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In this article, you will find 18 super cool and cute back to school supplies essential for every boy and girl. These ideas are versatile and practical — perfect for students of all ages: middle school, high school, and college.

You’ll find unique stationery, makeup, and other great items below. Check it out now.

18 Back to school supplies
18 Ideas
18 Back to School Supplies - stationery, makeup, and more!
School Essentials

1.   Billabong Hand Over Love Backpack
One of the most important school supplies for college girls is a good quality backpack. She will love this printed washed canvas backpack by Billabong. Attractive design, spacious compartment, durable material.

Billabong Hand Over Love Backpack. School supplies for college. Off to college gifts for girls.
Billabong Hand Over Love Backpack

2.   Mason Drinking Jar
A sleek glass jar that can hold smoothie, coffee, tea or any beverage of your choice. Vintage mason jar design. Looks amazing in your hand when you are on the go.

Mason Drinking Jar. School supplies for college girls. Off to college gifts
Mason Drinking Jar

3.   Vera Bradley Zip ID Case
This small cotton case is not to be missed school supplies for college. For her to carry ID, cards and money conveniently at hand. Featuring Vera Bradley‘s signature floral design. Colorful, beautiful and definitely useful.

Vera Bradley Zip ID Case. School supplies for college.
Vera Bradley Zip ID Case

4.   Oh My Gloss! Lipgloss
Girls will love this lightweight lipgloss by Rimmel. Lovely color, non-sticky formula. Gives a nice shine perfect for everyday look.

Oh My Gloss! Lipgloss (school supplies for college)
Rimmel London Oh My Gloss! Lipgloss

5.   Panda Lunch Box
Cute and functional lunch box perfect to bring to class or part-time work. Two tier compartments separated by a fitted lid to prevent a spill. Nice size, easy to clean.

Panda Lunch Box. School supplies for college.
Panda Lunch Box

6.   Mirado Woodcase Lead Pencils
Pencil, pen, marker pen, highlighter are important back to school supplies that you don’t want to miss. This set of stylish wood pencils makes a decent choice. Superior point strength, easy sharpening, hexagonal shape to prevent rolling off from inclined surface.

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Paper Mate Mirado Woodcase Lead Pencils. School supplies for college
Paper Mate Mirado Woodcase Lead Pencils

7.   Compact Mirror Power Bank
The convenient compact mirror that every modern girl needs. Combines power bank with compact mirror. Quick charging, lightweight, elegant.

Compact Mirror Power Bank. School supplies college list
Compact Mirror Power Bank

8.   Gold Heart Spiral Bound Notebook
College girls will also need school supplies like writing pad and notebooks. She will love this hardcover notebook with gold foil heart design. Looks stylish and chic.

Gold Heart Spiral Bound Notebook. School supplies college list.
Gold Heart Spiral Bound Notebook

9.   Nite Nite Tote Bag
Fun tote bag made of thick fabric. Rich colors, eye-catching design. A multi-function bag that college girls can use to carry books, laundry, groceries and more.

Eyelash Graphic Nite Nite Tote. School supplies college list.
Eyelash Graphic Nite Nite Tote

10.   Cute Socks

You can also get cute socks as going to college gifts for girls like the socks below.

Cute socks with funny wordings. school supplies college list
Cute socks with funny wordings
Cat Crew Pattern Cotton Socks
Cat Crew Pattern Cotton Socks

11.   The Blushed Nudes Eye Shadow
Help the college student to look pretty for classes, dates, and more. Eyeshadow palette containing 12 nude colors to create infinite sensuous looks. Gorgeous colors, easy to apply. A great going to college gift that girls love!

Maybelline New York The Blushed Nudes. School supplies college. Off to college.
Maybelline New York The Blushed Nudes

12.   Midori Bird Shaped Clips
Unique school supplies for college. Adorable paper clips that are fun and functional. Also available in other designs like cat, dog, whale, elephant, penguin and more.

Midori Bird Shaped Clips. School supplies for college.
Midori Bird Shaped Clips

13.   Macaron Earphones
Small gift for college students – cute macaron earphones. Features noise-cancelling soft ear gels and anti-tangle flat style wiring.

GEARONIC Macaron In Ear Earphones. School supplies college list
GEARONIC Macaron In-Ear Earphones

14. Fineliner Color Pen Set
60 fine-line color pens in 30 unique colors. Perfect for drawing and coloring. An aspiring artist (or professional artist even) will find this pen set to be an effective addition to their toolbox.

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Fineliner Color Pen Set - Back to School Essentials
Fineliner Color Pen Set

15. Little Green Sprout Bookmarks
Keep tracking of your progress through a book nature style with these adorable green-sprout bookmarks. Their cute exterior is complemented by its softness. You will find six sprouts in various greens in one bookmark set.

Little Green Sprout Bookmarks - Back to School Supplies & Essentials
Little Green Sprout Bookmarks

16. Unicorn Tape Dispenser
Pull and cut tape with the help of a unicorn who has a golden horn.

Unicorn Tape Dispenser - Back to School
Unicorn Tape Dispenser

17. Rose Gold Ballpoint Pen
A ballpoint pen doesn’t more glamorous than this. Rose gold exterior with crystal on the top side of the pen. This pen will certain draw attention.

Rose Gold Ballpoint Pen
Rose Gold Ballpoint Pen

18. Notes Organizer With Paper Clips And Pen
Essential stationery bundle. Notes, sticky notes, paper clips, and pen in one convenient box.

Notes Organizer With Paper Clips And Pen
Notes Organizer With Paper Clips And Pen

So what do you think of these back to school ideas? Did you find anything useful? Do you have anything to add? Let me know in the comment section below.


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