Cats are the second most popular pet in the US (no prize for guessing which animal is the most popular). Given how popular cats are, there’s a real chance that your next date is a cat owner. Here are some things to know about cats and their humans before you go on the first date with them.

30 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Cat Owner

  1. Their Instagram is full of cat photos. Photos and videos tagged with #cats and #catsofinstagram fill their Instagram feed. Chances are they regularly contribute to these hashtags by uploading their own cat photos. In rare cases where their Instagram profile is not brimming with cats, you can bet that their cats will make cameo appearances in their uploads.
  2. They watch cat videos on YouTube. You shouldn’t judge your date’s loyalty based on this behavior, but they do watch other cats on YouTube–often together with their own cats. A cat owner’s YouTube app is packed with cat video recommendations: videos about cats, videos that have cats in it, and even videos for cats. Cat videos are entertaining and can boost your energy according to one study.
  3. Being good around cats makes you much more dateable. It’s so much easier for cat owners to date someone who shares their interest in cats. Say you’re a cat owner yourself or you’re good at playing with and petting their cats, you’re basically a marriage candidate. If you fall on the other end of the spectrum, i.e. you absolutely despise cats, a cat owner might still date you but don’t expect the relationship to be serious.
  4. Cat owners are patient and attentive. One of the reasons for pet abandonment is the lack of patience. A cat, especially in its adolescence, will test your patience consistently. This means that long-time cat owners carry the seal of approval in the category of being patient, tolerant, and attentive.
  5. Get yourself a lint roller and a ton of refills ready. Cat hair can get everywhere. So get a lint roller on standby because you’re going to need it. If you’re in a long-term relationship with a cat owner and you’re staying over more and more, you will run out of refill faster than you can order them from Amazon. Not to mention the amount of trash it create. A better option is to get yourself a reusable lint remover such as the ChomChom pet hair roller or the traditional nylon lint brush. These reusable tools are surprisingly effective at removing pet hair and also they don’t create tons of trash. Hint: these items are excellent just-because gifts for pet owners.

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  1. Dogs and cats can live in harmony. In popular culture, dogs and cats are often portrayed as sworn enemies. In reality, however, cats and dogs can get along just fine, they will need plenty of time to warm up to each other but eventually they’ll get used to each other and live in harmony. Also it helps if your dog is a people-pleaser breed like the golden retriever or Labrador retriever.
  2. Staying over at your place is impossible without planning. In the early days of dating, a cat owner may seem unspontaneous. To some, they may even appear suspicious, as if they’re hiding something. They can never stay over even if the night is going really well. Well, in the case of a cat owner, they need to return home to take care of their furkids: filling their bowls with food, changing their water (cats dislike stale water), and giving the kitties the attention and playtime they need.
  3. They may want you to stay over at their place instead. Cats are independent but beneath their uncaring exterior, they yearn for attention and affection. Like dogs and children, cats can get lonely too. This is why some cat owners may prefer that you come over to their place instead. This way they can spend quality time with both of you.
  4. Their cats might stare when you get intimate. Getting the feeling that you’re being watched when you and your date get intimate? Don’t worry, that’s just the cat observing you from its favorite spot. Some cats may even decide it’s the best time to stiff your feet and rub its face against you. Of course, every cat is unique in its own way but these are some of the things that have happened to other cat owners.
  5. Cat lovers are more likely to be introverts. Studies show that cat lovers are more likely to have introverted personalities. So your date will appreciate you for giving them the me-time they need to recharge. They’ll also prefer dating in low-key settings. Avoid places that are loud and crowded. You know who else are introverts? These zodiac signs.
  6. They will want you to meet their cats. One reason your date may seem eager to invite you over to their place is that they want you to meet their precious kitty. This is a milestone in the relationship. Don’t worry if you aren’t invited yet. Maybe their kitty is very private or it’s still too early to meet the family.

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  1. You will get scratches and love bites from these feline creatures. Like children and dogs, cats need to be taught the proper way to behave. Their owners are also responsible for keeping their nails neatly trimmed. However, even the best-behaved cat will bite and give you scratches. But don’t go punishing them, for they don’t have any malicious intentions. You simply have to give them a stern no and remove yourself from the interaction to let them know what they’re doing is wrong.
  2. Unlike dogs, cats hate belly rubs. If you’re consistently getting kicks and bites from a well-behaved cat, you might be rubbing them the wrong way–literally. One common misunderstanding for someone who comes from a dog background is the belly rub. Most cats detest belly rubs and you should only do that if you’re ready to get bitten by the beast. When a cat trusts you, it will roll on its back exposing her belly to you but that is for eyes only–no touching! If you took it as an invitation to rub its belly you will soon discover that you’ve made a grave mistake.
  3. The way to a cat’s heart is through its tummy. Get your date’s cat (or any cat) to like you with this simple trick–food. Not just any food. The cat’s favorite treats. Any cat will be cautious when you’re new to them, but it can never say no to delicious treats. It will try to fight that gluttonous urge but they always give in when tempted by food. So if you want to get buddy-buddy with the cat quickly, remember to bring some cat treats.
  4. You will be jealous of their cat but you really shouldn’t. There will be times when your date seems to care more about their cat than you.
  5. Do not date a cat lover if you’re allergic to cats. Do not knowingly date a cat owner if your body reacts negatively to a cat. You’re just putting yourself and the cat owner in a dilemma that is avoidable otherwise.
  6. Never make them choose between you and their cats. Cat abandonment is a horrible thing to do. As a human, you can move on and find another person to date and fall in love with. But abandoned cats don’t move on as easily as you do. Many cats suffer miserable faith after they are abandoned. Adult cats are less likely to get adopted and they will stay in the shelter forever if they’re lucky to live in a no-kill shelter. However, in a regular animal shelter, cats that are not adopted are euthanized (that’s a fancy word for put to death).
  7. You’re off to a great start if you’re a cat owner yourself. All cat owners secretly prefer to date one of their own. Sure, dogs and cats get along just fine but you’re so much more dateable when you’re also a cat parent yourself. And it will be so cute to have a double date with your cats.
  8. Cats are “Cold on the outside, warm on the inside.” Never judge a book by its cover and never judge a cat by how it looks. Cats typically look cool and aloof but their appearance doesn’t reflect their feelings inside. You really need to get to know them and pay attention to the little things they do to find out what they’re thinking.
  9. Cats are typically gentle and timid creatures. They become extremely cautious in the presence of something new. For example, if you’re seeing the kitty for the first time, they aren’t being unfriendly by avoiding you or, in some rare cases, hissing. They are just having some social anxiety that takes time to overcome.

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  1. Cat owners are proud to be “crazy cat ladies” and “crazy cat daddies”. Some may find these labels repulsive but many cat owners wear them with pride. What’s wrong with owning a dozen cats and giving them the love they deserve anyway.
  2. Mistreating their cats is the best way to ruin the relationship. Cat abuse is a big no and will get you the boot you so very deserve. Remember, “treats, not mistreat.”
  3. They love being sent cat memes. Want to text your date but not sure what to talk about? How about nothing at all? Just send them the latest cat meme you find on Reddit. It doesn’t matter if they have already seen it because they will never get bored of cat memes.
  4. They will send photos of their cats. The cat may start off in the background by making cameo appearances in the selfies your date sends you. Before you know it they’re sending you photos of their cat and its various shenanigans.
  5. Cat people are more likely to be tired. According to this Facebook study, cat owners are more likely to say that they’re tired. Admittedly, looking at the comfortable sleeping positions of your cat does make you feel sleepy and it’s been scientifically proven that your body releases the oxytocin hormone (the happy hormone that relaxes) when you hang out with a cat. But in this case I think the causation goes the other way. People with lower energy levels for whatever reason, for example, due to work and other commitments, are drawn to the cat companionship because cats require less work compared to dogs.
  6. Understand that there are times when their cats take priority over you. As a responsible cat parent, your date will need to satisfy their cat’s needs. Take this as a positive trait. It indicates that they’re a responsible and reliable individual who is capable of commitment.
  7. Cats have different sleeping patterns. Some people say cats are nocturnal, some say they’re crepuscular. One thing is certain, they don’t share the same biological clock as humans. So get ready for surprises when you’re sleeping over. Sometimes these surprises are happy incidents, for example, a cat might seek warmth by curling up in your arm at night.
  8. It’s the greatest feeling when a cat purrs for you. Cats aren’t as good as dogs at expressing happiness–at least not in ways that humans can easily understand. That is why it’s so satisfying to hear a cat purrs for you. It’s like it can’t hide its happiness underneath their strict face–its purr has sold it out for being a warm, emotional, and content kitty.
  9. Cat lovers will want their cats in their wedding photos. All cat lovers want their cats to take part in their wedding photos. So be ready for this conversation when you’re getting married. Or if you want to surprise your partner, bring it up as a suggestion yourself. I’m sure your partner will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Of course, you haven’t started dating yet… but still I feel like this is a cute thing you should know.
  10. Keep an open mind. When you’re dating someone new, whether they’re a cat owner or not, it’s a good policy to keep your mind open. A relationship is a great way to experience different aspects of life and to learn something new. In your case, you’ll learn more about cats and the people who love cats. You might even decide to adopt a cat and become a cat owner yourself in the process.

And those are some of the things that are good to know before you start dating a cat owner. There are plenty more that didn’t make the list, for instance, many cat owners feel that they’re cat parents instead of owners. But we thought this list will help set the right expectation when you’re going out with cat person.