You’re having a crush on this guy. You can’t keep your eyes off him whenever he’s around. When you don’t see him, you think of him consistently. Problem is, you and your crush aren’t close. To be exact, there’s a huge gap between you two. He probably knows you but that’s about it. Acquaintances — that is what you two are… for now. Lucky for you, there are many ways for you to get closer to your guy crush. For example, you could walk up to him and just give him a hug. But that wouldn’t work. It has to be more subtle… more natural.

How to Get Closer to Your Crush

10 Ways to Get Closer to Your Crush

It all starts with having a crush. You daydream about him: your first date, first kiss, and getting lovey-dovey as a couple… and even getting married. The possibilities are endless. It’s exciting but somewhat an awkward situation to be in. Maybe he doesn’t know you, care about you, or even notice you. Still, you try your best to be the proper lady that you are and try not to embarrass yourself in front of him. But, if you don’t take the first step, someone might snatch him up before you do. So what exactly can you do get closer without coming across as being aggressive? Here are some tips to help you get closer to your crush subtly.

1. Keep your crush close by following him on social media

It’s easy to find someone on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram. Nowadays everyone has at least one social media account. Make your first move by following your crush on some of these platforms. If you’ve met in person before, it’s not unusual to ask him to follow you back. However, if you’re feeling shy, here are some hacks to get your crush to follow you on social media.

Connecting on social media is the most innocent step to get closer to your crush. Check out his posts in any way you like, just don’t accidentally like the post he made five years ago. That’s definitely not subtle at all!

2. Get your crush’s attention on social media

Following them on social media is the first step. The second step is to make your crush notice your existence. You can do this by replying to their stories and leaving a comment on their posts. Use the thumbs-up emoji but mix in the smiley with heart eyes. It’s a little flirty but doesn’t necessarily mean “I like you.” If you’re feeling more confident, engage in a conversation by asking questions related to their post. If they post about food, you can ask where the restaurant is and if it’s worth a visit. Maybe your crush would even ask you to come along the next time. That sure sounds like a win.

3. Send a “wrong message” to your crush

This is a classic move that people do to get closer to their crush. To do this, simply send your crush an “accidental” message supposedly directed at someone else on purpose. It’s asking for attention, but your crush might not think of it that way. Usually, it’s good to send an intriguing message like “I’ve been waiting for you for an hour.” Your crush might get confused and ask about it. This is already a good way to start a “random” conversation. A little white lie never hurts anybody, right?

4. Find out your common interests

Are you both into the same music genre? Do you both like sports? Are you both enthusiastic about coffee? You’ve got to have something in common. Going over your crush’s social media will help you with this step. When you accidentally bump into your crush, initiate a conversation that interests them. For example, if he has recently seen a Marvel film, “Have you seen the latest Marvel movie? Iron Man was really cool.”

5. Establish a connection with your crush’s close friends


Connect with your crush’s inner circle. There’s nothing weird about this at all especially if you have at least one common friend that can help you get in the group. This step will give you more vital information about your crush. It’s also your ticket to seeing your crush on a regular basis.

6. Don’t be shy and speak up

Now that you can see your crush more often than before, you need to talk. You won’t be noticed and you’re not getting any closer if you just sit there and steal glances at your crush’s ethereal face. It’s important to act like your natural self when you’re around him. You wouldn’t want your crush to notice that you’re treating him differently. The conversation doesn’t have to be deep, though it certainly can be. You can talk about famous TV shows or your favorite professor. A casual topic will do but keep it interesting, so it doesn’t end on an awkward note. Here are some topics to talk to your crush about. And here are some questions you can ask your crush to learn more about him.

7. Get closer by asking your crush for help

This is a very good move especially if you go to the same school or is taking the same subject. Ask for help on something that they’re good at. For example, you can ask him to help you repair something or teach you calculus. This is a subtle way of asking him to spend time together. It also provides the perfect opportunity for you to get close physically. So don’t forget to make sure that you smell good!

When he’s done helping, offer to treat him lunch as a token of appreciation. It’s not an actual date per se, but you sure get to spend more private time with him this way.

Be ready to assist whenever he needs help. Having more time with only the two of you increases your chances to be closer to your crush.

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8. Make them laugh

Laughter is the secret weapon in closing the gap between you and your crush. Making them laugh automatically puts you on their good side. To be able to do this, you should understand their sense of humor. What kind of comedy do they like? Does your crush find memes funny? Celebrity impersonations? If they do, tag them when you encounter a funny meme on the internet or do an embarrassing impression of Celine Dion. This will make your crush feel at ease and comfortable with you.

9. Be there when they’re sad

People need someone to lean on when they’re sad. Be that person for your crush. Cheering them up means more than making them laugh. They will have problems — everyone does. And they’ll need a good listener. Someone to listen to their worries and problems no matter how small or big they are. Is it because of a failed exam? A fight with roommates? You should empathize with them and understand how they feel. Listen to them. And if they ask for your opinion, try to give them advice and console them. Encourage your crush by making them feel that they’re strong enough to overcome anything.

10. Ask your crush out for lunch

Lunch is a common friendly thing to do. Since it’s the most casual thing ever, your crush would probably think of it as an innocent invitation. This is convenient if you share a common location with your crush. For example, you go to the same school or work in the same building. You could eat at the cafeteria or a nearby eatery together. Bonding over mealtimes is always a good idea. Studies say that food is more than just physical nourishment. Food also brings people together. Not sure how to ask your crush out for lunch without making it sound like a date? See Tip #7.

What do you think is the best way to become closer with your crush?

Having a crush is an exciting experience, especially when you try to get close to him. The feeling of your heart beating fast is a feeling you’ll never forget. If you decide to take the first step, anything is possible. You’re living in your own movie and you never know the ending!

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How to Get Closer to Your Crush