of Cupit Pussy Cat Underwear. Funny naught sexy 21st birthday gift ideas for girlfriend turning 21. ...we luv birthdays!
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3. I Didn’t Fart Funny T-Shirt

You probably don’t want to get this as the only birthday gift for your girl, but it’s definitely a nice funny addition to the bundle. I didn’t fart, my ass blew you a kiss t-shirt will guarantee to make your girlfriend laughs her heart out. Maybe she’ll even give it to you instead — if you’re the stronger one in the flatulence gas department.

I didn't fart, my ass blew you a kiss. Funny unisex t-shirt. Cool 21st birthday gifts for girlfriend. For girls turning 21.
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Aromatherapy at Home: Spa Birthday Gifts

1. Grace & Stella Moisturizing Bath Bomb Gift Set

What better way to wind down after a long and tiring day than a serene hot bath with relaxing aroma. Indulge your girlfriend with a luxurious bath experience in the comfort of her home with these aromatic bath bombs from Grace & Stella. To use, simply fill up the bathtub, then put in a bath bomb — watch as it fizzles and bubbles up in the water, releasing moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, argan oil, and olive oil.

This gift set comes with 8 bath bombs of different scents: Red Rose, Jasmine, Vanilla, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lavender,  Peppermint, and Chamomile. A vanilla scented shower gel is also provided, complimentary of Grace & Stella.

Grace & Stella Moisturizing Bath Bomb Gift Set. Shea butter, cocoa butter, argan oil, olive oil. Bathing and wellness idea. Great 21st birthday gift for girlfriend, for her, for women, for girls turning 21
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2. Our Own Candle Company Smell My Nuts Scented Mason Jar Candle

A unique three-layer candle in a mason jar, each layer is a different relaxing nutty scent, a brand new experience. The candle starts with banana nut bread at the top, then move down to toasted coconut, and hazelnut. Humorously named as “smell my nuts” — a feature many (including myself) consider to be pretty funny. You may want to avoid this idea if you girlfriend is the serious type.

The color of the candle changes from layer to layer, that coupled with the golden lid gives you a sense of festivity just by looking at it. Proudly made in the USA. This candle offers up to 100 hours of burn time.

Our Own Candle Company Smell My Nuts Scented Mason Jar Candle. Funny 21st Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend who has a sense of humor. Gifts For girls turning 21.
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Humorous Girlfriend Gift Ideas and More

1. Happy Birthday to You! by Dr. Seuss

No one is ever too old for a Dr. Seuss book. In Happy Birthday To You, you’re brought on a birthday trip by the Great Birthday Bird. Quotes from the book: “Today you are you! That is truer than true!
There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”. Brought to from America’s favorite doctor — Dr. Seuss.

Fun fact: Dr. Seuss’s doctorate degree is in literature and it was awarded Oxford University in the UK.

Happy Birthday to You! by Dr. Seuss. 21st birthday gifts for girlfriend ideas. Birthday Gift Ideas for her. ...we luv birthdays!
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2. I’m the Boss – Mug for Bosses

Bold and outspoken mug for a #girlboss. Make a statement. Tell the world “I AM the boss” as you sip coffee from this mug with unparallel self-confidence. Capable of holding 11 ounces of liquid. The mug has a handle that is not shown in the picture below.

I Am The Boss Mug. Mug for girlboss. Unique and funny 21st birthday gift ideas for girlfriend. Girl gift.
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3. Gift Card in Gift Box Reveal

If you’re not sure what to buy, the bottom line is always an Amazon gift card — it’s not exactly the most sentimental gift idea, but it sure is very practical. With an Amazon gift card, your girlfriend can buy anything she likes from the world’s biggest web store — skin care products, perfume, gaming console, bra, everything goes.

Add some sentiment to an otherwise cold and impersonal gift card by dressing it up in a special gift-box envelope (shown below). Luscious burgundy exterior with celebratory glitters, perfected with a champagne ribbon. Your girlfriend will love this practical gift card that comes with an impressive presentation. Gift Card in Gift Box Reveal. Red. Bling. Ribbon. Perfect for a girl's 21st birthday. Birthday Gift Idea for Girls turning 21, for friend, for girlfriend, for her.
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4. Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender

A blender can be an exciting gift for the right people, especially people who are health-conscious and want to live a healthier lifestyle. Sun Tzu, the author of The Art of War said, “Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril”. You should know if your girlfriend will really want a blender as a birthday gift — otherwise, it might just backfire! Be careful with this gift choice.

Anyway, this blender is really awesome. It is high-speed and high-torque (read: fast and powerful), which allows you to blend fruit, super fruit, and vegetables with ease in seconds. Extract and unlock nutrients from food into a form that allows your body to absorb,

The blender is portable which is perfect for compact kitchens, that also means that you won’t need to spend too much storage space on it.

The bundle includes a power base, 1 flat blade and 1 emulsifying blade, 1 tall cup, 2 short cups,  2 re-sealable lids, and manual with recipes.

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Blender. Practical 21st birthday gifts for girlfriend who is health conscious. Healthy gift.
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What do you think is the best gift for your girlfriend’s 21st birthday?

What do you think of these ideas? Did you find anything useful? Do you have anything to share with me? Let me know in the comment section below.

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