Ask any psychologist if you’re a cat and you’ll be told no (implicitly, and after dozens of sessions which result in a hefty bill). But even then, how can you be really sure that’s true? After all, a psychologist is just a human or, heaven forbid, perhaps a puppy in disguise of a human being to rob you of your feline identity. With so much at stake, there’s only one way to ascertain your true self–by referring to a random article such as the one you’re reading. Below is a list of signs–behaviors, characteristics, and preferences–that a cat stuck in a human body may possess. Go through the list and see if you match the descriptions.

21 Signs You're A Cat Stuck in a Human Body

  1. You love your naps. On average, a cat sleeps for 15 hours a day, taking multiple naps of various lengths throughout the day (and night). As predators in the wild, they sleep to replenish and reserve their energy for the next hunt. While you may not have to hunt for food, the napping habit likely stuck.
  2. You’re a sleepy cat most of the time. Being trapped in human form implies human obligations and routines. For example, work, commute, socialization, and grocery shopping. Unless you’re a home-based writer such as yours truly and hugely unproductive, it’s unlikely that you can sleep as much as a cat. And the missing naps are the reason why you are sleepy most of the time.
  3. Sometimes you’re awake at weird hours. The ancestor of house cats, North African wildcats, are nocturnal. In the wilderness, these little hunting machines find it more productive to hunt at night when their preys aren’t hiding. Without the risk of going hungry and hence the need for hunting, house cats don’t need to stay awake at night. And they most certainly don’t have to turn your living room into a race track at 4 a.m. However, as a biologist would tell you, animal instincts are hard to shake off. If you tend to be insomniac or wake up for no particular reason in the middle of the night, that could just be your nocturnal cat instincts waking you up for a hunting trip.
  4. You love food. Cat or not, we all have to eat for sustenance. Even plants have to “eat”, albeit doing it differently than animals. But if there is a certain food that you just cannot resist, especially if that food is some kind of snacks or treats, that may just indicate that you’re a cat in human’s clothing. Those who have experiences with cats will tell you that the best way to get a cat to approach you and trust you is by giving them delicious treats, because most cats can’t overcome the temptation of food.
  5. You’re particular about food and drinks. You chow down food you love but avoid food you dislike. You hate it when your drink has gone stale. For instance, you don’t drink water that’s been sitting on the table for an entire day and you find lukewarm coffee disgusting.
  6. You like to stay home. I love mi casa. It has everything I need. Food, warmth, entertainment. It makes you wonder if the writer of this article is secretly a cat herself. Like me, you also enjoy the idea of staying home. Justifiably so–there’s so much you can do at home: watch Netflix, cook, bake, dance, read, listen to music, and even dating. Why do some people work so hard to be able to afford their house only to go out whenever they’re free? Just one of those human peculiarities that a cat would never fully understand.

signs you might be a cat

  1. Personal hygiene is important to you. One of the reasons why some people prefer cats as pets is that cats require relatively low maintenance. After all, cats are self-cleaning and it saves you a lot of work by not having to bathe them every week. Like cats, you like to keep yourself clean. You shower twice daily. You brush your teeth and even though you skip flossing sometimes, you try your best to floss at least once a day before you go to bed.
  2. You act aloof but you’re caring. Like cats, you’re cold on the outside and warm on the inside. Sometimes, you may give the wrong impression that you’re unfriendly or difficult in interpersonal relationships, but people who really get to know you understand that you’re anything but. Having said that…
  3. Sometimes you seriously don’t care. The truth is it’s tiring and pointless to care about every single thing in life. Cats understand that idea. That is why they nap a lot and when they’re awake, they only focus on what really matters to them. Well, so are you.
  4. You can be active but you’d always need a good meal and some rest afterward. You love your naps and you think staying home is the best thing ever. But you also find being active like doing exercises or going out to see nature fun. Being in nature away from the hustle and bustle recharges your introvert energy tank. When you’re out jogging, you prefer a less-traveled path–one that doesn’t involve like fifty other companion joggers and dozens of bikes zipping by, missing you by mere inches. And when you’re done, you’d always find a hearty meal rewarding.
  5. You prefer routine and consistency. Cats are creatures of fixed routines. They tend to repeat the things they do every day at about the same time. My cat used to do little patrolling around the living room at night when he was younger. He no longer does it nowadays but when he did he would do that every night without fail. If your cat mind is trapped in a human body, you will find it displeasing when your routine is disrupted. That doesn’t mean you can’t change your routines and create new habits. It simply means that once you’ve made up your mind, you prefer not to change it without a good reason.
  6. But you’re curious about new things too. People say curiosity kills a cat. While I’d hate to see any cat gets hurt, this hyperbole about a cat’s curiosity is true–cats are very nosy creatures. They’re attracted to all things new. Of course, they have valid reasons for inspecting new things. After all, these independent creatures have to determine for themselves what’s in front of them: is it friend or foe or a new place to sit and nap in? If you have a curious mind or an inquisitive one, that is definitely a sign that you’re a cat.
  7. You avoid crowds. Thanks to your human shell, you can survive situations such as parties, weddings, and concerts. But you prefer to stay away from crowded places like these because they drain your energy–making you feel exhausted and stressed out afterward. And that you will need to recharge afterward by getting yourself some quality alone time and perhaps a relaxing nap. That sounds like something my cat would do after a stressful situation.

signs and evidence you're secretly a cat

  1. You love affections but you’re selective. You enjoy being loved and pampered but you have strong preferences. Sometimes that may mean that you’re staying single when all of your friends are in relationships.
  2. You are intrigued by products with cat design. You secretly want to own and wear cat ear accessory, hoodies with cat ears, and baseball caps with cat ears. The plot thickens if you already own or have owned one of these items in the past. It’s an indication that your inner cat self might be having some kind of cognitive dissonance and you’re subconsciously looking for ways to look feline again.
  3. You’re a cat lover. Animals are naturally drawn to their own species. That is why birds of the same feather flock together, wolves hunt in pack, and cats prefer the companionship of other cats. Bonus point if you’re a cat owner and you love hanging out with your kitties.
  4. You watch cat videos on YouTube. Human YouTube users watch videos like the latest music videos, makeup tutorials, gaming channels, Yoga channels, etc. If you find yourself watching cat videos like this video of cats dinging bell for food, that might just mean you’re finding it fascinating to see your own kind’s shenanigans or their reactions to things.
  5. Your Instagram is filled with photos tagged with #catosinstagram. See my previous point.

  1. Your human body can’t contain your cat nature. For trapped cats with strong feline instincts, the frail human body may fail to contain all of their felinity. And it can show in various ways. For example, do you find your nails growing at a faster rate than other people? Are your nails sharper and harder than regular humans? Do you have hair on your body? Maybe a lot of hair?
  2. You have tried doing cat stuff. Your inner felinity may manifest in ways other than your appearance. Have you found yourself mimicking a cat before for fun? You know, purr-ing, kneading, curling up, roll over on your back, twitching your nose, etc. You may think that you were doing it for fun but that could very well be your true self.
  3. You prefer to be a cat. Lastly, you find certain aspects of humanity absurd and you can never fully comprehend human society. Everything is overcomplicated for no good reason. Being in the rat race sickens you. On the other hand, a cat’s way of life seems so peaceful, calm, and mindful–as if they have achieved the Buddhist concept of Enlightenment. Also, cats always seem to find a way to take the most comfortable naps no matter where they are–a box, on the shelf, under the sofa–and that sounds like a great perk to become a cat.

And those were some of the signs that reveal who you truly are underneath. Did you find anything familiar from the list above? Are you a cat?