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In this gift guide, you will find the craziest, most creative Christmas gift ideas for friends. Some of these ideas are practical, while the others not so much. But they share one thing in common — they’re all super cute.

I can write an entire essay here, but it will be Christmas day by the time I finish, so let’s jump right into the gift ideas instead.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends 2017

Christmas Gifts for Friends

Rose Print

Beautiful rose print that will instantly brighten any wall where it hangs.

Rose print

Pendant Necklace

Gorgeous gold elephant pendant necklace that is a good luck wish. The necklace comes affixed on a keepsake card that describes the meaning and delivers your wish to the recipient.

Unique Pendant Necklace


Confidence-boosting t-shirt that says “too glam to give a damn”.

Too Glam to Give a Damn T-Shirt

Cute Socks

Corgis are cuddly little creatures. Their funny faces and short legs are irresistible. You will love these socks with corgis graphics.

Cute corgi socks

Perfect for people who like to read. This superb bookmark set features 30 unique designs. The designs include different kinds of carbonated drinks and ice creams. With the price tag of under $10, this bookmark set is also a budget-friendly gift.

Cute bookmarks

Facial Mask
Gentle exfoliating facial mask from Herbivore. Inside this little glass bottle is pink dry powder that is ready soften and restore the glow on your skin. To use, simply mix the dry powder with water on a separate dish.

Facial Mask

Lapel Pin

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Lapel pins are awesome Christmas gifts. They can be as fashion accessories. You can use them to decorate your jacket and bag. Some people collect lapel pins as a hobby. The following are two amazing lapel pins that we think will interest you.

The first lapel pin is an inspirational gold-lined table lamp. It says “time to shine” on the pin.

Inspirational Lapel Pin

The seconds lapel pin is a black cat who is making a funny face. The pin is meant to be a good luck token.

Good luck black cat lapel pin

Tote Bag

Shopping tote bags can be fun with the right design. This tote bag we’re showing here features a white cat who is ready to get cynical at any statement you make. You think you’re making good progress on your book? Yeah right.

Yeah Right Demotivational Cynical White Cat Tote Bag

If Animals Could Talk  is a children’s book that became infamous thanks to some of its inappropriate contents. It has a cult status on the internet. While it’s not exactly suitable for children, it’s a funny book for adults and a creative Christmas gift.

If Animal Could Talk Book

Sticky Notes
These sticky notes are quite revolutionary. Instead of the standard blank piece of paper, you get stacks of paper that have been pre-labeled with: to do, to buy, etc.

Productivity Sticky Notes

Coffee Cup
People love these coffee cups from Joco. Durable and great-looking. It’s made of durable glass, so you don’t have to worry that it breaks easily. And you get a glimpse of the coffee that you’re drinking. Silicone lid and sleeve which offers heat protection for your hand.

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As of now, there are twelve different colors available for purchase.

Coffee cup - pink

Home Decor
Pastel. Tropical. This pineapple is different in terms of color from a regular pineapple, and that’s precisely why this decor piece is outstanding.  Made of ceramic. Transform your room instantly with the help of this exotic piece.

Ceramic Pineapple

Plush Toy
Bear plushie is so predictable. Get a peach for your friend instead. Cuddly, huggable, lovable, and funny somewhat. You won’t go wrong with this peach.

Cute plush toy | peach

Black cat mug with accompanying black cat spoon that hangs around.

Black cat mug

Dedicated to BFFs who literally talk about everything and anything. This coffee mug is practical and serves as a reminder of the unique friendship that you share.

Youre my favorite bitch best friend bff coffee mug

A simple mug that delivers your wishes to your friends.

Good vibes only mug

Measuring Cup
Practical and adorable. Perfect for friends who have taken an interest in baking or cooking. Also, if your friend has just recently moved into a new house, this gift will work for them too. For this set, you get four measuring cups of different sizes in different shades of blueish gray. There are cat faces on all of them!

Cat Measuring Cups

Salt and Pepper Shaker
Cat lovers will love this gift. This shaker set depicts a kiss shared between a white cat and a black cat. A charming scene.

Kissing cats salt and pepper shakers

Anything to share?

Do you have anything gift ideas for friends that you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.


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