These office supplies are just what you need in your girly office setup. Don’t miss this 3-min listicle that is packed with office supplies so cute that they’ll boost your productivity, like instantly. We’re 101% serious. Read now.

1. Planner by Webster’s Pages

Plan your day, month, and year with this beautiful personal planner. Its vintage floral design features pink roses against a rich navy-blue background.

girly floral vintage planner office supplies x productivity tool
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2. Letter Tray

Feel glam at your workspace with this gold letter tray. The Nouveau-riche tray’s two-tiered design should provide plenty of space for your documents. But if you have a little bit of document-overflowing problem you can always expand the tray. It is a stackable system. If you need a four-tiered tray (or three) you can buy another bundle and stack them up.

girly-girl-office-supplies gold stackable letter document tray
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3. Gold Paperclips in Marble Holder

There’s a reason why the combination of marble and gold is so popular. They look so gorgeous together — they’re like cookies and milk. The designer of this item has done a terrific job at balancing the two elements, the end result is this minimalist and elegant product.

gold paperclips x marble container girly-girl-office-supplies
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4. Rose Gold Stapler

Gold color looks glamorous, there’s no question about that. But rose gold is like gold + pink. It gives off a glam and somewhat girlish vibe that really resonates with a lot of girls. The stapler is really unique. Its transparent exterior allows you to peak into its rose gold core, which is quite fascinating. Another great thing about this specific rose gold stapler is that it comes with staples that are also in rose gold. A similar rose gold stapler was also featured in one of our school supplies articles.

girly-girl-office-supplies clear acrylic rose gold stapler
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5. Inspirational Poster

Unlike machines, human beings thirst for an intangible source of energy called inspiration. Thirst is probably a strong word, but feeling inspired does make your day a little bit brighter and hopefully more productive. This beautiful poster below is the inspiring office decor that you need. It is a digital file (instant download) that you can print out and frame up immediately. Yes, it does cost some money but I think it’s well worth it. Alternatively, check out these free printables from Vivid’s.


this is my happy place - inspirational poster printable
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6. Desktop Organizer

A must-have shabby chic desktop organizer. Provide a home to your reference books.


shabby chic desktop organizer girly-girl-office-supplies
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7. Planter

Whimsical planter for succulents and other small office plants. You can also use it to store little things like paperclips and erasers. This specific planter we’re showing below features an abstract dog design which is uber cute. For non-dog-lovers, there are other designs available for you to choose from.

whimsical planter x general container girly-girl-office-supplies
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8. Tabletop Drawers

Document trays are a cheap and effective way of keeping your documents in one place, but if you have other things to store besides papers, mini drawers are the best choice. Note that the two aren’t mutually exclusive, so you can always get both of them for your office. This drawered mint green organizer is the perfect home for your stationery. It offers protection against dust and mess — because whatever mess you’re creating will be inside the drawers where you can’t see!

mint green desktop drawers girly-girl-office-supplies
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And that’s all the office supplies we have collected for your entertainment for now. Come back later for more cute stuff like these, because we do have plans to expand this article very soon.

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