If you’ve ever been on a first date and felt like something was lacking, maybe you need to get creative. Indeed, this is the perfect time to have fun and just get to know someone. One way to avoid awkward moments and learn more about someone on a first date is to have a list of questions to ask ready.

Here are 10 questions to ask on a first date:

first date questions to ask your date

1. What are your pet peeves?

Asking your date what annoys him/her can encourage you to be honest with each other from the start. For example, it’s okay if she doesn’t like horror movies because this is her personal preference. This just means you’ll have to avoid seeing these types of films if there’s ever a second date. Moreover, knowing one another’s pet peeves can help you avoid getting on each other’s nerves. Loud chewing, slurping when drinking, being late, slow internet and turning without signaling are some pet peeves people tend to have.

2. What kind of kid were you?

Knowing what kind of child someone was can tell you plenty about their childhood and the type of person they are now. For instance, your date might say he loved playing with LEGO toys as a child, and this is why he decided to become an architect. Or he could talk about how much he enjoyed drawing cartoon characters, and this activity was what led him to become an animator. As well as this, remember to answer the question yourself so he has the chance to understand how your childhood shaped you into the person you are now.

3. Do you have any hobbies or passion projects you’ve been involved in lately?

Passion projects and hobbies are two different things. While passion projects are meant to inspire you to explore a deeper side of yourself, hobbies are leisure activities people do for pleasure. When you know what someone spends her time doing, you can find out how compatible you are with her. For one, she might like to run marathons for charity every weekend, while you would rather play board games with her all day. This could be a sign you’re not compatible enough or maybe you should just start participating in marathons on weekends.

questions to ask on a first date

4. Have you read any interesting articles or books recently?

Having stimulating conversations can help you both figure out if you can get along without arguing. Plus, you might find that you both love reading the same genre of books or have an interest in similar topics. This could lead to you joining a book club together or even writing a book as coauthors. A similar question to ask is if she’s seen any great movies or TV shows lately.

5. Do you know any jokes that could make someone laugh out loud?

While many people probably know a few good jokes, most people likely don’t know any that could provoke the biggest laughs. Before your date, you might want to do your own research to find some online. Alternatively, head to the library and check out one or two humorous books to study. You could also try practicing writing your own original jokes.

6. What was the best and worst thing that happened to you today?

Listening to someone talk about one day in their lives could give you an idea of the types of experiences they usually have. If the person talks about how she cooked for her three children, then in all probability she does this on a regular basis. Another example is if someone talks about losing money in a poker game, then he might have a gambling problem. But it’s crucial to note that everyone experiences highs and lows. So this may not be an indicator the person is wrong for you.

questions for first date night

7. Who are the most important people in your life?

Understanding how a guy or girl feels about the special people in his or her life gives you a glimpse of what matters to this person. For one thing, if he calls his mother every chance he gets, maybe he’s a mama’s boy. On the other hand, she might care about her dog a lot and this explains why she volunteers to walk dogs at a nearby pet rescue shelter.

8. Would you rather…?

This type of question gives you both the freedom to be silly or deep without taking the conversation too seriously. Just go with the flow and have fun with it. Almost nothing can be more attractive to some people than someone who has a sense of humor. When you’re on a first date, it’s important to keep things friendly and light-hearted.

9. Do you have any fun facts that no one knows about you?

Numerous people on this planet probably have at least one fun fact they hide from the people around them. Asking this question on your date could bring out a secret you could share together forever. For example, although she may be 33 years old, she might still believe in Santa Claus, or he might be a genius at inventing practical objects.

10. Is there anything you want to learn or wish to have in the future?

Getting an answer to this question can be helpful in understanding the other person’s hopes and dreams. In particular, he might say his wish is to change people’s lives by feeding the homeless. Upon hearing this, you can gain insight into his kind heart and soul. She could say she wants to learn to speak a foreign language, which might mean she appreciates different cultures.

Instead of waiting for inspiration to come to you on the day of your first date, have a few questions ready. Of course, you can slip these into your pocket or purse and review them when your date leaves the table. After all, asking the right questions can be exceptional icebreakers and make you feel more comfortable around each other.

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