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Are you wondering if a cat owner is actually dateable? The answer is a resounding yes! Cat owners get the short end of the stick in pop culture portrayals as being selfish and weird, but they are actually very nice people. Still not convinced? Go through the following list and decide for yourself. Here are 15 reasons why you should date someone who is a cat owner–male or female.

1. Cat owners can handle commitment.

There is a multitude of responsibilities that come with pet ownership. Cat owners have to provide food, safe shelter, and affection to their cats. In addition, they also need to make sure that their cats are always in good health and stay clean. To be able to do all these for a cat’s lifetime, a cat owner must be committed to the role they’re playing as a provider. This indicates that a cat owner has no problem with shouldering responsibilities and making commitments.

2. Cat owners are patient.

Cats are excellent companions. But they aren’t without their quirks. While every cat has its own unique personality, their curious nature means they will do things that test your boundaries. To make things more complicated, cats also have different ways to communicate. For instance, instead of meowing to wake you up for food, a cat might decide that knocking things over is more effective. The point is you will be challenged as a cat parent. That means long-time cat parent has earned the badge of tolerance and patience.

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3. Cat people can read your body language.

A big part of feline communication is body language. As a result, cat owners have quite a bit of experience in this area. While verbal communication is crucial to a healthy relationship, you can be certain that they will take notice when you’re feeling under the weather but you don’t feel like talking.

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4. You can find out what they are like quickly…

There is a lot you can tell from their cats. This information can be extremely useful during the early days of dating. First, how do they treat their cats? If they abuse their cats, they might be hiding some mental issues. Even if they’re mentally sound, animal abuse should be a deal-breaker for any relationship. A clean and healthy kitty suggests that its owner is loving and caring. Another way to learn more about the owner is by observing their cat’s behavior. Scientists say cats like to mimic their owner, so if the cat is crazy, that might mean something. Of course, this is for reference only! It could be that they adopted a cat from the animal shelter that carried some bad behaviors with it from previous engagements.

5. Cat parents aren’t pushy.

House cats love affection. But they usually take time to warm up to someone. Sometimes that could mean years. Even then, they seem to carry some kind of daily quota in both receiving and giving affection. An experienced cat owner has learned to be understanding of this behavior. So while they’re ready to give you affection and would be happy if you reciprocate, they won’t force you to.

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6. You are an introvert.

Cat people are more likely to be introverts. When you’re dating a cat owner, instead of living the life of the party, you’ll be spending quality time together in a more quiet and intimate manner. If that sounds like the kind of date you’d prefer, cat owners are definitely be appealing. Also, whether they’re introverted or not, they will be able to understand your need for some me time. Cat owners have been familiarized with the concept of private time and personal space by their cats.

7. Cat people are full of love.

A common misconception about cats is that they do not reciprocate affections. They absolutely do! So a cat owner is not only capable of loving, they’re also full of love because their cats have given them plenty. So when they’re in a relationship, they will be ready to give you the love you need because they’re brimming with it.

8. Cat parents are fun.

Cats, especially indoor cats, need their playtime to remain their usual, composed selves. So cat parents are used to playing and the ideas of toys. So if you’re looking for fun and perhaps *ahem* some adult fun, your date will be ready and accommodating your every need.

9. Cat people are independent.

You have to become your own person when you have a cat to take care of. That being the case, cat owners are reliable and independent (basically trained by their cats). While they’ll appreciate your love, they’ll do fine when you aren’t around to shower them with affection 24/7.

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10. Cat lovers care about personal hygiene.

You don’t have to worry about your date being all dirty and stinky all day because they have learned a great deal from their cats’ excellent hygiene habits. Cats are, of course, famous for their emphasis on personal hygiene. Unlike their canine counterpart, cats are self-cleaning and they’re good at it. So it’s hard for a cat owner to not look into their own cleanliness when their kitty is so diligent and cleaning itself every day.

11. But they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

While cat parents care about personal hygiene, they aren’t germophobic. On the contrary, they aren’t afraid to get themselves dirty. Cleaning cat litter box (poop and urine) twice a day and clean up after their cat pukes furball are some of the tasks that a cat owner does without flinching. They will make sure to clean themselves up by washing their hands or taking a shower though.

12. You get to play with their kitties.

Wouldn’t it be nice to play with cats without any ownership responsibilities?

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13. You’re a cat owner yourself.

An excellent reason to date a cat parent is you’re a cat parent yourself. Your mutual interest–cats–provide a strong starting point for your relationship. I mean you’d never have to worry about what to talk about. And you won’t run into the problem of discovering your date being allergic to cats or felinophobic. When two cat parents are in a relationship, you can have a little double date (or group date) with your cats. And when you’re getting married, the cats will naturally take part in your wedding photoshoot–no arguments there.

14. More options for gift shopping.

When it comes to occasions like birthday or Christmas, you should probably buy a gift for the cat owner himself. But other times when you just want an excuse to buy your date a gift (a “just-because” gift), you can buy something for his cat instead. For example, cat toys, treats, and cute clothing. As for the cat owner himself, he’ll most likely appreciate stuff with cat design such as cat mugs and t-shirt that says “cat dad” or “cat mom” or “cat parent”. He might be too embarrassed to wear it to work, but you bet it will be his favorite t-shirt at home.

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15. You’re secretly a cat.

If you have at least wondered about being a cat, you probably are a cat in human shell. As a cat-person, you would want to date a cat owner because they’ll be able to understand you best–everything from your needs to your quirks. Make sure to treasure them by giving them the love and appreciation they deserve. Just because you’re cat doesn’t mean you should be selfish.

And these are some of the reasons why you consider dating someone who owns a cat.