Winter is perfect for dating, here are some date ideas to help you brainstorm what to do on a winter day. Discover thirty Winter date ideas teen couples will find enjoyable.

Winter Date Ideas for Teen Couples

Winter Date Ideas for Teen Couples

The colorful leaves migrate to the ground as the Fall fades away. Soon, Winter will take over with its harshness and coldness. Some people feel gloomy during Winter. It’s understandable since everything is covered in a hue of grayish blue and inches of snow, depending on where you live. And that is why it’s especially important to proactively plan for a fun date during Winter — as a way to fend off the gloominess.

Below are 30 romantic winter-season date ideas that will help provide some inspiration. These ideas are written for teenage couples in mind. They are mostly budget-friendly and are suitable for adults too.

  1. Plan New Year’s resolution together
  2. Make a snow angel
  3. Snow tubing
  4. Cut each other’s hair (or just do each other’s hair for the risk-averse couples)
  5. Get artistically inspired at the local art museum/gallery
  6. Decorate each other’s room
  7. Feel festive by going to the mall — check out the decorations, listen to the Christmas songs
  8. Share ice cream in the snowy park
  9. Play video games
  10. Snow fight!
  11. Make a snowman
  12. Binge watch YouTube
  13. Start a couple’s blog together
  14. Get awed by fireworks on New Year’s Eve
  15. Exchange Christmas presents
  16. Listen to your favorite music — dance to it
  17. Make hot chocolate, hang out, and talk.
  18. Share childhood photos
  19. Try to bake something — cookies, cakes, pies
  20. Have a reading date
  21. Let your boyfriend do your makeup; help him to do his makeup in return.
  22. Watch a movie
  23. Skate on ice
  24. Watch a play
  25. Join the Christmas choir
  26. Play board games
  27. Countdown to the New Year
  28. Hold a karaoke session in your room
  29. Enjoy a cup of good coffee at the local café
  30. Find a new photo editing app. Add funny stickers on your SO’s photo.

Personally, I love Winter. Sure it gets gloomy sometimes, but it also feels especially serene. Either way, it’s a great time to date! Truth be told, it’s always a romantic date no matter what you do, as long as you’re doing it with your beloved partner.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this article. And please, if you have other date ideas, please share with us in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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