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Do you ever watch a cute animal video and just get the sudden urge to cry? Or maybe you naturally seem to soak up the feelings of everyone around you somehow. There may be a reason as to why you just can’t seem to keep all your emotions in – you just might be a emotional sign! Astrology can tell us a lot about ourselves, including how we react to situations and express our emotions.

4 Most Emotional Signs of The Zodiac

1. Pisces

2. Cancer

3. Aries

4. Scorpio

Reasons Why These Zodiac Signs Get Emotional

Being emotional gets a bad rep sometimes – too many tears, complicated mood swings and fiery outbursts. But being able to get in our feelings and express ourselves is key to what makes us human. Sensitivity can be quite annoying when you’re forced to take on people’s bad attitudes, but it can also be a blessing when it comes to forming connections. If you’re looking for a shoulder to cry on, keep on reading!

1. Pisces

If there’s one thing you need to know about Pisces, it’s that they are the most emotional sign of the zodiac. As a water sign, Pisces tends to lead from the heart and not the head. Feelings are extremely important to them and they are deeply aware of their own emotions. This makes Pisces a very introspective sign.

Emotional intelligence is one of Pisces’ greatest strengths. They are able to use their feelings to communicate effectively, overcome challenges or diffuse conflicts. Pisces is also very good at understanding how people in completely different situations are feeling.

You may have also heard that there’s always waterworks when it comes to Pisces. Sometimes emotions can get very overwhelming for them and they just end up crying. Crying doesn’t mean they’re always upset though! Pisces can burst into tears out of happiness or joy or any strong emotion really.

Pisces is also incredibly intuitive – being able to know the mood of the room before even stepping in it. They are very in tune with the world around them and are almost psychic when it comes to reading other people! A Pisces can detect even the tiniest of changes in someone and always know when someone is feeling off.

The celestial symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions. Just like these fish can feel the undercurrent in waves, Pisces can feel the emotions of the people around them. This makes Pisces incredibly empathetic.

So not only does Pisces deal with their own emotions, they also internalize other people’s emotions. When you’re happy, Pisces is ecstatic. When you’re upset, Pisces feels this deep in their own heart.

2. Cancer

Cancer is by far the most ‘watery’ of the water signs. Their ruling planet is the Moon – queen of all emotions. This means their emotions often run deeper than others and they care far too much about every little thing.

Cancer’s actions rely heavily on their feelings so they can be prone to emotional outbursts and can be a little temperamental. When they’re happy they can be singing on cloud nine, but when they get low it can be hard to get them to stop crying.

Since Cancer is governed by the moon (ruler of feelings and inner reactions) it’s no surprise that their emotions can overwhelm them. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You just need to take care with your words when Cancer is feeling down.

Cancers are also notorious for their emotional depth and intuition. They always know when someone isn’t feeling quite right, sometimes even before the other person knows this themselves! They also have one of the biggest hearts of the zodiac.

Cancers loves putting others first and being there for them during tough times. Cancers are the best to turn to because they aren’t afraid of high emotions. The sight of someone crying won’t freeze them up like it would for other people. They know exactly how to comfort someone, and this is because they are so in tune with their own emotions.

3. Aries

Emotions come in all forms and for Aries this manifests as a short temper and spontaneous decisions. Ruled by furious Mars, the Roman god for war and destruction, it’s no surprise fire-sign Aries is susceptible to outbursts.

With a highly competitive attitude and a fighting spirit, Aries is not afraid to lay down some heat. They are very impatient and also prone to acting impulsively. Being the first of the Zodiac means Aries is the most primal, energetic and feisty sign.

All of this combined means Aries has an extremely hot temper. They are very easily angered. Do one thing they don’t like and get ready to feel their fiery wrath. Aries can be deadly when mad. Trying to calm an Aries down in this aggressive state is like putting an ice cube on top of an already-erupting volcano.

Aries get especially annoyed when they are being denied from something they want. Getting in their way is what makes them the angriest. Keep putting up roadblocks and eventually Aries will just start burning them down piece by piece. Aries holds grudges for a while. They will always remember those who stood in their path or kept them from reaching a goal.

4. Scorpio

Scorpio is by far the most the most intense sign of the zodiac. Being a water sign, emotions play a very big role in deciding how they act. They are ruled by their feelings and rely heavily on their gut instincts.

Despite this, Scorpio isn’t one to really publicize their feelings like the other water signs. But that doesn’t mean Scorpio isn’t as emotional – they just keep it pretty well hidden. At their cores, Scorpios crave intimacy and physical contact. They love to make deep and meaningful connections with the people around them.

At times, Scorpio’s emotions can manifest as strong jealousy. Scorpio has a ‘if it’s mine don’t touch it’ mentality when it comes to the people they love. Even their best friend hanging out with someone other than them is enough to make a Scorpio envious.

Although Scorpios can hide their jealousy, sometimes it can just be a bit too much and they get snarky or rude. Scorpios are very protective of their partners and hate when others are around them. Understand that Scorpios’ jealousy stems from their deep love for the people close to them – they can’t help how they feel!

Scorpio is both a very loving friend and partner. They hate feeling vulnerable which is why they don’t often share their emotions. If a Scorpio does open up to you, then know that they trust you completely.

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