Do you feel like your date is hiding something? No, I don’t mean he’s cheating on you but sometimes you get this feeling that his behavior is different from other people. Well, perhaps he is hiding something–his true identity as a fellow feline. That’s right. Maybe your guy (or gal) is secretly a cat or a Neko, el gato, le chat... you get the idea. But he’s either too scared to tell you the truth or he hasn’t realized his true identity himself.

So what can you do to learn more about him? How can you ascertain his identity? One way to do that is by going through the list we’ve compiled below after pouring in literally hours of research. Go through these signs and determine for yourself if your date is actually, secretly a cat.
10 Signs Your Date is Secretly a Cat

10 Signs You’re Dating a Cat Disguised as a Person

  1. He loves his naps.
  2. Your date is sleepy most of the time.
  3. You get messages from him at weird hours.
  4. He seems unfriendly until you really get to know him.
  5. He loves food.
  6. Your guy is an introvert.
  7. He cares deeply about his personal hygiene.
  8. Your date possess superior hearing and listening skill.
  9. He’s hairy.
  10. He’s a cat owner.

1. He loves his naps.

There are three kinds of people in this world. The nappers, the non-nappers, and the in-betweens. Your date sits firmly in the nappers camp. He is not his true self when he doesn’t get his naps. His favorite pastime is taking naps. As a student, he always seems to find time to nap between classes. As a working adult, he’ll subtly mention to you the greatness of a quick power nap after lunch. To him, weekends are incomplete without some happy nappy time. Rest assured, he’ll invite you to join his napping session when you’re both available.

signs of cat stuck in human body

2. Your date seems sleepy most of the time.

He will try his best at getting naptime but in human society, he’ll never get the amount of sleep that completely satisfies his inner feline needs. As a consequence, you will often find him in a sleepy state, sometimes with bags under his eyes. That doesn’t mean he can’t be active though. From time to time, you’ll find him brimming with energy. After all, cats can go from sleepy to alert in under a second when there are the right stimuli. The same goes for your date.

signs you're dating a cat

3. You’re getting messages from him at weird hours.

Sometimes when you wake up in the morning, you find that he has forwarded some cute cat videos to you way past sleep O’clock–like wayy past. In another scenario, when you’re having problems sleeping because of the frap you had late in the evening and you decide to send a cute emoji to him at 3 a.m., you’re getting the double blue ticks followed by a “suppp babe” from him. In short, he has the weirdest sleep cycle. Why is that? Well, there can only be one explanation–he’s a cat. In the wild, cats wake up at night to hunt because that’s when their preys are the most active. And that sleeping pattern is carried over to your partner’s human self.

4. He seems unfriendly until you really get to know him.

Your date seems a little rough around the edges especially with new people he’s just met. You know he’s a caring and thoughtful person (cat) inside, but he always seems cold and unfriendly on the outside. But once you get to know him, as you do, you will find out that he’s affectionate and has a warm personality. And that’s not that different from a feline.

how to know if someone is a cat

5. He loves food.

He’s a foodie. Even if he’s a fitness enthusiast, there will be food or snacks that are his weaknesses–food that he just cannot resist. And he’ll be glad to sacrifice his BMI a little just to be able to indulge himself.

6. Your guy is an introvert.

He’ll dress up and attend parties, weddings, and other social events with you, but he always seems exhausted after interacting with a large group of people–especially if they’re strangers to him. He treasures quiet and intimate moments that involve only a small group of people. And to be honest, he’d prefer if that small group consists of only the two of you. He is likely someone who likes to stay home. And his home and family play a central role in his life. When you are going out on a date, he always seems to find unique dating spots that aren’t crawling with people–maybe his feline instinct is playing a role in this unique talent.

is your partner secretly a cat

7. Your SO cares deeply about his personal hygiene.

He isn’t afraid of getting sweaty and dirty but you will always find himself taking a shower to cleanse himself afterward. This tendency stems from a cat’s uncompromising personal hygiene habits–cats are famous for being self-cleaning. While cats are usually afraid of water, your date is capable of and love the idea of taking a long, relaxing bath thanks to his human body.

8. Your date possess superior hearing and listening skill.

He seems to hear noises you don’t and sometimes that’s a little unnerving. He is also likely to enjoy music. He might also demonstrate excellent listening skill. That means he will really pay attention to things you say.

9. Your partner is hairy.

In the case of a strong inner cat, a human body may fail to contain all the felinity. While your guy wouldn’t be growing a tail or cat ears (sorry to disappoint those with a “furry” kink), the feline energy may manifest in ways such as strong, hard nails, and body hair. So if he’s hairy and has strong nails, he’s either Wolverine or a cat trapped in human body.

cat sign

10. Your date is a cat owner.

One big giveaway is that he’s a cat parent. If you were a cat, would you have preferred a rabbit or a dog as your companion? Most likely not. So if he keeps a cat as a pet, it’s possible that his inner feline self is yearning for companionship of his own kind. Not that it’s a bad thing though, after all, you get to play with his kitty without having to shoulder any of the responsibilities of owning a pet.

And these are the signs–behaviors, preferences, and characteristics–that a cat-person may demonstrate. By referring to the list above, you’ll know that someone you’re dating is indeed a cat if he possesses most of these signs. Don’t be alarmed if he proves to be feline. He’s still perfectly dateable, perhaps even more so than a regular human.