There’s nothing wrong with having a crush or even dating a coworker. However, if you’d like to move on from that feeling, that phase, for whatever reasons that you may have, below are some effective ways that will help you to get over your crush who you meet almost daily at work.

Are You Ready to Move On From Your Crush At Work?

Everyone goes through the dreaded Monday spell. It’s when it’s so hard to pull yourself out of bed to go to work. But there are certain things in work that makes it a lot bearable. There’s the pay, your co-workers (for some), and your work crush. Sure, everyone probably has their respective “work crushes” or “happy crushes.” It’s really nothing serious, and you don’t expect much from happening, but they just give you the boost you need to survive another day at work.

But what will happen if you finally want out from this situation? How, then, can you get over a crush when you see him or her every day at your workplace?

7 Steps To Get Over A Crush You See Every Day At Work

Step 1. Maintain professionalism

Yes, we believe that you’re acting professionally in the first place. You should continue doing this and exert more effort in completing your day-to-day tasks. Sure, it’s hard not to completely ignore the person especially if you’re in the same area the majority of the days. A true professional will always be able to set aside their differences with any other employees, and yes, that’ll include your crush.

Step 2. Minimize contact

This is probably one of the hardest things to do, especially when it comes to working. It’s not best to completely ignore your crush since it can affect your work. But the key is, you can make sure that you make minimal interaction as much as you can. If, before, you try to stretch out the supposedly short talks into a full-blown conversation, then it’s time for you to stop doing that. Limit your communication to anything that has to do with work. If your crush tries to strike up a conversation, you can always put up, the “I’m busy” card. Doing this will help you tremendously as you work through your feelings.

3. Stop going to after-work events.

Maybe you’re the social butterfly who’s going to find this tip a bit hard to do, but it has to happen. You can at least do it for the first few months you’re trying to get over your crush. Getting over someone you’ve had feelings for won’t happen overnight. It also certainly won’t happen if you always see that person and even manage to hang out with them. That’s not the right way to start getting over a crush.

It’s not bad to miss out some after-work dinners or lunches! Or maybe you can come when you’re sure that your crush won’t be there. Just give yourself a matter of time to breathe peacefully without your crush standing in the way.

4. Look for a friend whom you can talk about the situation.

If you don’t trust yourself completely to ignore your crush off altogether, then ask one of your closest friends to keep you focused on your goal. It will also help to talk to your friend about how you feel, and they might even give you real-time advice that you’ll need!

5. Keep yourself busy!

You’re at work. It’s the best distraction you can ever find. If you’ve been sloughing off before because you’ve been slightly distracted thinking about your work crush, then now is the perfect time to focus on your tasks. It’s the best thing you can do. It doesn’t only keep your mind away from your crush, but you’ll also be able to focus on your improvement as an employee. Work harder! You’ll never know, your boss might even see how much work you’ve put in and give you a raise or a reward.

6. Meet other people.

It doesn’t work well for everybody, but you can try to do this. Go out there, don’t confine yourself in your workplace.

Also, don’t restrict your feelings for just one person. There are many more interesting people you’re going to meet. You just have to give yourself the chance to do this. Meeting someone new doesn’t mean that you have to invest any feelings for them, either. All you have to do is to enjoy the thrill of meeting another individual who you might just click with.

7. Focus on yourself.

This is the best solution to all of your worries. You’ve given too many feelings for a person without even getting it back. Maybe it’s time for you to sit back and realize that you should love yourself a little more. It might be cliche, but it works! You can try learning up a new hobby, or going to the gym, reconnecting with your old friends – there’s really a lot more to do!

The key here is you should keep yourself busy. Divert your attention to another person, activity, task, or even yourself. The mind is a powerful organ which you can control. If you choose to distract yourself from your ex-crush, then you’ll be so much better than you’d ever think you would be.

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