Astrology tells us so much about ourselves. Not just what annoys us or who we are most likely to love, but also things like what aesthetics will appeal to us or what we like to snack on. Here is a fun list of the twelve zodiac signs and what their ideal picnic outings would look like.


Aries are known for their bold and social personalities. The perfect picnic for Aries should include all of their favorite people. Pack up some sweet and decadent treats like mini-pies and berries with chocolate and cream for dipping. Pick a beautiful location that also feels wild and untamed such as a nearby meadow or prairie. It’ll be even better if there is a gazebo or seating area that has been partially reclaimed by the forest. Location for the really adventurous: abandoned buildings.


While bulls might be practical and down to earth when it comes to most aspects of their lives, they have no problem indulging themselves when it comes to food or romance. Taurus are foodies at heart so pack a rich meal with tons of varieties and flavors. Cured meats and expensive cheeses are good options. Take your Taurus somewhere quiet that has special meaning to you, not a crowded park but somewhere off the beaten path that you can enjoy your lunch and each other’s company in peace. The ideal picnic for Taurus is intimate and quiet.

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Appeal to the Gemini in your life’s dual nature by taking them on an evening glamping trip. Bring your Gemini and a few close pals to a campsite where you have already done the work of setting up comfortable seating. Make sure you have plenty of soft blankets for them to wrap up with by the fire. They will enjoy being out in nature without being uncomfortable. Make sure you bring supplies to make s’mores and hot cocoa as you watch the stars come out. Does this seem too complex for a picnic? Well that’s just the kind of perfect picnic Gemini has in mind.


Cancers are romantics at heart, and as cliché as it may seem to take a water sign on a picnic to a pond, that is what would most please these folks. Pack a light lunch of finger sandwiches and fresh fruit and take your favorite Cancer to a local lake or pond. Don’t forget to bring some food appropriate for sharing with the local birds and squirrels and spend a quiet afternoon enjoying the serenity.

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Bold Leos will require a picnic that is a bright and fun as they are. Gather up a group of your closest friends and bring your Lion to a sunny field where they can soak up the warm sunshine. Even better if this field is full of flowers. If it’s not, bring some vases to set up around your picnic area (sunflowers are always a hit with Leos) and make it more Leonid. No boring lunches of sandwiches for these sassy felines. Prepare something fun like a taco bar that can be laid out on blankets, and don’t forget a rich dessert like puddings or creme Brulee.


Practical and pragmatic, Virgo will appreciate a picnic that is both simple and appeals to their love of the earth. Get a small group of pals together, emphasis on small, and take your Virgo to a local farmers market. Wander the stalls and let them purchase lunch from the vendors, and then find a quiet area nearby to enjoy their fresh selections. This will make them doubly happy since they are both supporting small local business people and getting to be in charge of what is for lunch.

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Libras are not going to want to go camping, or on a hike, or anywhere their new shoes are going to get muddy. For a Libra picnic, think less “picnic” and more “outdoor brunch.” Find a local flower garden with space for some tables where you can set up a lavish brunch with things like quiche, macaroons, and mimosas. It would extra tickle the Libra in your life if you set a dress code for the event and had everyone dress as if going to a Victorian tea party or masquerade.


When it comes to picnics, Scorpio’s preference is “they would rather just not.” If you force them to be sociable and spend the afternoon in a sunny meadow with people, they’ll do it, but they won’t enjoy it. If you want to make them happy, pack a basket with things like apples, summer sausages, and maybe some cider to drink, and then take them to a local cemetery or creepy abandoned house and drop them off by themselves. Come back in a few hours or once it is dark. Scorpio can be intense.

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Quirky and earth-conscious, Sagittarians are always up for an outdoor adventure. Get a group of active friends together, and don’t forget to bring their dogs. Sagittarius loves pets. Pack some salad and healthy treats like hummus in your backpack and meet up at a local hiking trail for an afternoon hike through the wilderness. Once you’ve reached the end of the trail, you can relax and enjoy the scenery and the healthy lunch you brought along.


What do Capricorns love most? Tradition. The Capricorn in your life wants their picnic to look like one from a movie set in the 1950s. Bring a red-checkered picnic blanket and a wicker basket that’s full of fruit and sandwiches with something like chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Head on down to a local park and enjoy the sunshine and people watching. Capricorn’s ideal picnic will involve more than just food, there should be fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Bring a kite to fly or a fishing pole for some after-lunch fun.


Taking your favorite Aquarian on a picnic anywhere will please them since they love being away from the hustle and bustle of towns. But to make it extra special, pick a funky destination. Maybe an outdoor art show or wildlife preserve where they can watch the animals as they enjoy their lunch. Bring foods that are light and easy to eat as you explore, like parfaits or muffins. The Waterbearers are free spirits, so even if you don’t bring friends with you, they’ll probably make a new friend or two before the day is finished.


Dreamy and sensitive, Pisces enjoy things that call to their water-sign nature. Bring the Pisces in your life somewhere that combines their love of water and the natural world. A botanical garden that has lots of ponds and fountains would be perfect. It may seem contradictory to say that sushi is the perfect food for the sign of double fish, but Pisceans will love a picnic featuring sushi. Light and healthy but still packed with flavor, it checks all the boxes for Pisces and is easy to bring with and eat with your fingers.

Wrapping Up (for Picnic?)

In this article, we’ve discussed twelve zodiac signs and what is likely to be their ideal picnics. If you are tired of the typical picnic ideas and are looking for some inspiration as to how to make an upcoming picnic special, use the ideas from this article as a reference! It might just turn out to be one of the most memorable picnics in your life.

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