Taurus and Numerology

Taureans are a warm and trustworthy bunch. They are also infamously known for their stubbornness, jealousy, and possessiveness in the Zodiac.

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Bulls are indulgent creatures and will never turn down your invitation to a fancy dinner at that new restaurant. Taureans do tend to strive for material things in life and don’t mind working very hard to achieve them.

Still, they believe in success by working from scratch. It may take Taureans a long time to achieve the goals they have set, but they will surely get to it eventually. For a determined Taurus, Numerology offers excellent help and guidance.

Numerology is the study of correlations between numbers and events in a specific pattern throughout life. This practice draws conclusions and meanings from numbers and their mathematical implications and less-apparent importance in your life.

Divinatory arts such as astrology and Numerology are tightly intertwined. Together, these two arts can help Taurus figure out new truths and deduce what’s to come.

Taureans can make the best decisions and find what they are looking for effortlessly through the correct employment of their “lucky numbers.”

Lucky Numbers for Taurus

For Taureans, 2 and 7 are lucky numbers that can bless them throughout their life.

2 is a unique number, part of the “master number” 22 that possesses more influence over Taurus’ life than other numbers. It is a harmonizing number with a lot of power and energy. When employed correctly, it can bring Taurus eternal luck in life!

Taureans guided by number 2 are peacekeepers and maintain diplomacy in the toughest of situations. They hate conflict, and arguments exhaust them. Number 2 can guide them to see through others’ perspectives and become natural equivocators.

Taurus craves commitment and love and may often mistake kindness for sincerity. Number 2 guides Taurus to be more careful of where they place their trust. It guides them to listen to their intuition, as this will always serve Taurus’ best interests.

Number 7 can also particularly favor Taureans. In life matters, financial or otherwise, 7 can play a vital role. Taureans guided by the number 7 are analytical and intuitive. They can be innate scholars and researchers. When stressed, the number 7 guides them to seek comfort in nature.

Under the influence of 7, Taureans will strive to live a smooth, dedicated life since they seldom get into arguments. Being analytical and wise, they find the truth and cause behind outbursts and immediately fix it. Much of their success can come from planetary alignment and lucky numbers to veer through life unhurt.

Taurus’s Lucky Number in Career: 33

Number 33 guides Taurus to pursue the career they have always wanted without hesitation. They might have some qualms about the pros or cons when at important crossroads in life, but this is of little concern when current choices eat away at a Taurus’ peace.

Overall, Taureans believe in idealism, and thus, working to create one’s own ideal work lifestyle would not deter them. Number 33 will aid them to live freely, own their interests, and go after their dreams with determination.

13 also speaks of new beginnings, so Taurus are in luck if they plan to begin new endeavors! This number represents the Sun, Mercury, and the power that comes with their influence. Material gains are equally in their favor with 13’s guidance.

If they keep trusting these lucky numbers, soon what Taurus have chosen for themselves will yield results!

Lucky Number for Taurus’s Family Life: 42 and 61

Numbers 42 and 61 speak of nurturing, caring, and devotion to family. Guided by their lucky numbers 42 and 61, family is the most essential part of Taurus’ life. They believe in the sacrifices each member has to make to be ultimately happy.

Taurus likes to study the social dynamic of a group. The delicate balance of a healthy family life interests them. Number 15 guides Taurus to be the family’s harmonizer and appreciate the structure it brings. With this number, Taurus feels secure, loved, and warm with their family. To Taurus, it is the primary source of their happiness.

Taurus’s Lucky Love Number: 15

Guided by number 15, Taurus can become a bit of a hopeless romantic. On the flipside, this number supports Taureans’ desire to work really hard to keep and nurture a relationship. They are overall known for being dedicated, attentive, and loving to their partners.

Taureans do not care about the social status of their partner or how much they can contribute to the household. Guided by 15, they are practical but never let any material gains come between their love. They are the epitome of taking relationships seriously.

Although 15 can aid in matters of romantic love, it can also serve as a sign to learn more about themselves and their partner before fully committing. Genuine commitment will bring about significant changes in Taurus’ life. 15 can prepare Taurus to receive all the blessings. 

When inspired by love, Taurus are quickly excited. Especially when a romantic opportunity comes with spiritual opportunity and alignment, Taurus is all the more blessed.


While 22 and 7 guide Taureans to be more aware of their finances, knowledge, and comfort, they also influence their decisions and perspectives.

33 can guide Taureans to be unapologetically ambitious, work hard, and believe that their dreams will come true. 42 and 61 can bring them limitless comfort and happiness from family. It can really become a reservoir of peace!

15 can help Taurus in their conquests of romance, to find that one person with whom they can build a future. With this number’s help, Taurus’ attention, commitment, and desires can yield their dream relationship, and they’ll feel luckier than ever!

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