Discover 37 unique and fun date ideas that are perfect for two or more couples. Double dates can be really fun for both new couples and married couples. For new couples, going on a date with another couple — that could be your BFF and her boyfriend — helps minimize the awkward moments that you may have with your partner in between conversations. For couples who have been in the relationship for many years, it makes dating fun again. Not sure what you can do that involve two couples? Check out the ultimate list of best double date ideas for two or more couples below.

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Finding the right date night idea for one couple can be hard. Planning for double dates or group dates could even be more hassling. Though figuring out what activities to do on a double date can be confusing and nerve-wracking, forming a stronger bond with your partner while gaining new perspectives will be a fun experience. Below are some fun double date ideas that are perfect for two couples and more.

Double Date Ideas

11 Best Double Date Ideas for Couples

Classic things to do that never go out of fashion.

  1. Sunbathing on a picnic at the beach.
  2. Cook a delicious dinner at home.
  3. Explore Asian restaurants.
  4. Drive on a road trip without a specific destination.
  5. Stroll to the bookstore and find reads for one another.
  6. Watch movies at the theater.
  7. Win against each other on the arcade and pick some plush toys from the claw machine.
  8. Stargazing.
  9. Movie marathon while eating takeouts.
  10. Photo album reminiscing.
  11. Invite them to your favorite spot.

11 Adventurous Double Date Ideas for Couples Who Are Adrenaline Junkies

If you want a double date that challenges the mind and the body, the following ideas will definitely get your heart racing while strengthening the bonds between both couples.

  1. Go for a hike. Exercise is good for you and being one with mother nature help relaxes your mind.
  2. Take a trial yoga class together. Already practicing? Practice couple Yoga side by side.
  3. Rock climbing.
  4. Learn some romantic moves in a dance workshop.
  5. Play video games with bets and consequences for more excitement.
  6. Visit haunted houses or just explore the abandoned building down the road during nighttime — urban exploration for the adventurous couples who are up for it.
  7. Try out some self-defense classes.
  8. Hit the gym or dance in a Zumba class.
  9. If it’s winter, grab your sled and slide from the mountaintop.
  10. Watch sports games live at home or at the bar.
  11. Participate in an Escape Room activity and work together for your escape.

9 Cheap Double Date Ideas: Things to Do for Frugal Couples Who Are Trying to Save Money

Being romantic doesn’t always have to dig holes in your pocket. Try out the following ideas if you are on a limited budget. These cheap double date ideas are excellent for teen couples.

  1. Hop on the bus and ride throughout the whole route.
  2. Volunteer in animal shelters — have a date that is socially impactful.
  3. Visit open houses for sale and daydream of being able to live in it someday.
  4. Take a walk through the city.
  5. Dig on old cheesy music records and sway together.
  6. Play poker at home. Texas Hold’em.
  7. Charades. Because everyone loves playing charades.
  8. Stay awake all night long talking about plans and dreams. Don’t forget one or two bottles of wine to loosen the mind and the tongue if you are above the drinking age.
  9. Take online quizzes about relationship compatibility – cherish it if the result is positive, ignore it if the result isn’t what you expect — it’s just a test anyway.

6 Good Double Date Night Ideas for Two Adult Married Couples Who Have the Money to Spend

Date ideas for high rollers

When you are planning a double date without worries about the budget, the activities listed below will definitely suit your desires and risk your money in exchange for a fun-filled double date.

  1. Be high-rollers in a luxurious casino in Las Vegas.
  2. Dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant in NYC. Think two or three Michelin stars. Classic and always expensive.
  3. Bar hopping in downtown San Francisco to start the evening off — end the night by having a simple after-party in your own apartment.
  4. Shop ’til you drop at the mall.
  5. Hop on a flight. Attend an exclusive concert by a band you all love.
  6. Dinner double date on a cruise ship.
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