Fall is one of the most romantic seasons of the year.

As Summer waves goodbye, Fall is slowly fading in. Tree leaves begin to change their colors (but not the evergreens!). Soon you will be surrounded by shades of yellow, orange, and red everywhere. Share a kiss under the trees of a hundred colors to feel like you’re in a romance movie.

The days are getting colder but outdoor activities are still very enjoyable with proper Fall outfits. So go out with your partner to harvest some Fall specialties.

You get the idea. Summer was fun, I’m sure. But it was only a warmup for the fun and romantic dates that you will have in Fall. Below you find 29 unique date ideas that will help provide some inspiration on what to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend in Fall.

Written for teen couples in mind, these ideas mostly require little to no budget. The ideas are suitable for adults too.

Fall Date Ideas for Teen Couples

Fall Date Ideas for Teen Couples

  1. Pick apples – or cloudberries if you’re in Wisconsin or Northen Minnesota
  2. Dress up in matching Halloween costumes – couple costumes are fun!
  3. Go trick-or-treating
  4. Help tidy up each other’s room
  5. Get spooked at a haunted house
  6. Cook dinner together
  7. Explore a corn maze
  8. Bake some cookies
  9. Carve pumpkins
  10. Watch a movie
  11. See a play
  12. Dance!
  13. Window shopping at the mall
  14. Feel inspired by visiting the local art museum/museum/gallery
  15. Make a leaf angel
  16. Attend a Halloween party
  17. Go tree watching at the park
  18. Make sandwiches together
  19. Picnic among colorful Fall trees
  20. Hunt for acorns — see who finds the most
  21. Paint acorns that you have collected
  22. Feel connected to the community by visiting the local museum
  23. Explore a farmer’s market
  24. Hang out at the beach
  25. Cafe hopping!
  26. Go people watching during Halloween — find a good spot where you can sit and relax, maybe pack a sandwich (date idea 18)
  27. Attend a trial yoga class (that should be free!)
  28. Watch a horror movie at home
  29. Paint each other — it doesn’t matter if your painting skill is bad, you’re just having fun!

Personally, as an introvert, my favorite date is to spend some quality time at home with my partner, but I hope you found some inspiration from this post!

If you have any Fall date idea that is suitable for a teen couple, feel free to comment below.