Maybe you’re wondering which friend you can count on for a favor. Or maybe you’re analyzing why that one friend is always the first to offer help. Here’s your complete guide to determining which signs are the most helpful in the zodiac, and why that is.

helpful signs of the zodiac

The Most Helpful Signs of the Zodiac [Summary View]

  1. Virgo
  2. Libra
  3. Leo
  4. Cancer

4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Help You Out When You’re in Need

You’re more likely to get help from these star signs than the others. But there are some caveats involved and they’re providing help for reasons that are different from another. Learn more about these helpful signs below.

1. Virgo

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Virgos are known for their intellect and reliable behavior, making them great friends and helpers. They are nurturing people who feel their best by helping others be their best.

While Virgos are very rational and practical, that’s not to say they don’t have a heart. They are very empathetic. When someone is struggling or in a crisis, Virgo sees this issue from an analytical yet caring perspective.

Virgos also see the bigger picture of what is at stake for the person struggling. They can use their rationality and intellect to realize that something they have to offer could change the outcome. For the sake of the bigger picture, Virgos will often jump in to help.

Virgos need to be helpful, feel fulfilled, and contribute their talents to something bigger than themselves. They will base their self-worth on fixing things, so they will often seek out situations to try and repair them. Virgos feel pride when they leave a positive impact on those around them. Helping people is simply part of their nature.

The drawback to Virgo can be their perfectionist attitude. Even though it may not directly affect them, if something goes wrong, they will feel the impact. This is a part of why they are driven to help, but it can also create tension if they are helping with a situation and things start to go wrong, or not the way they envisioned.

In addition, Virgo often gets wrapped up helping others and taking care of those needs that they can often neglect their own. It is important that Virgo has a few equally intuitive and caring friends to lean on and help them refill their cups as needed.

2. Libra


Known for being one of the most compassionate and just signs, Libras instinctively do whatever they can to make others feel better.

Libras are true “people pleasers,” hating conflict and wanting everyone to be happy. This need to please and resolve conflict leads to them jumping in the middle of situations (even situations they shouldn’t involve themselves in).

They are indeed the “you’re sad, I’m sad” friends who will be deeply affected when those around them are hurting or in a crisis. They come up with quick fixes to keep everyone happy. Libras hate conflict and confrontation. They are born diplomats who can often mediate and quickly resolve issues before they boil over or outright explode.

Libras can sometimes be hard to understand as they may act differently around others. This trait stems from their deep dislike of conflict, meaning they will adapt to the situation to avoid it.

They also can be afraid of being alone and unknowns. Helping others around them ensures that they have the control and ability to steer away from unknown, uncomfortable situations. It also allows them to intimately and instinctively connect to the people around them.

3. Leo


Known for their bold demeanor, Leos can also be wonderful helpers because they are ambitious and jump into situations with both feet. Their need to feel important leads to them offering to help.

Confident, though sometimes seen as a bit brash, Leos will leap into any situation with a “full steam ahead” mentality. They are determined creatures. Nothing can stop them once they have a goal in mind; they are determined and don’t let anything stand between them and their desired result. When they jump in to help, they are in it for the long haul and will do whatever they need to help.

Leos are also incredibly dedicated, using that same ambition and determination to pour into a friendship or relationship.

Leos also need to feel like they are growing. They never want to be stagnant. In their pursuit of growth and progress, they will often jump in to help in order for them to increase what they view as their self-worth.

These guys like to feel important. Sometimes they’re seen as braggers. Leos don’t view it as bragging, though. To them, it’s their killer confidence and warmth that may have them opening up more about what they have been doing.

A Leo doesn’t need to be feted and praised, but they do thrive on acknowledging their accomplishments and contributions. A simple “I couldn’t do this without you” or a “Wow, look what you were able to get done!” goes a long way in making them feel fulfilled and important.

4. Cancer


Cancers are very in tune with their emotions, and with the feelings of others. They feel deeply and as a result, they are compassionate and caring souls who are always right there when you need a friend.

A nurturing, caring sign, Cancers always know how to crack the right joke at the right moment. They are also an emotional sign, making them great empaths when you need someone to process emotions with you. Though sometimes considered overly emotional, this trait is what makes them such a great shoulder to cry on when things get rough.

Cancers are also natural givers: It’s in their nature to devote themselves to taking care of others. They are the kind to give you the shirt of their backs, especially in a time of dire need.

This devotion expands not only to the people they love but all aspects of their lives. When they take on a cause or project, they will commit themselves to make sure it has the best possible outcome.

Because cancers are so in tune with their emotions and can’t stand to see others suffer, they may take on a bit too much at times. It’s important for them to sometimes take a step back and recharge. This way when they start jumping back into their projects they can be their fully present best selves.


To wrap it up, all signs are helpful and loving in their own ways.

Virgos’ intellect makes them reliable, analytical people who see the stakes of a situation and make them more willing to help. Libras hate conflict and confrontation and will do almost anything to avoid it, including mediating and negotiating. Leos are confident, warm helpers ready to help your project shine with their ambitious nature. Cancers are emotional and compassionate, meaning in your time of need they are more than happy to be whatever you need them to be in that moment to help.

One thing is certain, we all need a few more helpers in our lives and we should never forget how lucky we are to have our generous friends!

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