Aries-Rat is a rare kind of person. The first sign of the zodiac Aries is self-starting, extremely passionate, courageous and fiery. As a fire sign ruled by Mars, they’re self-assertive with great leadership qualities. In short, they are the warriors and warrioresses of the zodiac.

Rats are intelligent, witty, and innovative. They possess incredible intellect, charisma, and charm. When the universe combines the two together-we have a unique type of character!

Featured image for Aries Rat overview article. This articles gives an overview on the personality, traits, love, career of the men, women, and children of the Aries-rat sign.

Aries-Rat Dates and Years

You are an Aries-rat if you’re

Traits & Personality

The traits and personality of Aries-rat

The Aries-rat can be defined by innovation, a creative mindset, resourcefulness, and self-leadership. They are very sociable and love to be in the limelight. But they also like to work towards something genuinely beneficial for others, some specific group or cause, the planet or mankind as a whole. The Aries aspects have this unique self-assurance about them. Yet this can sometimes steer towards aggression, impulsiveness, and impatience. These are some of the shadow traits of Aries nature. Rats are charming with social etiquette and grace. This helps to balance out Aries’s “Martian” (Mars associated) side.

Shadow Personality Traits? (Flaws!)


Aries-rats can be slightly aloof and even appear uninterested-yet this is not the case. They are extremely passionate. And this aloofness often comes from being so focused on their goals.

Aries-rat also seems unemotional and may actually be so. They can become detached from friends and loved ones at time. The reasons could be many. But one is that they sometimes feel the need to protect themselves and their integrity. They are very proud and self-assertive characters.

Further, it can be difficult for them to relax and just chill. Other shadow traits include being: quick-tempered, irrational, impatience, angry, impulsive, aggressive, and domineering.

Love & Relationship

Aries-rat in love: dating, romance, and relationship

Love and romance are often in this person’s mind. But, not in a way that compromises ambitions or career goals and success. Aries is primal, wild, raw, and passionate. The rat personality is characterized by being gentle, affection and loving. Combine the two…? Incredible passion, fire, love, and sexual ecstasy! This person can find joy and peace in making love and through uninhibited, wild, and primal sexual union.

They are also capable of deep platonic intimacy and friendship within a relationship. This person has a lot of love and support to give, and they are more than happy to give it. The Aries-rat is actually quite lucky in love. They don’t have any problems attracting their soulmate or a sexy kindred spirit to share life’s journey with. In their youth, they will be reckless and impulsive. But when older-say mid 20’s or definitely by their 30’s-relationships become emotionally deep, authentic and full of love, affection, and vibrancy.

Love Compatibility

Most compatible signs:-

  • Gemini Dragon
  • Sagittarius Monkey
  • Leo Ox
  • Sagittarius Ox
  • Leo Dragon

Career & Life Path/ Purpose: Self-Leadership and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Aries-rat career. Also: leadership and entrepreneurship

Here are the traits and characteristics of an Aries-rat in terms of career and life path:-

  • They possess an entrepreneurial spirit!
  • They have a wonderful imagination and great creative potential.
  • They have a sharp mind and are strong in problem-solving.
  • They are super-efficient and fearless, bold and courageous. They work hard to go after their dreams.
  • They are not afraid of competition and are very resourceful.
  • They can exhibit great charm for often successful results, however, they do need to be careful of manipulative or deceptive tendencies!
  • They are enthusiastic, optimistic, and genuinely passionate about their chosen ventures or courses of action.
  • They do things their own way, they are self-initiating and a natural leader. They are inventive, innovative and self-empowered.
  • They possess “vision” with the strength and inner tenacity to see their goals manifest.

Aries-Rat Woman

Aries-rat women are confident, self-expressive, elegant and resourceful. They enjoy luxury and the finer things in life. And they don’t have a problem working hard towards financial abundance and prosperity. They are the type of women with the motto or mantra, “I want you, but I don’t need you!” She is aware of qualities and strengths and has no shame in accepting her specialness.

The Aries-rat female is perceptive, independent, adaptable and slightly demanding. She expects a lot due to her entrepreneurial spirit and nature. And so she seeks a lover or soulmate on her wavelength. She needs to be inspired or at least motivated into action.
Beautiful, optimistic and bright. She is cheerful and friendly with a fiercely protective side. She admires strength and courage-in love, romance, career, and aspirations.

Aries-Rat Man

The men are bold, independent, slightly aggressive or dominating, and passionate. Despite their less than perfect impulsiveness, impatience, and minor aggression, they can be very charming and charismatic. They are also extremely loving and affectionate! Aries-rat men enjoy the spotlight and being the center of attention. They may suffer from some narcissistic tendencies until they have matured. Their wisdom and tact come with age, so an older Aries-rat can be irresistibly sexy. They are wise, perceptive, empathic and understanding with a lot of support to give.

Competition is not something they are shy of either. They can be so caring and even “cute,” and definitely sweet. But they stand their ground and act with fierce courage and determination too. They are emotional and tend towards idealistic tendencies specifically regarding their social standing or the way others view them. If you find yourself with an Aries-rat man, take care of him. He is a keeper with a massive heart.

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Aries-Rat Children

The children are playful, fun-loving, and high-spirited beings with lots of joy and heart.

They are passionate and free-spirited even at a young age and often excel at intellectual pursuits. In school, they are original, slightly quirky, and unique-never afraid to think outside the box or speak their mind. They don’t have a problem making friends and are very sociable, but may suffer from the tendency of being the bully or “it” girl or boy. They can be impulsive, overly-competitive and quick to temper…. Yet, they wear their emotions and hearts on their sleeves and are very loving, kind and affectionate. They are sensitive with a unique strength to them.