Find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for teenagers in this gift guide. In this Valentine’s gift guide dedicated to teen girls, you will find more than twelve unique and exciting Valentine’s Day gifts that won’t break your wallet.

Valentine’s Day Special: Best Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls


T-shirts are great Valentine’s Day gifts. First of all, they are super practical and versatile. You can wear them for pretty much any casual events — and yes, that includes school.

Snapchat is hugely popular among teenagers. And it’s easy to see why, it’s a fun and straightforward way to communicate with your friends. So show off your love with a funny Snapchat t-shirt that says “I spend all my time on Snapchat”.

funny snapchat t-shirt - valentines day gift ideas for teenagers
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Snapping a picture of your food before eating it is the modern prayer. It helps us to appreciate the food before us. Spread that message with the help of this t-shirt that says “Stop! Photos before food”. By the way, this is a great t-shirt for food blogger.

funny instagram t-shirt - valentines gifts for teens #teen
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Pendant Necklace

Pink Glazed Rose Heart by The Eternity Rose

The perfect jewelry for a girl to wear on a special occasion. This exquisite heart pendant necklace by The Eternity Rose is made from real rose petals that have been glazed and trimmed with 24 karat gold. As if that isn’t impressive enough, it also features 21 synthetic diamonds that line the gold heart — adding more sparkle and personality to the attention-grabbing piece.

Btw, we thought these Valentine’s Day presents ideas are pretty cool. Definitely check them out for more inspiration.

Eternity rose gold-dipped real rose heart pendant necklace

Rays for Days by Dogeared

Inspirational. Motivational. And simply mesmerizing. The design of this gorgeous pendant necklace from Dogeared is inspired by sun rays. It offers confidence boost and encouragement to the recipient of this awesome pendant necklace.

dogeared inspirational necklace rays for days
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A humorous mug that pokes fun at the catchphrase “It’s morphin’time” from Power Rangers.

funny power range reference mug - fun valentines day gifts for teens
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Galaxy Pens

These eye candies are actual pens that write smooth. You should absolutely get these galaxy-inspired pens for their looks.

cute galaxy themed stationery - pen
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Lapel Pins

Cute lapel pins are my go-to gifts when I’m looking for something fun and exciting but have a limited budget. They are tiny little attention-grabbing nuggets of awesomeness. Pin it on your jacket, t-shirt, pants, bags. Keep it as a collectible. Put it on your table as a mini decorative piece.

For more cool lapel pins, check out this article on trendy lapel pins to get today.

i need my space coffee cup lapel pin - simple fun and cheap valentines day gift idea
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unicorn lapel pin - fun and simple valentines day gift
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Sometimes in life, you just have to say no and move on. This no fox given bag is an embodiment of that philosophy. Spacious, durable, and with unique design. This tote bag is great for any casual use.

no fox given - funny pun tote bag
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Similar to the No Fox Given bag, except this time you’re keeping your philosophy closer to yourself. You could have worried about what other people are thinking about you, but you choose not to, because you are simply too glam to give a damn.

too glam to give a damn marble background vintage pendant necklace
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Wreck This Journal

This journal is not your typical journal. It’s a tool that is going to bring out your inner artistic tendencies. It’s a tool that is going to make you do things you won’t normally do otherwise.

In this book, you will find outrageous prompts that will help you wreck the journal, and transforming it into your personal art piece during the process.

wreck this journal - creative valentines day gifts for teens
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Insulated Tumbler

Enjoy your favorite drink at the temperature that you prefer with these exciting insulated tumbler. Fun rabbit ear design with pastel gradient colors. 4 designs to choose from at the moment, 2 are shown below.

colorful gradient insulated tumbler - teen valentines day gifts
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Stop Motion Claymation Kit

Let your creativity go wild. Create your own stop motion animation with this kit. Capture and upload it to Youtube. It might just help you realize your untapped potential in film making.

unique and fun valentines day gifts for teenagers - claymation

Scientific and Motivational Valentine’s Day Gifts

Fisher Space Pen

Inspiration is priceless. Get inspired by space exploration through this chromatic pen that is used by astronauts in the space. A quality product from Fisher.

Do you like this gift idea? Then you will be thrilled to know that we have an entire article dedicated to motivational pencils with sayings on them.

inspirational - gift with a story - the original space pen by fisher - special valentine's day gifts for him and for her
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Motivational Posters

A bedroom wall would not be complete without interesting posters. Get motivated and inspired by these cool posters.

motivational poster - affordable and fun - valentine's day gift ideas 2018
affordable and cool valentine's day gift 2018 - motivational poster #poster #motivational


Durable canvas backpacks from the trusted backpack maker Jansport. Multi-compartmental designs — one large main compartment and multiple smaller ones to keep your items organized and separate. Classic design with a dash of modernity.

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Earth-toned backpack with leather accents enhanced by the floral pattern.

jansport floral backpack - practical valentine's day gift ideas for teens - school supply

Black-color base with numerous animal and human skulls design. Edgy but fun.

black backpack - practical valentine's day gift ideas for teens - school supply

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Happy Valentine’s Day

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