What does 1144 mean? Why do you keep seeing it? Find the answer you seek in this article.

Angel Number 1144 MeaningThe appearance of number 1144 once or twice can be considered a coincidence and would not signify much, but if this “coincidence” keeps happening, you should know better than to call it mere happenstance.

Angel number 1144 transmits vibrations and energies of the mind, soul, and body. It also carries the energies of your spirits and angels in the spiritual land.
The frequent appearance of this number means something and deep down you know that; it should be perceived to be messages from your guardian angels. The angels are prompting you about the responsibilities of your life and how you should not manage them wisely.

The number 1144 is an indication that you should agree to take notice of the messages your angels are trying to communicate with you, and you will feel positivity and strength to deal with the responsibilities of your life. You should believe in the decisions and choices you make, as those are the ones your angels are helping you create from the opportunities coming your way.

Deciphering Angel Number 1144 and its components

The number 1144 is a combination of number 1 (twice; the influence of which is magnified) and number 4 (twice; meaning the increased influence of it) and their powers.

Number 1 Meaning

Angel number 1 is an indication that you should strive to look for new opportunities. You are linked to your thoughts, which means positive thoughts are necessary to succeed in achieving those opportunities.

Number 11 Meaning

There is also the influence of angel number 11, which stimulates you to seek out and discover your life purpose by connecting with your inner self and by expressing yourself in creative ways. It also radiates the energies of spiritual awakening, enlightenment, inspiration and intuition.

Number 4 Meaning

Angel number 1144 contains the powers of the number 4. This number reveals the personal choices and efforts that you need to build a strong base for you to achieve your life goals. It radiates the energy of honesty, honor, determination and hard work towards success.

Number 44 Meaning

Through number 44, the angels are signaling you towards motivation to work hard for a meaningful life. You need to explore your inner self, your mind and soul, and search for the purpose of your life. The angels are prompting you to fulfill your destiny with vigor and potency by guiding you through this angel number.

Number 1144 and Love

The energies of 1144 are sending their vibrations to you in the form of a message that you need to realize your heart’s true desires and work on your life’s love story. The angels are clearing the hindrances in the path of your love life. The frequent appearance of this angel number indicates that you should welcome love and positive relationships in your life.
You should believe that your angels are lighting your love life with good vibes and clear decisions. You should work on your passions and your hearts’ deepest and truest desires; like a baby, a new car, or home, or even spend more intimate time with your partner if you have not been able to do that lately. Your guardian angels are directing new joys, adventures and love towards you; you just need to accept it rather than doubt your worth.

1144: Family and Friends

Take this as a message of encouragement to get things done quickly and responsibly. You should get your focus and concentration on your priorities, and believe that your angels are guiding you to a purposeful life.

Trust your instincts and do what is best for you. Ask for help from your trusted ones, if you get stuck. Remove any toxicity that is draining your energy, rather spend it on yourself, and your close loved ones.

1144 Career & Finance

The angel number 1144 is all about working hard to seek life’s purpose and searching for opportunities. Finding a career that is best suitable for you and that opens countless doors for you is what your angels are urging you towards. Take this number as a good luck clover. Trust your intuition and have faith in yourself.


The angel number 1144 motivates us to stay positive and trust our intuition, and also believe that our angels will deliver us everything we need. It reveals that your guardian angels are directing positive, life-altering energies.

You should also know that you are capable of creating and altering your reality of life the way you want. Your thoughts and creativity are capable of manifesting into the change in life that you wanted to see and encourages us to step out of our comfort zone and strive ahead.

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