Find out what are some of possible reasons why your significant other is acting distant and cold. Is he falling out of love with you? Is he cheating on you? Find out why is he ignoring you and what can you do about it in this article.

reasons why he's started to act distant

At first, you might have ignored the signs of your date, boyfriend, or husband acting cold. Maybe he stopped sending you cheesy texts or does not hang out with you as much as before. You thought that you might just be paranoid and you brushed off the fact that your guy, seemingly without a reason, started ignoring you. You started panicking and asked yourself what exactly happened.

One of the main reasons why you are reading this article is because you are experiencing troubles with your partner and you need answers. Well, you are on the right track. You can calm down now and stop asking yourself unnecessary questions like “Did I do something wrong?” and even “Is he cheating on me?

It is difficult at first, but with the right tips, you can overcome this obstacle in your relationship. We’ve been there too, so we’ve compiled the reasons why your partner started acting distant all of a sudden and how you can deal with it.

1. He acts distant because he feels stressed about something else.

reason he distances himself

This is the most common reason why a guy acts distant all of a sudden. He might be stressed because of his family, studies, work, or friends. During this situation, it is important for you to acknowledge that men and women handle stress differently. The hidden fabric of our society causes men to deal with their emotions privately; that could be why, instead of sharing his emotional vulnerability to you, your guy chose to just distance himself from you while he’s facing his own problems.

How to deal with it: Give your man all of the support he needs. Ask him what he is stressed about and if he chooses not to discuss it in full detail, reach out to him for a hug. Then, assure him that everything will be fine and that you will always be there for him no matter what. Respect his choices, and just leave it at that.

2. He feels distant because he is overwhelmed

why act distant

Another reason why he starts being cold is that he is feeling smothered. This usually happens when the relationship is new and you start acting so needy all the time. Being clingy is okay, but there are times when men can only handle so much. A man wants to feel desired in the right way, not needed all the time. That is why making your man feel that you rely on him all the time might make him pull away from you.

How to deal with it: Questions are excellent tools to advance a relationship. But when you’re in a delicate situation like this, you probably don’t want to bombard him with questions that can be overwhelming like “Why aren’t you calling me back?” and “What is wrong with you?”. Instead, try to ask him what he exactly wants. If he says that he wants you to be a little less needy, then do it for the sake of your relationship. After all, compromises are a part of a strong relationship.

3. He is distancing himself because he is hurt

distant man

Perhaps you unknowingly did or said something that hurt his feelings. Men, as much as women, can be emotional, too. It could be a joke you thought was funny, or digging up his past relationships that hurt him. Remember, men feel shy opening up when they are emotionally hurt so instead, they act cold.

How to deal with it: You have to recognize your partner’s emotional pain, whatever the reason behind it may be. Do so in a soft manner. Avoid mocking him for being sensitive. Take full responsibility even if you unconsciously did it, and apologize to him right away. Let him understand that you really care about his emotions and that you never meant to make him feel bad.

4. He is distant because he is trying to figure things out

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The next reason is that he is taking a closer look at his real feelings for you. It is normal to have doubts about the relationship. When this happens, do not take it personally because he is actually trying to do a good thing for you. He tries to distance himself from you so he won’t hurt you more while he figures things out. Remember, a man who wants to make sure of his feelings is better than a man who just makes you hope for nothing.

How to deal with it: This is quite simple. Give him the space he needs. Talk to him sincerely and ask how much time it will take for him to figure things out. Perhaps it’s the perfect opportunity for the two of you to take a break if your relationship shows these signs. In the meantime, do not obsess over him. Focus on yourself and enjoy your own company. After all, if he is the right one, fate will always bring him back to you.

Give him some space and the room the breathe

5. He ignores you because he is feeling low

When a man loses his confidence, he usually withdraws himself from people around him.
Men might act tough, but there are times when they doubt themselves, too. Perhaps he is having low self-esteem or does not believe in himself anymore. More often than not, this happens when something physically changed or when they haven’t performed well at something they’re usually good at.

How to deal with it: Make your man feel that he will always be worthy in your eyes. Tell him that you will always choose him because you are in love with him, and nothing can change that. Not even his low self-confidence or his poor performance. Regularly remind him that his worth is not only defined by how he looks or how he does things. This is the perfect time for you to get a little gift for your guy to cheer him up. You can also throw in some gestures like giving him little notes with good inspirational quotes to boost his confidence.

Lastly, remember that your man does not act distant all of a sudden without a valid reason. The causes of the change in your man’s attitude can be dealt with, so do not panic right away. It might hurt not knowing why he acted cold all of a sudden but you have to understand your partner and not jump into conclusions right away. Work through it together with your man. Be supportive, compromise if you have to, listen carefully to him, give him space, and assure him with your love. By doing these, your guy will no longer be cold to you in no time.