Discover fun Halloween activities for a teenage couple. Go out for a unique date you will only be able to experience once every year on this special day. Or stay in for a cozy and intimate time – – find creative at-home things to do on Halloween below.

These are mostly cheap date ideas that are budget friendly. Many teenagers will find these activities fall within their budget. The truth is, teenagers or adults, you don’t need a ton of money to have a fun date with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Let’s get started.

Teen Halloween Date Ideas

  1. Attend a costume party in matching outfits
  2. Hang out at a cafe. Don’t forget to accessorize for the occasion, maybe a pumpkin necklace or a skull hairband?
  3. Visit the local library – read about the history of Halloween.
  4. Get impressed by giant pumpkins at the pumpkin championship in Half Moon Bay, CA.
  5. Make your very own Jack O’Lantern
  6. Paint a pumpkin. Make it scary or cute, you’re the master of your pumpkin.
  7. DIY a pair of matching couple bracelets. In the spirit of Halloween, make them skull bracelets.
  8. Surprise your boyfriend with a just-because gift
  9. Trickster watching on the lawn. Prepare some sandwiches, roll out a picnic blanket for a fun time.
  10. Paint his nails Halloween style. Or you can get him to do your nails, but it will probably be bad!
  11. Read books together.
  12. Play Stardew Valley
  13. Visit a haunted house. Get spooked!
  14. Go trick or treating to your friends’ houses.
  15. Binge watch Netflix at home
  16. Take a stroll in the neighborhood. Check out the neighbor’s Halloween decorations and watch the little tricksters do their rounds of trick or treating.
  17. Just hang out and listen to your favorite songs.
  18. Try out a simple Halloween fruit punch recipe
  19. Bake some Halloween cookies or cakes – don’t worry if you fail, it’s all about the experience
  20. Let your boyfriend takes pictures of you in a cute Halloween costume for your Instagram.
teen couple date ideas halloween
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What do you think of these Halloween things to do? Did you find anything that you’re going to try out? Be sure to check out our other fun date ideas here.

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