Angel Number 11 is one of the three Master Numbers and it is a powerful number. In this article, you’ll find out what exactly does the number 11 mean in terms of love, family, career, and personal finance.

angel master number 11

Angel Number 11 could show itself to you in a variety of ways. You might have 11 unread e-mails constantly in your inbox when you check it. Or, you might notice this number often when you make financial transactions. When you look at the time, it always seems to be 11 o’clock or 11 minutes past the hour.

If you keeping seeing number 11 and it feels to you like it’s no mere coincidence, you might be receiving a message from the Angels. They communicate through highly vibrational numbers with you, it’s up to you to seek out and under the number’s meaning. If you want to benefit from their help, read further to discover the meaning of Master Number 11.

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Decoding Angel Number 11

Every number has a meaning. Even so, there are certain numbers that resonate with a higher vibration. Among these numbers, we can count 11, 22, and 33. These numbers are the Master Numbers and they’re said to be among the most spiritually powerful numbers.

The influence of number 2 is also present in the message that you receive from the Angels because 1+1=2.

Below we’ll take a closer look at the components as well as number 11 as a whole.

1. The Meaning of Number 1

Number 1 is all about new beginnings. The Angels are trying to tell you that something new will happen to you. Or it could be an attempt to make you aware of the positivity surrounding the change you’re going through at the moment.

If you’re having some unique experience or encounter in your life, don’t back off as it’s exactly where you need to be. What unique experience you ask? It can be anything that suddenly catches your attention, or it can also be something that is different from your everyday life. For example, perhaps your high-school ex just moved back to town or a recruiter just sent you a message on LinkedIn.

In case you are hoping and wishing for something specific and you see this number, it’s the Angels telling you to get prepared, for your wish may be about the come true. If it doesn’t come true, you will see changes happening that move you toward the direction of your wish.

2. The Meaning of Number 11

Angel Number 11 is extremely spiritual. You are encouraged to rely more on your intuition, thus benefiting from a better connection with other people. You can help them by using your empath abilities. In addition, the Angels want you to use your creative energy in everything you do, especially when trying to find the true purpose of your life.

Pay more attention to your random thoughts and silly ideas because they might turn out to be not so silly after all. Let optimism and positivity flood your life and your true path shall reveal to you.

3. The Meaning of Number 2

In numerology, the number 2 is the first feminine digit. It represents a very powerful source that can bring balance, cooperation, and understanding. It is a subtle message that recommends to you to have faith and patience as you look for your life’s purpose.

Angel Number 11 Meaning

1. Love Live

When it comes to love, Angel Number 11 can have different meanings for different people. If you are involved in a relationship for a long time and everything is already going well, you and your partner will become even closer and become happier in the future.

The number represents new beginnings, that might signify that you’ll soon move forward to the next stage in your relationship. That could mean getting married or welcoming a new baby to your family.

Conversely, if you are currently in a toxic relationship, the Angels are telling you to let go. Number 11 is telling you to consider the possibility of releasing yourself from the chain of this toxic relationship.

2. Family and Friendship

Joy and fulfillment are present in your life. This means that you have two more reasons to banish negativity from your life. Negativity comes from both things and people. So, try to focus on the good things and on the positive people that are part of your circle.

Coming from a different angle, Number 11 encourages you to look at the harsh truth: there are toxic people in your life who you should no longer see. Number 11 is about change, so why not change your relationships for the better.

Focus your attention on the people you truly care about instead. Motivate them with your bright ideas and contribute to their confidence by complimenting them.

3. Career and Finance

Number 11 is a delightful number to see when it comes to your career. This is because it represents new beginnings, which means that you will get that job, promotion, or raise. You will get exactly what you wanted career-wise or something that aligns with the true purpose of your life.

If an investor appears out of nowhere and seems enthusiastic about your business idea, don’t miss the opportunity. It is not too good to be true. It is your chance to succeed financially and you’ll benefit from your Guardian Angel’s support.


Master Number 11 encourages you to embrace positivity, welcome changes and new beginnings in your life, and focus on your higher purpose. Say goodbye to all the toxic people in your life and offer your support to people who truly deserve it. Last but not least, listen to your intuition and have confidence in yourself.

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