Bad First Date Ideas

These are some of the worst ideas for a first date you should try if you’re trying to mess things up. Dating can be tricky at times. You spend a lot of time preparing for it, wanting it to be the perfect moment. Apparently, some people have a different perception of what a “perfect date” is.

For some, a date should be full of luxury. Fancy cars, fine dining, signature clothes. To others, a simple and sweet date would suffice. Just a walk in the park or holding hands while watching the sunset would already make it a memorable moment.

When we say “memorable”, there are two things that could happen. It’s either you’re lucky to have the greatest time of your life, or you get to be the biggest loser of all time. Although there are so many ways to prep up and make a date a huge success, there are also sure-fire, terrible, terrible ways to make it a huge flop.

Here a few first date ideas that would most likely be an epic fail. If you ever find yourself in one of these bad dates, It’s up to you on how you’ll manage to escape or work your way out of it. Let those brain cells do their job and think of really convincing excuses. Your previous acting classes would also be a huge help in getting past these bad first dates as diplomatically as possible.

1. Meet the parents

Meeting the parents is a natural step in a committed relationship. Guess who is committed on the very first date? Nobody! Meeting the parents is a terrible first date. Who in the right mind would do that? Unless you enjoy being watched on every bite you make or if you’re someone who likes being questioned like there’s no time to answer, then don’t do it. You’ll feel it when the time is right. But when it’s not, don’t do anything that would put you on the spotlight just yet.

2. Watch porn

Oh no! Spare yourself from pervs and make that graceful exit. This kind of dates would only have one intention, and we all know what it is. It’s normal to have desires but putting it on display like this on the first date is just bad taste and honestly speaking, not very effective at all. Don’t make it too easy for your date to get into your pants. We’re not asking you to be like a saint, but at least reserve some of that “mysterious effect” and wait for things to sizzle naturally between you two. Why watch porn when you can make your own? Hahaha, just kidding (or are we?).

3. Strip club date

It could be a fun and unique experience to visit a strip club once you two have been dating for a while. But nobody sane would think of going to a strip club for a first date. First of all, this is just being deeply disrespectful. It’s like you’re not even enough and your date would need to hop from one strip club to the other just to fill those hungry eyes. Second, knowing that your date goes to strip clubs could already be a question mark on his intentions. Not that you’re judging him to be a bad person right away, but as the saying goes, “Action speaks louder than words”.

4. Shooting range

Does it feel romantic when you hear gunshots? Do you sense even a bit of intimacy when you hear them fire here and there? If you do, then this date is meant for you. But not everyone has the “action star” spirit. An action star usually finds the love of her life amidst the bombings and gunshots. Well, that’s what we see in movies anyway. If you’re no Lara Croft, stay away from this bad date.

5. Boys night out

Don’t take it the wrong way, it’s also nice to hang out with your date’s buddies. Sure, it would make him feel that he can be himself and you’re one of them. You can drink with them, laugh hard at their lamest jokes, or talk so loud like everyone else is yelling at the top of their lungs. It’s not bad at all, but there’s a time that we would need to draw a line, otherwise, you might end up being just a “buddy” — and the friend zone is a bad place you don’t wanna be in.

6. Unfamiliar/messy food.

Talk about losing poise. If this is the first date, this will definitely make a mark on your dating history. Do you seriously want to him to see how you devour all that slurpy, messy food in less than a minute? Worst, think of how you will look like after all that. Do you think that messy look will turn him on? Well, the messy look may look hot at times, but not this kind of messy! … unless you two have certain fetishes and find each other strange alluring in that kind of situation — if that’s the case, best first date ever!

7. 50-50 Date

You can make an arrangement that everything will be shouldered by one of you, or if you’d like to show a bit of ego, then you can go dutch. But splitting the bill in half may feel a bit awkward. Once there was this girl who chose to have a salad and juice on her date while her date ate a steak and a glass of wine. Guess what happened? The guy insisted they split the bill in half, so the girl had to shell out more than what she ordered for herself. I mean this isn’t the worst date, but it’s definitely a bad thing to do that could jeopardize an otherwise perfect first date. You can always start splitting the bills after the first few dates.

8. Garage date

We’re not saying that a garage is not a place to go on a date, but if it could be somewhere else, the better! Aside from showing there’s very little effort in preparation, the ambiance itself isn’t that intimate as well. The purpose of having a date is to get to know someone on a closer level, not to damage your lungs inhaling the smell of gasoline. Unless your date has managed to set up the garage in a Channing Tatum way, showing you his moves while dancing to the song “Pony”, then don’t go on this date.

9. Funeral

Oh no! Not a funeral date! Even if you try to add them up, there’s just no way for a date and funeral to sum up. Have you ever heard anyone ask “Hey, my uncle’s dead. Can you be my date at the funeral?” Yes, it may give you some quiet time that you’re looking for, but please, not this kind. How would it feel romantic when you’re hearing people around you sobbing and crying? Will you feel sparks fly when you see you’re surrounded by mourning faces? I guess not, so stay at least a hundred yards away from it. If a funeral date isn’t the worst date ever, it’s definitely in the top 3.

Don’t put all the blame on yourself, though. Sometimes, it’s not even you, it’s him. We can’t really know what’s going on inside his head, but maybe, let’s just give him credit for the effort. However, not because we’re giving credit would mean we can’t do something about it, right? Just a piece of advice. If you’re not up for it, you don’t need to endure it. Use your charm and suggest something else both of you can enjoy instead.

What Is Your Bad First Date Story?

What is your bad date story? What happened? How did it happen? Tell us all about it.

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9 Worst First Date Ideas

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