If you’re wondering which Zodiac signs are the most insecure, you’ll find some suggestions in this astrology guide. The truth is every sign has insecurities, but these four have the strongest, most noticeable insecurities that can even hinder them. Read on to understand the most insecure signs and what makes them behave in they way they do.

4 Most Insecure Star Signs

  1. Cancer
  2. Virgo
  3. Scorpio
  4. Pisces

Zodiac Signs Who Feel Insecure

These members of the zodiac are more prone to the feeling of security than others.

1. Cancer

Cancer symbol

Cancers are very in-tune with their emotions and get wrapped up in their negative feelings. This trait can create some significant insecurities for these compassionate natives.

Cancers’ biggest insecurity is going unnoticed or being underappreciated. They are natural givers who will pour their heart and soul into their work, friendships, and of course, romantic partners. But when they start to feel like they are being overlooked or underappreciated, they can quickly feel burnt out, unloved, and above all else– insecure.

Cancers are sensitive and need to frequently hear words of praise and gratitude to know that they are loved and seen for all they do. This is important when it comes to their peers and coworkers. It is absolutely crucial though, that the love interests, bosses, best friends, and closest family members are regularly reassuring Cancer.

Due to their emotional nature, Cancers are vulnerable, though not necessarily by choice. They know they can be more emotionally demanding than other signs. This can also make them feel overly clingy or too needy and think that their partners may be close to abandoning them. When Cancer begins to feel that first twinge of deep-rooted insecurities creeping up, they are almost guaranteed to begin a tail-spin of a spiral into harsh criticisms, self-hatred, over analyzation, and even depression. This can last for days or even weeks if the incident was especially bad.

Cancers need to know they are loved. Whether romantic or platonic, they need to hear that they are appreciated and valued for their caring and compassionate nature.

2. Virgo

Virgo symbol

An analytical and logical sign by nature, Virgos can be absolute perfectionists. Their intellect and drive mean sometimes they can drive themselves to have unattainable goals, resulting in confidence issues.

Virgos are helpful and think in terms of the big picture. They may take on large, lofty projects because these natives know they can do it (even if they don’t have an exact plan). But when things start to go awry, Virgos can become overwhelmed and embarrassed.

Virgos intensely feel pressure from their peers, friends, and family. This pressure is powerful and unrelenting, causing them to feel exposed.

They are also deeply upset with their high standards when something doesn’t work out. They will often think about what went wrong and spend a lot of time ensuring it doesn’t happen again.

Virgos are also creatures of habit. Their motto could be, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” They are also very aware of this trait and may feel it makes them too “set in their ways” or rigid. They may feel their partners or friends are unhappy with them or view them as too controlling.

Virgos just need the reassurance that you understand that they intend to help. They need to know that you understand them and love them for who they are. While not the most emotional of signs, these words can assuage their fears and allow them to know that they are appreciated and loved.

3. Scorpio

Scorpio symbol

Though known for being tough and strategic, Scorpio has a sensitive side that can be upset by isolation and disconnection from others. They also expect the same loyalty that they give, which is often unrealistic.

A fiercely loyal friend and lover, Scorpios expect the same devotion from others in their life. This can sometimes lead to them seeming jealous or controlling when they are just seeking that same loyalty. If they feel that a friend or someone is lying to them or being disloyal, this can play with their feelings.

Scorpios are often afraid to let their walls down. These are the rugged people who may not let anyone in. Better at an arms-length than to close and able to hurt me. They can come off as intense and harsh, but this is a self-defense mechanism. They need to know that they can trust you.

Scorpios thrive with those who are upfront and honest. If they feel like you are hiding something, their minds may feel like you are being disloyal to them.

The opposite can also be true with the fear of letting their walls down. Scorpios may feel isolated. It’s hard for them to let someone into those walls, as they’d rather be alone than be made a fool for letting someone in. This mindset can make them wonder if it’s ever safe to let someone into their world.

A Scorpio needs to know that you are loyal. They need someone who can be honest with them even when it hurts. They also need someone who can be patient with them as it will take time for them to let you in.

4. Pisces

Pisces symbol

Another emotional sign, it’s no surprise that Pisces can be insecure. Criticism is a kick in the gut to Pisces, and they will spend days rehashing the words of others who wreck their confidence. These natives are best known for being in tune with their emotions and very compassionate. Their caring nature means they love deeply and care about others’ feelings and opinions. This can also lead to them feeling very sensitive.

Others may easily hurt Pisces’ feelings if they are being criticized. Because they are such emotional souls, it can be tough to believe that someone they care for deeply has found their faults or is unhappy with them. If you accidentally offend Pisces, they will expect an apology so you can move forward.

Pisces are very aware that they are emotionally charged. Compared to rigid signs like Scorpio, Pisces may feel inadequate or not as strong as them.

Pisces may need to be reminded of their strengths, including their nonjudgmental attitude and ability to empathize and care for others. Just because they may not seem as hard around the edges doesn’t mean they are not strong, only that their strengths lie in different areas.

Zodiac Insecurity

All signs have insecurities and pieces of themselves that they wish to change, though these signs feel the weight of these vulnerabilities more than the others.

Cancers’ deep emotions can get the best of them at times. Virgos can put a lot of pressure on themselves and fear failure, while Scorpios can be afraid to open up. Pisces can feel personally attacked or believe they are not as tough as those around them.

Each sign has lessons to learn and fears to overcome. Each lifetime is an opportunity to learn, improve, and overcome these struggles.

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