Find out what are some of the best Christmas gifts in 2020 to get for your boyfriend this year. Discover timeless Christmas gift ideas that will stand the test of time, you boyfriend will love these ideas for sure.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend 2017

Christmas is a wonderful time. Friends and family get together, celebrating and toasting.

It’s also one of the most romantic times of the year. The cold winter breeze is tamed by heart-warming festive lights and romantic Christmas songs. As the snow falls, cuddle up next to a fireplace (or a heater really) with your guy to enjoy the peacefulness of the moment.

As the snow falls, cuddle up next to a fireplace (or a heater really) with him to share the peacefulness of the moment.

Have you decided on what Christmas gift to get for your boyfriend this year? If you’re still undecided, I’m sure you will find some inspiration from this gift guide.

Below you will find more than 50 gift ideas that are fun, romantic, and unique. Yes, it’s pretty diverse, so be sure to check them all out.

And when you’re done, be sure to leave a comment below to let us know what do you think of these ideas. Enjoy.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Are you asking yourself, “what to get for my boyfriend for Christmas?”. Here are some potential answers to your question.

1. Watch

Punctuality is key to being successful in life. Nobody likes someone who is constantly late. And it sure doesn’t make you feel good if your boyfriend is always running late to your date. A watch doesn’t necessarily make you punctual, but it helps you to be more aware of the time.

However, a good watch has to do more than tell time diligently. This is especially true in the era of smartphones. Why not get the time from your smartphone? Two reasons — immediacy and style. It only takes a quick glance at your wrist to tell the time, as compared to pulling your smartphone out from your pocket, wake it up, glance then putting it back into your pocket.

Another factor is style. As advanced as smartphones get nowadays, they don’t make very good fashion accessories. A good watch, such as the Fossil Grant Chronography, adds sophistication to your image and boosts your self-confidence.

Cool watch for men - Fossil Grant Navy

The Fossil Grant series has many variants. The one we’re showing you above features a bold navy strap made with genuine leather and a luxurious rose-gold bezel. Also in rose gold are the Roman numeral hour markers. The stopwatch is built-in, and the watch’s movement is powered by Quartz crystal.

A dress watch by design, it pairs surprisingly well with casual outfits. You should definitely consider this gorgeous timepiece if you’re thinking of getting a watch for your boyfriend this Christmas.

2. Backpack

There are many kinds of bags that are popular among men. For example, messenger bag, tote bag, and shoulder bag. However, when it comes to practicality and comfort, nothing beats the good ol’ backpack. Backpacks evenly distribute the weight of their content on both shoulders, which helps lessen the stress on your body.

The BF will love the iconic Herschel Heritage backpack. Exceptionally trendy. You may have seen one or two recently in a magazine or on Instagram, they have this diamond-shape pig-nose thingy near the top of the bag. This diamond shape is a lash tab that can be used to secure items such as earphones (wired ones anyway). It is a nod to the old alpine bags.

Hershel Heritage Backpack

Image credit: Herschel Supply Co. Instagram

This stylish backpack that we’re showing here is a navy bag with brown leather accents. The two colors complement each other in harmony. The backpack is perfect for casual use — work, school, and a casual day out. It can fit a 15-inch laptop with ease, together with other necessities such as water bottle, snacks, and etc.

Humorous T-Shirt

A not-too-subtle t-shirt that will boost a man’s ego by praising the endurance and significance of his … Check out our naughty Christmas gift guide for more stuff like this.

Too big to fail funny t-shirt for him

3. Belt

The belt is an intimate accessory for a man. Unless you’re very close to him, you usually won’t notice that his belt is due for a change or an upgrade. This is why a belt as a Christmas gift for your boyfriend is a family and girlfriend territory.

Levis jeans are world-famous. A Levis belt is also top-notch in terms of quality. Made of 100% leather. It features a snap-off antiqued buckle reminiscent of the cowboy culture.

Levis leather belt - black

4. Wallet

Wallets made from genuine leather are many people’s first choice thanks to its durability and strength. The subtle organic shine that a leather wallet is great to look at.

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the leading brands of men’s wallets. This wallet that we’re recommending comes from its Ranger series. It features a classic two-fold design with four card slots and a cash compartment. It’s not a big wallet, so if your boyfriend has the habit of stuffing the whole house in there, this wallet is not for him. But if he likes a little less burden in his pocket, he will love this efficient lightweight wallet. It is RFID-blocking — a growing necessity in this age of ubiquitous electronic devices. This feature blocks off credit cards from being accessed wirelessly from the outside world.

Tommy Hilfiger RFID blocking leather passcase wallet

5. Sunglasses

Always go for sunglasses with polarized lenses. Without polarized lenses, your eyes are not protected against ultraviolet (UV) rays which could damage your eyes.

Once you have that criteria nailed down, it’s time to shop for a good pair of sunglasses that is comfortable and stylish. Ray-ban is perhaps the most famous sunglasses brand in the world. And they’re not cheap. But when it comes to getting an impressive Christmas gift for your BF, a cheap knockoff from China (or any part of the world, geography doesn’t matter here) just wouldn’t do.

We would have recommended Ray-ban’s classic aviator sunglasses, but it is just waaayyyy over-worn by everybody a few years back. So we’re recommending this futuristic, cyberpunk-looking pair of Ray-ban Chromance instead. Ergonomic curve, with nose pads for comfortable wearing. The frame is made of durable and light plastic. The lenses are, of course, polarized.

Rayban Sunglasses

6. Scarf

I have always loved scarves. They are a versatile piece of fashion accessory. When they’re made from the right material, for example, cashmere or other woven material, they do a really fine job at keeping you warm.

Scarves with plaids are a must in everybody’s wardrobe. Especially so if the BF usually wears plain outfits. The right scarf helps to elevate your outfit by adding personality to your average outfit.

Cashmere scarf

7. Boxers

Have some fun this Christmas by getting your boyfriend some funny boxers. There are many more designs available, but the following two caught our eyes.

Gas station funny boxers Release the Craken funny boxers

Pendant Necklace

Get sentimental this Christmas by getting him a small token of love. This 1″ brass pendant necklace has an excellent vintage design. On the pendant, it says “I love you to the moon and back”. Your boyfriend can either wear this necklace or keep it as a reminder of your love.

I Love You to The Moon and Back Pendant Necklace

8. Chukka Boot

Casual, stylish, and comfortable. This pair of Timberland chukka boots are perfect for a casual day out. Made from premium full-grain leather, the shoes give off a warm but eye-catching shine. Thick and supportive synthetic rubber soles provide extra support for your feet.

It features the “Climapath” technology which allows for better air circulation inside the shoes, keeping it dry and comfortable inside.

Timberland chukka boots

9. Love Journal

This love journal from Knock Knock is a cute little book that comes with 50 thoughtful prompts that allow you to describe your love for him in ways that you never thought you could. The outcome is a unique Christmas gift that will melt his heart with immense love.

Love coupon journal what I love about you

10. Apron

Funny and in bright yellow. This is quality apron made with thick cotton that also makes a naughty joke. Buy it now. 10/10.

Funny novelty apron for guys - best cook ever yellow

11. Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket as a fashion trend is unstoppable right now. And it is trendy for a reason, it just looks so damn cool! The history of the bomber jacket starts with the military, it was a jacket designed for pilots to wear in-flight. Another name for the bomber jacket is flight jacket.

The history of the bomber jacket starts with the military, it was a jacket designed for pilots to wear in-flight. Another name for the bomber jacket is a flight jacket. Some of you may already know this, but this is actually the second coming of the military-inspired outerwear. It was a fashion staple in the 1980s.

So hop on the bandwagon before it’s too late by getting the BF a quality bomber jacket that looks outstanding and keeps him warm at the same time. Alpha Industries’ MA-1 bomber jacket is an excellent choice. Ribbed cuffs, neck, waistband. Zip-front. It’s reversible, meaning that you can wear the jacket inside out, so it’s like two jackets for the price of one. There’s also a bulkier version for this jacket if you prefer that look.

Alpha Industry Bomber Jacket - Navy Blue

Image credit: Alpha Industries Instagram

12. Gaming Console

You may have heard of this awesome gaming console from Nintendo. It’s all the hype. If he has had a Nintendo console before and loved it, he will love this new gaming console — Nintendo Switch. And it’s hard not to love it really, with games like Zelda and Super Mario.

Nintendo Switch

13. Portal Espresso Maker

Espresso is commonly made by machine at a coffee shop. These espresso machines are usually quite expensive. But with Minipresso, everything changes.

Minipresso is a portable Espresso maker powered by you. No electricity is required. To brew a cup of rich espresso, simply put in ground coffee bean, hot water, then press really hard.

This little helper is a perfect companion for hiking, picnics, and other outdoor activities. A must for all coffee lovers.

Minipresso portable espresso maker brewer

14. Card Game

This is a fun card game for a party. The creator of this game calls it the adult-version of Go Fish, but instead of making pairs for yourself, you force other players to make pairs. The player who gets a pair must perform the action specified on the card and if he fails to do so, he’s out of the game.

If you like Cards Against Humanity you will probably like this game too.

This game was kickstarted in 2015, and within a few years, it has grown into a popular card game.

Go Fish Yourself Funny Adult Board Card Game


16. Snow Cone Maker

Make shaved ice at home with the help of this snow cone maker from Nostalgia. We love everything about this shaved ice maker. From its retro exterior to how smooth and painless if operates.

Every batch of ice can make up to 3 ice cones, and it only takes about 30 seconds for the ice to shave. It does require electricity to operate, it would probably take more than 30 seconds if you were to do it by hand!

It comes with two reusable plastic cones, eight disposable paper cones, and a plastic ice scoop. The syrup is not included. You can either get it from Nostalgia or make your own, it’s only syrup after all!

Snow cone ice maker

17. Mug

Inspirational Mug

A coffee mug that inspires you to get things done. This mug features a Mark Twain quote that says “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”.

Make It Happen Inspirational Mark Twain Quote Coffee Mug

Bear Mug

A cute mug that tells your man how much you love him every time he uses it. An adorable cartoonish bear is shown extending her hands all the way to the right and left, showing the amount of love you have for him in exaggeration (or is it?).

Cute love you mug gift - I love you this much

21 More Boyfriend Christmas Present Ideas

Can’t find what you want above? Here are 21 gifts that your boyfriend will love.

  1. Book
  2. Magazine subscription
  3. Keychain
  4. Steam gift card — perfect for PC gamers
  5. Wireless speakers
  6. Wireless earphones
  7. Weekly planner
  8. Tie
  9. Power bank
  10. Smartphone
  11. Tablet
  12. Audible membership
  13. Basketball
  14. Face wash
  15. Turntable/record player
  16. Scented candle
  17. Cordless drill
  18. Disposable shavers
  19. Electric shaver
  20. Hair trimmer
  21. Cologne

11 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Sometimes you just want to surprise your man with a gift that you have made by yourself.

First, DIY gifts are truly unique — you can’t buy them anywhere else. Second, nothing says “I love you” louder than a gift that you made with time, effort, and love.

If this is the direction that you will be taking this Christmas, we have compiled a list of 11 excellent DIY craft ideas that will help provide some inspiration and the steps to make them.

You definitely don’t want to miss the following craft ideas if you’re looking for a sentimental Christmas boyfriend gift. Let’s check out these ideas.

2017 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

  1. I love you because … frame – All you need is a picture frame, sharpie, and a color printer for this craft. I just love how creative and simple this is. Simply print out the template and put it in the photo frame, then write your message on the frame’s glass/plastic panel. Change the message from time to time throughout the year for more excitement. Make sure that you’re using an erasable sharpie!
  2. Homemade cough drops – Homemade remedy for coughing. If he is coughing, he’ll appreciate these cough candies that you’re making for him!
  3. Money tree – Money does grow on trees. In this case, we have a thematic Christmas tree.
  4. Comic book magnet – Comic lovers will love these fun magnets. The tutorial uses comic books, but you can choose to replace them with some other paper-based material. Make sure you’re not using his original comic book though.
  5. Love coupon – A gift that keeps on giving. Little coupons that entitle your partner to claim something from you, for example, a massage or a hug. Just print and cut them out. Bind them together and put them in a little gift box before presenting them to your boyfriend.
  6. Remember when poster – A unique home decor piece that is unique to the both of you.
  7. Best day ever keychain – Engrave your special date on a metal keychain.
  8. Sharpie mug – Make a unique mug for your beloved boyfriend. Materials that you’ll need: sharpies, mugs, and an oven to bake the mug.
  9. 7 days of love – Clever use of pillbox.
  10. Candy bar card – Fun and exciting. This project makes clever puns using different candy bars. The result is surprisingly good. Be sure to check this out.
  11. DIY body lotion – Make your own moisturizing body lotion. Say goodbye to the store-bought stuff.

And that wraps up this Christmas gift guide for the boyfriend.

What do you think of these gift ideas? Did you find anything helpful? Do you have any bf gift ideas to share? Let us know in the comment section below. Merry Christmas!

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