A Halloween date night would not be complete without matching couple costumes. So get ready to dress you and your SO up for the perfect adventure on the spookiest day of the year.

Not sure what to wear? No problem, in this Metropolitan Girls post, you will find more than twenty Halloween couple costume ideas that are absolutely cute. It’s a diverse list, from simple costume ideas to complete thematic costumes — there’s something for everyone. So get your favorite Halloween cocktail and let’s go shopping!

Have a SO who is unwilling to cooperate? Dress yourself up in the cutest Halloween costume for girls and make him jealous of all the fun that you’re having.

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20+ Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

Nintendo Halloween Costumes for Couples

Dress up as some of Nintendo’s most popular characters this Halloween.

Mario and Princess Peach

Become the princess who always gets kidnapped by a spiked turtle and an Italian plumber who always saves the princess from the said turtle. Rumor says that they’re doing this for publicity. Be part of this controversy.

Yoshi-riding Mario

Princess Peach

Mario Yoshi and Princess Peach costumes - Halloween Costumes for Couples

Guy Mario and Lady Luigi

Mario’s plumber brother is really a sister!

Super Mario costume, mustache included

Lady Luigi

Mario and Luigi - Halloween Costumes for Couples


Lady Mario and Guy Luigi

For this combination, Luigi is a man and wears his standard costume. On the other hand, Mario is a girl and her costume now consists of a cute pleated overall dress.

Lady Mario


Mario and Luigi II - Halloween Costumes for Couples

Legend of Zelda Costumes: Link and Princess Zelda

Become the hero and heroine of Hyrule this Halloween. Dress up as the green-capped Link and Princess Zelda with her fighting gear. I think these costumes are inspired by the classic Super Nintendo (aka SNES) game Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past.

Princess Zelda

Classic Link

Legend of Zelda - Link & Princess Zelda costumes - Halloween Costumes for Couples


DC Superheroes Halloween Costumes for Couples

Dress up as your favorite superheroes from the DC universe this Halloween. I wanted to do Marvel superhero costumes for couples too but good-looking ones are harder to find.

Superman and Wonder Woman

Man of steel from Planet Krypton and Goddess of Love and War of the Amazonian people. Dress up as two of the founding members of the Justice League. Superman and Wonder Woman aren’t exactly in a romantic relationship, but they did have a few romantic moments.

Superman costume

Wonder Woman costume

Superman and Wonder Woman - - Halloween Costumes for Couples


Batman and Catwoman

Being stuck in never-ending crime fighting and world saving, Batman and Catwoman have a pretty complicated romantic history. Despite all the conflicts, they’re a really hot couple though. Both of them are big fans of black and tight attire.



Batman and Cat Woman Halloween costume - Halloween Costumes for Couples


Classic Batman and Robin

Go classic with these Batman and Robin costumes.

Classic Batman

Miss Robin

Batman and Robin - - Halloween Costumes for Couples


Scary Halloween Costumes for Couples

Be a scary couple for the Halloween costume party. Bring some spookiness into your relationship but dressing up in one of these scary Halloween costumes.

Vampire Couple

Think classic castle-dwelling blood suckers. Medieval outfits with a color scheme that is dominated by black and red colors. Vampire fangs are not included in these costume sets, so remember to get your own for added effects.  Also, don’t miss out this awesome Halloween makeup tutorial video.



Vampire and Vampiress couple costume - Halloween Costumes for Couples


Zombie Couple

Zombies have been a movie-industry darling for the past decades. From Hollywood to Asia, Zombie movies are well received all over the world. And they’re popular for a good reason. Zombies are scary but they are not impossible to outrun, which means there’s always hope for survival, keeping your adrenaline pumping all the time.

If you decide to go with zombie costumes, add some fake blood to make yourself even scarier. You can either buy them from Amazon or make it yourself by following this fake blood recipe.

Guy Zombie with fake bone

School Girl Zombie

Zombie couple costume - Halloween Costumes for Couples

Grim Reaper Couple

Dress up as Death himself this Halloween.  Note that the scythe is sold separately.

Grim Reaper – Guy

Grim Reaper – Girl

Grim reaper couple costumes - Halloween Costumes for Couples


Sexy Halloween Costumes for Couples

Now it’s time for some sexy costumes. Don’t worry, there’s nothing too skimpy in here, just a dash of sexiness for a night full of thrill and excitement. Are you looking for something more? Leave a comment below and we may just compile a list of extra-sexy Halloween costume ideas just for you.

Police Officers

A timeless classic. Have you been a bad girl lately? Be careful, because the policeman and police woman are looking for you.Sleeveless policeman costume with an armband that spells police. The police woman costume features

Sleeveless policeman costume with an armband that spells police. The police woman costume features a tight black shorts shows off your assets.


Police Woman – with handcuffs

Sexy police couple costumes - Halloween Costumes for Couples


Doctor and Nurse

Are you not feeling well during the party? Don’t worry, Dr. Sexay and his nurse Ms. Hot are here to make you feel better again.

Doctor costume

Nurse costume

Doctor and nurse - Halloween Costumes for Couples


Star Wars: Princess Leia and Han Solo Couple Costumes

The hottest couple in Star Wars. Dress up as Han Solo and Princess Leia when she was imprisoned by Jabba. Underwear is optional because apparently, no one wears underwear in space.

Princess Leia – Jabba’s prisoner

Han Solo

Star Wars - Han Solo and Princess Leia couple costume - Halloween Costumes for Couples


Sexy Pirates

Sail the seven seas in search of treasure and fame. For the male pirate costume, think Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow (Captain, Jack Sparrow) from the Pirates of the Carribeans. The female pirate costume features a mini skirt and a black plunging-neckline leather top.

Female Pirate

Pirate Captain

Pirates costumes for couples - Halloween Costumes for Couples


Humorous Halloween Costumes for Couples

Halloween is a great time to have fun. Below are some ideas for you if you think pirate and zombie costumes are too cliche.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

This Halloween, become America’s staple food PB&J. One of you will become a piece of bread with peanut butter, the other with jelly. PB and J fit together so perfectly just like the two of you. By the way, I found this trivia when I was researching for this article. A 2002 survey indicates that an average American will have eaten 1,500 PB&J sandwiches before he graduates from high school.

Peanut Butter and Jelly costume

Plug and Socket

Have you ever seen a plug and socket that don’t fit together when you’re NOT abroad? Yeah, me neither. They fit together really well most of the time, just like you and your SO.

Bacon and Egg

The unbeatable partners on a breakfast plate.


Milk and Cookie

The best combination ever!


Simple Halloween Costumes for Couples

Elaborate Halloween couple costumes are not for everybody. If you have a budget to keep but still want to have some fun, consider the following ideas.

Wolf Couple Hoodies

Dress up as a pair of wolves with the help of these couple hoodies.

Wolf Couple Hoodies

Mysterious Couple Masks

These masks are great Halloween party accessories. Dress up in your favorite party dress, put on the mask and you’re ready to party.

Mysterious Couple Masks



V for Vendetta

Inspired by the movie V for Vandetta. These masks light up in the dark in beautiful neon colors. These masks are battery-operated.

V for Vendetta mask

V for Vandetta couple masks - Simple - Halloween Costumes for Couples

The Angels

Become an angel couple with these angel wings. DIY a halo ring for added effects.

Angel wings

Do you have any couple’s Halloween costume ideas to share?

Let us know in the comment section below.