Looking for a Thanksgiving Hostess Gift? 

Being invited over to someone’s house comes with the implication that you will bring a gift. After all, they’re doing the entertaining. Showing up empty-handed is considered rude to the host, especially during Thanksgiving when there is so much for the host or hostess to do! Choosing the right gift for the Thanksgiving dinner host & hostess can be difficult. But don’t worry! Here we have compiled a list of hostess gifts that are perfect for Thanksgiving. These thank-you gift ideas will also work perfectly for just about any other occasion. We have also published a gift guide for hostesses previously, be sure to check that out too.

Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

“What should I get for the Thanksgiving dinner host?” – Get your answer below.

1. Wooden Cutting Board

For hosts who like to cook

Your Thanksgiving host will love this wooden cutting board. It is made from cherry, walnut, and maple wood. The striped design and vibrant colors give it a decorative touch. It can also be used as a serving tray.

Wooden Cutting Board
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2. Serving Spoons

Personalized, sentimental idea

These vintage silver-plated spoons provide a personalized touch to any meal. Also available in teaspoon and tablespoon sizes, the spoons serve as the perfect gift for the hostess.

Customized Spoon
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3. Floral Monogram Mug

Unique, beautiful coffee mug

Floral Monogram Mug
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4. Spice Kit

Impressive gift for the host to experience the world of spice.

Impress the Thanksgiving dinner hostess with this spice kit. It comes with 10 hexagonal magnetic jars. They can be stuck on the fridge (or any magnetic surface) and their unique shape forms a honeycomb. Each jar is filled with a different spice. All spices are certified organic, kosher, and fair trade. The jar lids are labeled with a stamp. Included spices are basil, chili flakes, cinnamon, cumin, garlic, oregano, paprika, rosemary, thyme, and turmeric.

Spice Kit
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5. Marble Stone Coasters

One-of-a-kind coasters – prevent watermark.

These octagonal-shaped marble coasters are available in white, black, green, and beige. The hostess will appreciate the fact that the marble top is very easy to clean, and the soft bottom doesn’t damage surfaces. They are a bit heavier than traditional coasters so that glass will not stick to them. Since they are made of real marble, every coaster has its unique pattern.

Marble Coasters
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6. Rainbow Seed Bomb Gift Box

This seed bomb box is the perfect gift for hostesses who are gardening lovers. Inside the box are 40-45 seed bombs measuring between ½ and 1 inch in diameter. There is a mixture of annual and perennial seeds. The flowers that can be grown will be both bright and pastel colors. It is a truly unique gift.

Rainbow Seed Bomb
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7. Have an Amazing Day Mug

A cheap mug gift that is so much more. Your Thanksgiving host will appreciate the positive vibe this mug emanates.

Have an Amazing Day Mug
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8. Champagne Flutes

If you’re looking for a more traditional gift for the Thanksgiving party host, these champagne flutes might be for you. The gold speckle pattern gives them a very elegant touch. They are perfect for entertaining or everyday use. There are also other coordinating Gold Luster glassware options like goblets, highballs, stemless, and traditional wine glasses.

Champagne Flutes
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9. Le Chateau Wine Decanter

For anyone who drinks wine, a decanter is an absolute must. This elegant crystal option is perfect for any red wine and has an elegance and sophistication that others do not. It is designed to perfectly aerate a 750mL bottle of wine. The wine-loving hostess will appreciate the easy pour slanted spout. It helps to avoid drips and spills – even on the second or third bottle of the night! An excellent hostess gift for wine lovers.

Wine Decanter
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10. Food Serving Bowl Set

This is an appetizer or snack serving bowl that your dinner host will love. It’s convenient and easy even for frequent entertaining. It can even be used as an everyday dish in the kitchen. The stoneware bowls are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. The metal stand has rubber feet to protect your Thanksgiving host’s table or counter and foam protectors for the bowls.

Food Serving Bowls
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11. A Bouquet of Flowers

Fresh flowers only! Some lovely and lively fresh flowers will make the Thanksgiving atmosphere so much better. If you can, find something that matches the Thanksgiving vibe and the color of Fall. For example, sunflower and daisy. Don’t forget to attach a simple thank-you note for the dinner host.

12. Personalized Serving Tray

This personalized bamboo tray comes with two convenient handles in your choice of silver or bronze. Engraving is available with different designs and fonts so you can really make this tray your own. You can give it a rustic vibe to fit into a man cave or a traditional, elegant feel and give it as a wedding gift.

Personalized Serving Tray
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13. Personalized Wine Tote

This personalized hostess gift is a cute way to dress up a bottle of wine. The monogram tote bag fits any standard bottle size and comes with a twine drawstring. You select your color thread for embroidery and what letter you’d like on the bag. If you’re looking for something more customized, contact the seller who is willing to work with you to make exactly what you want!

Personalized Monogram Wine Bag
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14. Rustic Wooden Planter Box

Artificial succulents are perfect because they can be left out all year and don’t need tending. This planter has the word “HOME” stenciled in thick black lettering. The rope handles allow you to carry your artificial succulents wherever you’d like them in your home. At about 10 inches long it’s perfect for any room that needs a touch of green. This is the perfect gift idea for succulent-loving hosts.

Wooden Planter
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15. Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

This handblown whiskey decanter features a globe and antique ship in the bottle. It is a very unique style that brings a nautical and old-fashioned look to any space. The mahogany tray and two cocktail glasses with matching globe design complete the set. The decanter has a capacity of 850mL and the glasses each hold 300mL. This is a beautiful thank-you gift that the whiskey-loving host or hostess will love.

Whiskey Decanter
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16. Nuts Gift Basket

This hostess gift basket comes with over two pounds of nuts. There are seven varieties of nuts including roasted salted macadamia nuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews, raw walnuts, honey glazed pecans, and mixed nuts. Perfect for the hostess who is a health nut.

Healthy Nut Set

17. Funny Wine Glass

Funny Thanksgiving hostess gift to give this holiday season. The design of this humorous wine glass reflects your mood before the pour: (1) LOL, I’ll have a little wine (2) OMG, I need more than that! and (3) WTF, fill ‘er up!

Funny Wine Glass
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18. Whale Butter Dish

Something cute for the hostess’s kitchen. Whale shaped butter dish in lovely aqua blue color. Made of ceramic.

Whale Butter Dish
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And that wraps up the list of Thanksgiving dinner host gifts — that we think you should check out. What do you think of these hostess gift ideas?

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